May 23, 2015#

Portrait Start Up on CreativeLIVE

Here is the truth of it. So many people say it’s easy for you, you are Sue Bryce. I remember a time not long ago when all I wanted was to get paid for my craft and I couldn’t seem to do it.  So what happens if I take Nine Photographers that have launched my genre in the last 3 years and show you their strengths their weaknesses and their journey to building studios. These Nine Photographers stories will blow you away and set you on a clear path of action and maybe even self belief, at every different level you will see and identify with each one and where you are at. I believe the limits we have are our own I believe you can smash through them.

These Women took my Online CreativeLIVE class and changed their lives. Over the last two years they have risen to be Mentors in my facebook group InBedWithSue to join click here helping others to build their Photography careers. I did not meet 7 of the nine until last month when I invited them to my home for a Mentoring weekend their stories are wonderful. Creating this course outline bought me to tears on so many levels and the pride I feel is quite overwhelming, also I enjoyed the reality of seeing their struggles knowing mine were exactly the same and that gave me deeper insight and also relief that I was not alone in this struggle and also that I had over come it and they will too. It’s not easy building a business but it is possible and you can do this, these ladies will show you where they sink and where they swim and above all what they love to do, Photograph and connect with clients and earn a living as a Portrait Photographer.

It is my great joy to present Portrait Start Up on CreativeLIVE

Enroll here and join us for TWO amazing days broadcast free PST June 17th and 18th  https://www.creativelive.com/courses/portrait-startup-sue-bryce

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April 20, 2015#

My once spartan & minimalistic studio is now a forest of C-stands & sand bags & head hitting obstacles

Circa 1992 we had a softbox hanging from the ceiling on a pull down arm, it was quite cool you could stretch it down move it about and when you were done you could retract it. Every now and then It would fall down and smash me in the head always in front of clients.  Anyway the deal was 80’s Glamour was done the softbox and the soft vignette were in the trash and we started to shoot Natural light at the time (we were very progressive) we had big sheets of Poly boards (Polystyrene or Styrofoam) The movie industry have used them for decades also known in the industry as Beadwall. It was the era of Herb Ritts and Black n White magazine which back then mostly consisted of raunchy in your face Black n White nudes and 90’s Supermodels. We were evolving you see, that is the essence of being in business for 26 years and studio light was out. I built my brand on Natural Window light (One window – One Reflector) I reveled in it I mastered it, in any condition I could bend light and my settings to make it work.Very rarely do I have to concede to prevailing conditions, well before 3pm that is and lets face it winter light is a killer.

I tried constant daylights again in the early 2000’s when I was in a studio with smaller windows and winter hours were narrowing my ability to shoot before and then after lunch. I hated it. I never considered speed lights or strobes as the one simple truth was IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE NATURAL LIGHT. The second truth (In my opinion) is when you shoot modern Glamour in Natural Light it looked fresh and beautiful when I would see a normal client (NOT a model – as in not Fashion) in flash light all I saw was 80’s Glamour! a stigma I had fought years and years to not only evolve and revitalize but relaunch. For over two decades I have enjoyed the fact that my only studio equipment was my camera and my Poly boards.

NB: All Home Depots sell Polyboards also sold as home insulation boards you can paint them you can vintage wallpaper them. They are huge 4 x 8 feet but they are light and versatile and they simply are the best reflectors in the world. I prefer the thick ones about 40mm. I have lived and worked in New Zealand Australia and the U.S and have never had a problem finding them although you may need to do a little research as it seems to be one of the most asked questions to me. On 28 days you can see a video of me wallpapering and painting Polyboards.

Vflats as they are known in the ‘Industry’ are made of foamcore or gatorfoam you cannot get these at an art supplies shop they only have small pieces the big sheets that are the same size as the Polyboards are sold at most Photography and Video wholesalers.  They are commonly white on one side and black on the other and very thin. We tape them together to make a V.  Very handy and free standing.  I had never seen a Vflat till my first creativelive workshop up until then for 22 years I had only used Polyboards but the boys bought me some from the local camera shop Glazers and I used them for the first time, now I have both Vflats and Polyboards although I will not be ordering Polyboards in the future the Vflats are easier to move and store and they don’t make that dreadful squeek. This week I called my local EVS and asked if they sold Vflats the answer was yes $17.99 each I order 8 fresh ones to make four new fresh clean lovely Vflats it’s like having a blank canvas.  They do not need to be painted they will buckle that are for reflecting and you can shoot in the Black V it’s one of my signature shots I love how it looks.

This is a perfect example.

Natural light shot on Black Vflat

Natural light shot on Black Vflat so easy to move the V close to the window light or away depending on the day

Foamcore Vflat white side tape with White Gaffer tape

Foam core Vflat white side tape with White Gaffer tape

Foamcore Vflat black side tape with black Gaffer tape leave

Foam core Vflat black side tape with black Gaffer tape leave half inch gap or they will not fold shut

SueBryceLight 3

It was not Felix’s work that first attracted me to learn lighting from him as I met him as an assistant to LaraJade I did not see his work until later, it was his incredible work ethic as an assistant completely there for Lara and then of course his pedigree. Felix has worked with some of the most Iconic photographers in the world and these photographers use lights in a way that most people only dream of. I challenged Felix to replicate my version of Natural light and boy did he. I am now the proud owner of a 250 Elinchrom Strobe with a 59″ Deep Dish Modifier and a Four bank natural daylight Kinoflo and a large Lasolite Scrim. My once spartan and minimalistic white studio space is now a forest of C-stands and sand bags and head hitting obstacles.  For the last 6 months I have been shooting with all three lighting setups equally and frankly I am in love with all three for different reasons.  More on that later, for now here are my setups enjoy Learn to Light on creativelive and here is a list of what I am using. Watch here https://www.creativelive.com/courses/learn-light

Links to products I purchased on Amazon:

Elinchrom’s 59 Inch Deep Inverse Octa This is the modifier Felix convinced me to buy and honestly I love it

Elinchrom’s 250W BRX Multi-Voltage Flash Unit Same with this

Kinoflo mine has daylight balanced bulbs I bought the four but honestly two is enough

I purchased the Scrim from Adorama remember prior to buying this I had used $4 yards of white polyester chiffon its cheap and effective just annoying to hang sometimes and I asked many assistants to hold it up over their heads for a long time.

I feel fully confident of the different lights and how they respond, also what looks best in each setup.  I can replicate the light to mimic natural or with a simple turn bring in more direction and more of a fashion look. I have loved exploring and learning and experimenting.  We need to consider cost and which light is going to work best for you in your space, the look you want and the budget as this investment is a big one but well worth it.  Above all know that if you are not ready yet to make the leap or the commitment your studio can operate just perfectly with Natural light after all I always joked when others were showing off about their light equipment and they asked me what I used I always replied “Oh I use God light” hehe no one ever shot me down.

Backdrop facing window Black Vflats to bounce in light

Backdrop facing window White Vflats to bounce in light

Backdrop facing window Black Vflats to absorb light

Backdrop facing window Black Vflats to absorb light gives your subject more contrast

Natural Window light diffused with a white net curtain bouncing onto a white Vflat reflector

Natural Window light diffused with a white net curtain bouncing onto a white Vflat reflector

Elinchrom 250 Strobe with Deep Dish Modifier bouncing into a white Vflat reflector

Elinchrom 250 Strobe with Deep Dish Modifier bouncing into a white Vflat reflector

Kinoflo 4 bank natural daylight balanced bulbs through a large Lasolite Scrim

Kinoflo 4 bank natural daylight balanced bulbs through a large Lasolite Scrim

Kinoflo 4 bank natural daylight balanced bulbs through a large Lasolite Scrim

Kinoflo 4 bank natural daylight balanced bulbs through a large Lasolite Scrim

Natural Window light diffused with a white net curtain bouncing onto a white Vflat reflector

Natural Window light diffused with a white net curtain bouncing onto a white Vflat reflector

Kinoflo 4 bank natural daylight balanced bulbs through a large Lasolite Scrim

Kinoflo 4 bank natural daylight balanced bulbs through a large Lasolite Scrim

Elinchrom 250 Strobe with Deep Dish Modifier bouncing into a white Vflat reflector

Elinchrom 250 Strobe with Deep Dish Modifier bouncing into a white Vflat reflector

August 28, 2014#


It has been 18 months since I went live with the Photography workshop 28 Days with Sue Bryce on creativeLIVE.  For the last 18 months I have watched the groups work, fight, strive, struggle and also succeed in building their businesses.  We have added days and videos and we monitor the group 28 days study group on Facebook where you can join and work through the challenges with others that are working through it weekly.  It’s a supportive group run by Lori Patrick who tirelessly works to build a community of on going support.  I posted in that group that I would like some testimonials of people that are working this work shop and this is what I received.  I must admit as the testimonials started to come  in I was reading them with more than a few tears in my eyes.  I remember what it feels like to start from scratch and feel lonely and afraid and elated and excited all that the same time.  I remember what it was like to hit a wall, rise up get smacked down get big sales no sales feel rejection and doubt.  I just don’t want you to give on your dream to build and sustain an income as a Portrait Photographer.  Sometimes it all just seems to much and you need to know success is NOT built over night.  Sometimes our paths change direction hard and fast but you are building something for you and you can do this.  These are  some of the wonderful words of these people i hope you find them as inspiring and empowering as I do.

28 Days Testimonials

1. Aimee Wigfall www.aimeewigfallphotography.com

I have not been the same since I watched and purchased Sue Bryce’s 28 Days when it originally aired in March 2013. Though I am not where I want to be with it, yet, every aspect of it has changed the way I think about photography, my clients, and the ways in which I market my business and myself. I can watch these videos endlessly and learn something new every single time.  I see my future clearer now than I ever have before, and at 41, I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to marry my passion for photography, education in business, and internal desire to positively impact the lives of every woman I meet.  Thank you, Sue. Thank you.

2. Danielle Simone www.daniellesimone.com

28 Days with Sue Bryce not only taught me important things like posing, lighting, shooting selling, marketing…but it taught me about myself.  I learned that I was getting in my own way and fear was holding me back. I am forever grateful to Sue Bryce for being my mentor, because that is exactly what 28 Days with Sue Bryce is…a complete and total mentorship in 28 days.  It will change you…if that is what you desire.

3. Melissa Tremblay www.platinumimagery.com

Sue Bryce’s 28 Days Workshop Has Changed My LIfe.  Sue’s 28 Days Course walks you through every step, from shooting to marketing to steps to overcome your own insecurities and blocks, in order to create a successful portrait photography business.  Not only does she provide you with daily challenges, she has created corresponding “through the lens” shoots that she’s done so that you can understand exactly how she creates her gorgeous images. She has helped me, and continues to help me, take my shooting and the running of my business to the next level – and best of all – my clients are loving the results!

4. Jami Clayman www.noephoto.com

I stumbled across Sue Bryce’s speech on Fear from her 28 Days course during a rebroadcast on Creative Live.   It was as if Sue was talking directly to me, touching on things I want to do, and challenging me to turn my career, and life, into something I could love.  It left me in tears.  I shed tears of pain, but also of joy, because Sue’s speech encouraged me to pick up my camera, and not look back.   I have hated my television production career for the past 8 years, but have felt backed into a corner because I need the pay check.    Thanks to Sue’s teaching strategies and positive approach on 28 days, I now see my full-time job as my financial life line for my future career, and I no longer hate it.  Through 28 days I am learning to market my portrait services, how to pose women of all shapes and sizes, and how to sell confidently, and with purpose.  After my first shoot implementing Sue’s techniques, I just stared at my pictures, because I could not believe that I had successfully taken gorgeous images of regular women.  In fact I cried!  The hours of listening to Sue while driving to and from work, watching her videos on my phone while I’m at the gym, and playing them on my iPad during every spare moment I could find, paid off.  Women I approach are excited to shoot with me, and I now see possibilities everywhere.  28 Days gave me videos to improve my photography and start my own business, but her life philosophy, the law of attraction  that shines through each video has improved my overall outlook on my future.  Things I have wished for over the past eight years are falling into place.  I am so thankful I purchased this video series.

5. Chelsea Higgins www.snaphappypbc.com

I’ve been so fortunate to make such great photographer friends in the last couple of years.  So many of you are so giving in your knowledge and experience, and I finally have a gem worth sharing in return.  If you are anything like me, you may second guess yourself and your business quite a bit.  From your shooting, to your editing, marketing, pricing, you name it.  Well, you can stop all of that already.  How?  By joining me on an educational journey – and jumping onboard the life-changing 28 Days with Sue Bryce on creativelive.  This course is still a work in progress for me, but it’s changing the way I see myself, how I respect my business and brand, even how I see and treat my clients.  I’m shooting with a genuine purpose now – and I’m no longer scared of success.  Even if glamour photography is not your niche, there’s so much that can be taken away from this course.  I challenge you to look it up, and watch the free hour long video entitled “fear”.  I had so many epiphanies in that one video, alone.

6. Alicia Daw www.aliciaanncouture.com

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a huge heart for women. At some point soon after I graduated from high school, I began dreaming about living in a world where women knew who they were and were comfortable in their own skin. As I journeyed into the photography industry, my heart for women always stayed and, somehow, I wanted to reach womankind with photography. I started to shoot boudoir sessions with the hopes of empowering women and helping them realize their beauty and value. I began to feel as though it was more about capturing sexuality than beauty and I felt as though I was slightly missing the mark of what I wanted to offer women, so I put my boudoir brand on hold for a while and focused on wedding photography. In early 2012 I heard of Sue Bryce for the first time and began watching her courses on CreatliveLive.com. Hearing Sue talk about how she shoots women and runs her glamour business completely changed how I viewed women’s portraiture. I purchased the 28 Days course and, over the course of 1 year, I had 125 women pass through my doors. They were of all shapes, sizes and ages, and each with one common goal: To feel beautiful and be photographed in a way that would showcase their beauty and strength. I found that my new venture into Glamour Photography really began to reach a part of my heart that had never been reached with boudoir or wedding photography. It quickly became so much more than just taking beautiful portraits of women. The stories of these women changed me. The vulnerability that was shown and the authenticity that was revealed were so much more than I bargained for, but exactly what I needed in my business and in my life. Sue’s 28 Days course gave me the tools I needed to succeed in business so that I could do what I really wanted: reach the hearts of women and document their stories. You see, I believe in a woman’s story. That she has a story to tell. That her story holds incredible value. And that, above all else, her story needs to be heard. Following Sue’s business practices, and adapting them to my market and client base, has been instrumental in allowing me to focus on doing what I love: telling the story of womankind and her strength, struggle, beauty, and power.

7. Donna Grant www.donnagrant.photography

 It’s a frustrating thing. To have a vision but to feel lost wondering how to achieve it. That all changed when I discovered Sue Bryce. If you are looking for a wealth of knowledge in a highly addictive and motivating format then look no further than 28 days. Sue’s passion, attitude and sheer drive is infectious. She will not only teach you invaluable lessons in photography but you will also be learning from an incredible business woman who is open, honest and frank about not only her own experiences but also the excuses and blocks you create that are stopping you from achieving your dreams. A must buy for photographers of any experience level, even complete beginners like me- it will set you up for the future.

8. Adriana Pilonieta Visual Imagery Photography

Sue Bryce’s 28 Day workshop is the best and most complete investment you can make in yourself and your photography business.  Covering every aspect of running a Sue Bryce style of Beauty and Glamour photography business, from confronting your fears, to posing every type of client, working with natural light and so much more.  It is the gift that keeps on giving as Sue Bryce so generously continues to add content and value! You are going to love it as much as you love Sue!

9. Sabine Starmayr www.starmayr.com

28 days sue bryce

28 days of wonderment

28 days that everything I’ve studied until sets in the shadow.

28 days have helped me to find myself and my style again

28 days the shake up

28 days and many more hours as the cogs engage one another to make us better photographers

28 days to get from under starter to become entrepreneurs

28 days against the fear

28 days for which I am eternally grateful

28 days I’ll watch again and again

10. Maricris Treuenfels www.mcphotographyllc.com

“I like to prove people wrong.” When I started my photography business last year, I was told by my Brother-in-law who was an artist/sculptor that I can’t do it and that I have nothing. Did it hurt? Hell, yes! Did it help me and did I learn from it? Uh huh. The  28 Days with Sue online course was the very first course I purchased from Creative Live. I am new to photography, to marketing, to managing a business… to online education like CL and when I first watch Sue Bryce speak about “Fear” during the rebroadcast… I was literally in tears. I have always had that negative self-talk and negative voice inside my head that tells me, my Brother-in-law is right— that I can’t do it and that I have nothing. He was right about clipping my wings and I should not fly. For a while it sounded clear that it started to sound true. I love Sue Bryce’s positive energy and enthusiasm. It may be wrong to idolize someone but I feel like whenever I listen to her, she shows me the other side of me like she and I are very much alike. So I made an alter ego called “MC” who is  much like the strong version of me, who can do anything and  can be anything she want, who is full of fire and passion, who is  feisty, who is willing to say “NO” yet loving— all the qualities “Maricris” was not known for. Maricris was born in the Philippines. She was taught to be humble and meek and soft spoken. She was taught to be subservient to her husband and Maricris was afraid to be rejected and to fail. So how do I measure my success since this is just my second year of business? Well, I have built a business out of my own savings account. I have learned to embrace myself and love myself more and be kinder to myself more. I believe that I can give more love to other people I touch that way. I believe that we can never give what we do not have. I have xxxxx amount in my business account with all bills paid off monthly and with no debt. This may not be enough to measure up my success but I tell you I have gone a long ways. I arrived here in the US 2005. Married my husband in the Philippines, left my family, friends, my job (I was a High School) and came to the US. My first couple years here were tough, no friends, no immediate family except my husband, I was told by my other Brother-in-law that I just married my husband because of his money (ouch, right?), and I was also called a slave (another ouch, right). What do you think that did to my self-esteem? My self-esteem and self-worth went down south. I repeat S-O-U-T-H …..that’s right. I started my business because I wanted to make stand for myself and to let people especially women know that they can too. I started my business because every single woman I photograph and everyone of them that I help rediscover their beauty, I see mine as well. Every single one of the women I photograph who needed their self-esteem boosted, I boost mine as well. That every single click of the shutter and every single women sees herself and loves how beautiful she looks and starts loving herself and taking care of herself more, I am reminded to do the same thing. That is my reward and my success! I will be better. I will keep on learning… and loving.

11. Christi L. Eckelberry www.cegracephotography.com

I retired from the US Army in January 2011.  I struggled greatly with depression and a complete lack of hope.  I saw no purpose for my life…everything that I knew was gone.  My doctor, at the time, recommended finding a “hobby”; something to occupy my time, thoughts and provide some enjoyment. I had always had a camera with me but due to this illness, put it away and never touched it.  I dusted it off one day and never looked back.  I’ve always loved photography so it seemed like the perfect fit for me.  My journey has not been easy and I know it’s not complete but I’m living my dream now.  I’m happy, love what I do and I want to share it with others.  I opened my studio a little over a year ago and it has been the very best thing that has every happened in my life.  I still feel that “rush” when I know I got a beautiful shot and there’s nothing like it in the world.  Photography for me is a must… like breathing. I truly admire Sue Bryce for being a phenomenal photographer and an incredible business person but I think what I admire about her most, is…she’s on a journey, too…and it hasn’t been as easy as I think most people think it has been.  I don’t know what her personal story is but I feel there is a strong, powerful one that has influenced her in all areas of her life and I admire that greatly. I can see her progression in all of the CL courses that I have purchased.  Just like many others, I don’t think words can give justice to the amount of learning, education and “realness” that she has provided for me and countless others…  I’m thankful for discovering CL a few years ago which led me down the path to Sue…

12. Jennifer Okamoto www.jenniferokamoto.com

 Got Blocks?? No, not the wooden toy kind, but the ones like mine, that have prevented me from photographing women. I have been dealing with them for a while, even after I purchased 28 Days with Sue. You see, I’ve been a baby photographer for almost ten years and intimidated by posing people. Though I’d watched the videos, I was not putting things into action. Finally, I decided to start watching one video a day, and start working my business. I have step out of my comfort zone and starting photographing women; I have created my pdfs, gift vouchers and website to launch my new genre. Now I have put myself out there. Thank you, Sue, so very much for creating 28 Days so that I could take those ‘baby steps’ that each of the videos provide to me.

13. Jane Earle www.janeearlephotography.com

My name is Jane Earle, I’m 48 and I have wasted the last 30 years in jobs that I hate.   I believed I could not earn a penny from photography.  It wasn’t enough for me that photography had been a serious hobby since I was 15. I was addicted to the heroin injection of the monthly pay packet, even though all my jobs were just “J.O.B’s”.  That stands for Just Over Broke.The truth is that I was too scared to take action.  This was about my own belief structure and self worth.  I wasn’t budging.   EvenNLP couldn’t move me. Then along came Sue Bryce and 28 Days. The information within 28 Days is worth far more than what this course sells for.  It actually changed my life so, to me, it’s priceless. I left my J.O.B. almost 2 months ago, set up my Photography business and I’m starting to get a steady stream of paying clients. Without Sue Bryce and her 28 Days course (and the Study Group)  I would still be in my J.O.B.  Instead, as I type this, I can hear my Carpenter banging away in my Garage – converting it to my Studio…. and I have 3 paying clients tomorrow. It’s a brave new world for me – thanks Sue.

14. Victoria Paviatos www.toriavaphotography.com

 Can’t afford 28 Days?????  You can’t afford to NOT to own it!  This course is a must for all portrait photographers from rookie to pro…in every genre in the portrait world.  28 Days is the most enlightening, educational workshop offered in the history of Creative Live.  From marketing to posing to processing and everything in between!  You will be profoundly inspired and encouraged throughout every step!  Your business and life will be enriched and brought to a whole new level as you work your way through the 28 Days of education.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be mentored by one of the most influential photographic entrepreneurs in the industry!

15. Taryn Brooke www.tarynbrooke.com

It was a blessing to not be selected for Sue’s very first creativelive. I know that sounds crazy but I know it is true. I found out I had endometriosis shortly after which revealed I had rare form of anorexia that I had no idea I had. I was going through an eating disorder clinic when the 28 day workshop was live and I remember watching the fear segment. I learned so much about myself that hour and it got the wheels turning. I finally bought 28 days a month ago just before vacation. I am finally in the right place in life. This program is more than just business it’s about believing in yourself. This course helped change my life.

16. Kathy Campbell www.alifecondensed.com

I have had the honor of seeing Sue Bryce live several times in the past years. Before I even knew that Glamour was a thing, I knew I wanted to photograph beautiful women and thought that all women were beautiful. I learned so much from her WPPI and CreativeLive classes and then 28 Days came around. Wow, is all I can say. Being able to go through and work on one huge thing at a time, without the pressure of the 3 days full of information from her past classes has made an incredible difference in my images and my confidence level. I now am 100x more comfortable with where I am at and so happy to continue to grow. I recommend 28 Days to anyone that wants to learn how to photograph anyone in a natural and comfortable way.

17. Susan Walker www.eliaphotography.com

The most amazing part of 28 Days is the fact that Sue is willing to tell EVERYTHING she knows about this business. She holds nothing back. As artists, we sometimes like to keep those little “extras” to ourselves. It’s the way we protect ourselves. We think it’s our way to survive. But 28 Days is the ultimate act of service. It comes from a place of gratitude, and in turn, creates a culture of gratitude. Just look at the forums/FB pages. It’s created a shift in the industry. The more kindness/knowledge that people are receiving, the more they want to share it with others. And that’s the culture we need to be conducting business in. Thank you, Sue for 28 Days. You changed my life in just a month, and I will spend the rest of it indebted to you.

18. Alex Baker www.alexbakerimages.com

“Would you prefer an iPad or Sue Bryce’s 28 Days for Christmas?” my in-laws asked me.  I almost punched the air with excitement, I’d been imagining for months what my life would be like once I owned the object of desire.  “28 days 28 days” I shouted happily (along with many thank you’s for such a generous offer).  And I have never regretted my choice. 28 Days with Sue Bryce is THE portrait/glamour photography studio course.  In a series of live shoots from her studio she takes you through her natural light set ups, planning the shoot, detailed posing rules for individuals and groups and then in detail explains her business and marketing strategies that she has developed through her own 20+ year journey as a photographer and businesswoman.  Not only has the technical level of my shooting improved 10 fold since studying the course, my confidence has soared in all areas of my life from Sue’s no nonsense approach to beating blocks and fears.  I whole heartedly recommend this workshop to anyone with a passion for portrait photography who wants to take their shooting and business to the next level.

19. Kim Hannan www.kimhannanphotography.com

A year and half ago, I determined to step up my photography skills … to take them from what people told me was very good … to striving for AMAZING!  I had seen photographic artwork that took my breath away … and I wanted to be able to make that kind of art.  A complete stranger pointed me to an online resource I had never heard of – CreativeLIVE.  I checked it out that very day, and I started going through the different photography instructors listed there.  I clicked on their websites and their Facebook collections, and appreciated so much of what I saw.  AND THEN … I saw the work of Sue Bryce … and I went no further.  Her body of work was EXACTLY what I wanted to do.  Her connection with the subject was deeply emotional.  And when I had, on the rare occasion, managed to get that from a client, I had been incomparably moved.  But, I didn’t do this regularly. I signed up for Sue’s class that was playing at the time, 28 Days, and started watching.  To say that it completely turned my work around is a drastic understatement.  Since that time, Sue has made additions to that collection, and she is about to release another one.  Whether you shoot her style of work or some other genre, her instruction is crystal clear, her passion for the work is intoxicating, and you will be better at your art for having listened.  On Aug 28 she will be broadcasting live a class on “Pitching For Work” and “Shooting In Small Spaces.”  Step your work up, challenge yourself, learn and grow!  And share this free class with friends – pass it forward! These are uncommonly outstanding photography resources! I have lived the past 30 years of my life happily contributing to the growth of others.  I don’t regret this even a little.  I love building and encouraging others.  But, the spring of 2013, on the weekend of my 50th birthday, I was given the greatest gift on this earth…the permission and blessing to pursue investing in my personal dreams and passions.  And so, I have done so with a vigor that has been spurred on by Sue’s passion, her drive for excellence, and her dogged pursuit of encouraging others to not settle but to continue to grow.  Thank you, Sue Bryce for being the conduit for that gift and being true to your personal calling.  It is an inspiration to me personally and one I love sharing with others.

20. Bethany Johs www.artographybybethany.com

I can’t say enough good things about Sue Bryce and her “28 Days” workshop.  I would not be where I am today without either one of them.  At the urging of friends and family, I started my photography business in August 2012.  I liked what I was doing and I enjoyed photography… but I wasn’t happy.  The first 6 months of my business was spent taking any kind of work I could get for $50 and included the edited images on cd.  Then I stumbled across Sue Bryce and the IBWS Facebook group. She shot in the style that I was already shooting but on a whole different level.  I gleaned every bit of knowledge I could from the group, but I wanted to learn faster. In June 2013, I made the decision to purchase her 28 Days workshop and my life hasn’t been the same since. It has changed the way I think about myself, my business and the services I offer. I’m constantly reviewing lessons from the workshop and putting them in to practice. Between Sue Bryce, 28 Days, and the incredible members of the IBSW group and the study group… I can say without a doubt that I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else. My average sale since purchasing 28 Days has jumped to $1,300. I never thought I could sell custom photography for that price in my area. If you have been thinking about owning 28 Days, stop hesitating and just do it. Even if you think you can’t afford it right now… I’m here to tell you that you can’t afford to be without it. I’d gladly pay 10x more for what I’ve learned in just the past 14 months. Sue has graciously added other videos to the workshop along the way. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Exactly 2 years from the date I started my business, I am now moving in to my own store front studio. I’m also honored to have been selected as a mentor in that very same Facebook group I joined less than 2 years ago. Happy anniversary to me! I’m already looking forward to the next 2 years!

21. Sally Casas www.sallycasasphotography.com

I’ve just watched a couple of your videos and I’m so inspired by you I could cry. I’ve been searching for two years for my “brand” and haven’t found it. I’ve been scattered with my photo shoots and not satisfied with my work, even though my clients have. Just listening to how you built your business has inspired me so I just wanted to tell you. I’ve got a long way to go but I want to make it happen. I’m a single mom in Reno, Nevada, a long way from my family in Birmingham, England and I want to inspire my son and make him proud. I’m attending a Lara Jade workshop in LA in June and I’m so excited for it and one day, I hope to attend one of yours. I don’t know why but I did cry while writing this to you. Maybe it’s just the realization that I can make my dreams come true. Thank you.

22. Adrian Farr www.afashionportrait.co.uk

Like many aspiring photographers chasing after their dreams, I wondered alone in the dark abyss for many years searching for the light. Searching for an answer. Searching for the purpose of my very existence in this life and how my passion for photography could be the embellishment of that light. Then came along Sue Bryce on creativeLIVE. The way she photographed women and the passion she had for it, inspired me to launch my own fashion portrait business, which would offer everyday women the opportunity to have their beautiful stories told in a way that they had never done before. Her 28 days workshop has shown me a way to create stunning images of women, giving them the gift of celebration for who they are in all their glory, treating them to the luxury they deserve and allowing them to escape the daily routines they live in. Her workshop has also allowed me to become a much better fashion photographer. My purpose is to create enchanting images of women and to recreate the world as we know it through powerful storytelling. I am a visual storyteller and I create breathtaking images of women. Thanks for shining the light my way Sue.

23. Shannon Laurine www.shannonlaurine.com

I saw your post on Facebook offering an opportunity to spend the day with you on the 28th for creative live. I believe this would be a life changing experience for me. I would love to be a part of that, or anything you may offer in the future.  On a deeper level, I am really not sure what I am trying to say to you, but I look up to you, to your strength and direction and I really want to work with you. I know what you teach holds the missing piece to what I need in order to be the kind of photographer I want to become. We spoke briefly at the Phame Expo when you were talking to makeup artists, and since then decided to focus on my photographer when you suggested doing one or the other and focusing. I started out in makeup and decided to pick up photography 3 years ago. I am right now studying your 28 days intensively, because I have come to a point in my life where I want to create change on many different levels. I have been making a living being a “glamour” photographer, but in a whole different sense – more like “booty models”. Women who think that their value is based on sexualizing their bodies- not a belief I share and not just because of my own weight issues, but because it has come to a point where it pays my bills. It’s mechanical- I just do it and have lost the enjoyment and ART of what I am doing. I recently went to photograph a fundraiser for abused women and it was very fulfilling.  I am truly happy when I see the way that women light up, after they have had a “makeover”. I woke up recently to some important realizations. I am a single mother of 2 boys at 27, and shooting for Playboy and Maxim isn’t really what I want them to be brought up around, even though I am grateful for being published in some of these well known publications. I feel that there is no fulfillment in shooting women as a sexual object, when I know that I would instead rather show the grace and more sensual side of a women in an empowering light like you do so beautifully. I have a passion for working with women that have been through a lot, for example human trafficking, abuse, etc. -I want to help to empower them, and help them realize there is a life after all of the hardship and no matter how much it may have brought them down, they are still beautiful and there is still a light within – and if they can see that light maybe it will help in showing them that there is more and its not the end. Perhaps the real truth is I am really trying to convince myself of these things and  heal myself, after being a survivor of an abduction into human trafficking for a short time at 19 years old. So I have directly experienced the damage that can be done to the human psyche, human spirit, and self esteem in cases like this. Having my children helped me in turning the corner to healing that deeply wounded part of me. I’m ready to completely let go of those old wounds now and start fresh. Although, I also have a desire to shoot fashion, I feel that portraits are the way for me to go, and while I know I cannot save the world, I do believe it is a better choice for me to choose a path of empowering women rather than objectifying them just because it puts food on the table. Thank you for this opportunity to briefly share my story and let you know how important the work you are doing is to me. I would be so honored to be chosen to spend the day with you- and if not, I do hope our paths cross again and will continue to follow your work.

24. Susan Willis www.susanwillisphotography.com

As an eight year breast cancer survivor, my hearts desire is to photograph women. I want to show women of all ages just how beautiful they truly are. During my cancer journey of countless surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, there were more days than not that I felt unlovely. Today, because of that journey, I have a different perspective and new eyes with which to see true beauty. Sue Bryce and her 28 Days creativeLive teaching series is making the dream of photographing women a reality. As I advance through each step of her course, I gain confidence and skill to photograph anyone. Thank you Sue Bryce.

25. Richard Rosario www.richardrosario.com

I got introduced to Creative Live in 2012 by a lifelong photographer friend who is also trying to make it in commercial photography.  When I first logged in, I hit upon this Kiwi lady with her “cute” accent….lol, sitting on the floor talking to Mapuana, Ty, Sandra, Amanda and two men….  about the photography business and what she did exactly, then upon the re-watch, I watched your philosophy video…. and I was hooked.  Found myself hungry to learn more….Then came the 28 days a few months later…Wow. What a gift to all of us. What a generous, unselfish, pouring of information broken out in what seemed like a million hours of footage.  I think I purchased it even before it went live….  That has single handedly, over the course of 12 months, transformed my life goals from a steady 6 figure job in technology sales in NYC to a full leap of faith into my dreams of truly connecting with folks in a deeper and more personal level. All while capturing their own beauty and presenting it back to them in the format of priceless images. I have done almost everything that there is to do in the 28 days, except a few minor things that I am sure I will complete.  The meat and potatoes of the 28 days course is a fundamental part of my new path in life.  A path that I know I will succeed, despite the surmounting odds of offering quality products to a tough local market in the Bronx, as a male photographer trying to make females comfortable with a man photographing them.

26. Zoe Hiigli www.zoehiiglistudio.com

I’m a newborn and maternity photographer but I cant thank Sue Bryce enough for the lessons in posing, business, products, women, men, branding, facing fear and living with courage. 28 days with Sue Bryce is about so much MORE than glamour photography, its about becoming the photographer YOU want to be. Not to mention she introduced me to my newborn mentor Little Pieces Photography by Kelly Brown This class has helped my career on so many different levels, I get a little teary eyed just thinking about her. If you’ve been thinking about getting this class, just stop thinking and DO IT. You can thank me later.

27. Allison Orthner www.allisonorthner.com

“I hate myself in these photos.” Sigh. I thought the photos of her family were amazing. But when a woman doesn’t like herself in photos, I figured there wasn’t much I could do about it. And so I quit trying. I quit including moms and pretty much all women in my portraits. Instead I turned my attention to children… every mom loves photos of her children. And I never wanted to hear those words again about my photography… my art. But meanwhile my heart hurt for these women. It bothered me greatly that something happened between the younger years of dressing up like princesses thinking we were pretty to many avoiding the camera altogether once grown. So while I was operating my photography business, I was also organizing women’s activities at our church and coordinating large events for women locally and abroad. I’ve been key-note speaker at several retreats where I’ve helped women explore their inner struggles of feeling unworthy, unlovely, undeserving. I spent years helping them dig deep into their hearts searching for value and worth and a glimmer of self-love. But I never dreamed my two worlds would somehow meet. Until one day when I happened upon Sue Bryce teaching on Creative Live. I was immediately captivated by her vision and mission of helping every day women look and feel beautiful in portraits. Her images were stunning and I could see at once that she had a special gift of capturing women in a very special way. And I was like a kid in a candy store when I heard she could teach me how to do the same and it dawned on me that I could help women not only “hear” how worthy and valuable they are, but also “show” them through my photography. For 2 years I have been studying under Sue. Yes, I am taking the slow path as I am still a full-time mom with many other commitments, but that is the beauty of her 28 Days Course. Through it, Sue is my teacher, my mentor, my encourager, my “tell-it-like-it-is-go-to-girl” and my visionary. She is always there for me. She doesn’t know this of course, but that’s ok. And I’m doing it more like a 28 Months Course… but that is ok too :) How do we change the world? One beautiful woman at a time.

28. Erin Aasland www.studio3cubed.com

 28 Days gave me my voice back… Growing up, my mother used to take old family photographs out of an old green tin.  I loved that tin… it was rusted and battered, but held stories of our past.  The feel of the old photography papers, the smell of the years gone past, and the stories she told.  I fell in love with photography.  I wanted to be a photographer and make stories like this last forever.  Then life happened and we lose our way so easily.  Put down by others & jealousy, snarky remarks from those we love that slowly kill our spirit and our passions, until we are just going through the motions of life, kinda lost and emotional but not understanding why.  I stumbled upon Creative Live and it honestly was a Godsend.  I watched a few courses and began to feel a sense of camaraderie and it fueled my passion that I thought was gone.  And then came 28 Days.  Enter the goosebumps… watching Day 1, Sue quoted an excerpt from Derek Walcott and I couldn’t breathe.  It brought me right back to the green tin my mother used to bring out and the stories she told.  It rocked me emotionally.  This is how I have been trying to express my passion for photography – Life should be celebrated daily.  I bought the course immediately.  And to this day, I am so thankful. 28 Days is a wealth of knowledge that grows with you step by step.  Sue will shake you with brutal honesty, break you down to search your soul, and in the end have you emerge as a butterfly.  New.  No fears.  Bold & beautiful.  With a drive that is as strong as the ocean currents.  You will believe in yourself again.  You will be empowered.

29. Kim Brundage www.kimbrundage.com

 #28dayswithsuebryce is a game changer! It helped me with all levels of my photography & business – posing, marketing, Photoshop and getting past my fears. It is a must see for any photographer. Watch www.creativelive.com on Thursday, August 28 for free.  I can’t thank Sue Bryce enough for her wisdom, savviness & generosity.

30. Amanda Quintana-Bowles www.oraliacreative.com

 In our lives we find people who inspire us, open our eyes, give us guidance, sometimes a kick in the pants, and who speak to our souls on a level that is hard to describe. Since March 2012, Sue Bryce has been my mentor and guide on this fulfilling path in bringing joy to others by capturing the “very best” them in a beautiful portrait. She has given several classes via CreativeLIVE, but her 28 Days With Sue Bryce is like a photographer boot camp. From posing, business model, marketing, styling to facing your blocks, this course covers it all. There is a private Facebook group of us who work through the course at our own pace to really nail it home.  If any of my fellow photographers are curious, need a kick in the pants, or are interested in another photographer’s perspective on our craft, I highly recommend the course.

31. Tricia Jones www.triciajonesphotography.com

I have been doing natural light photography since about the end of 2011.  It started because my husband bought me a camera to capture our son’s sporting events, but I had always had a dream to be a portrait photographer.  I asked him in a joking way if I should try to start my own business – which is something I love as well.  He said sure, “give it a go”.  I started shooting anything I could and learning my camera and light.  I love learning as well so it was wonderful for me. I have two boys and they got tired of me photographing them rather quickly, so I started to ask around for people to let me practice on them.  I had no confidence to charge them but eventually it started taking up more time, so I started to try charging.  I had no idea what to charge or offer. I had a blog and then it turned into a blog with a domain name.  I had a small Facebook page and had a few likes.  Nothing spectacular at all, but I still had this dream and desire.  When I first had the dream of my own business I had reached out to a make-up artist, but she never responded to me.  You see…I had the vision that you offer in 28 Days.  That is what I dreamed of doing in 2011.  Well, fast forward to Spring 2014, I decided to make more effort to my business and was searching for the information that I needed to include on my photography web page.  Google returned a one-hour creative live class called “confronting your fears”.  That is where it all started.  I knew I found a path to make my dreams come true. I bought 28 Days the beginning of the summer and tried to jump in with the Facebook study group, but it was a little challenging, so I have decided to start over.  I have got a small PDF, a small BTS video and the beginnings of a portfolio. Thank you for sharing your dream.  My goal is to be on your “Sue Recommends” page for my small town in Texas.  Be on the lookout for me.  It may take a while, but I will do it!  It was my vision in 2011 and you have given me the tools to see it happen! I dream of the day when the women I meet see themselves the way you make them feel in their portraits.  I want that!  I want them to get beyond their fears and be the women they were created to be!  That’s what you and 28 Days has done for me!

32. Emily London Miller www.emilylondonportraits.com

When my mom asked a photographer to take her photo five years ago, she requested that she make her look “cute and skinny.” To which the photographer replied, “Well, I can’t do magic.” My mother told me this story three years later, after we saw Sue Bryce teach for the first time. Through her tears, she pointed to the screen and said, “That. Is magic.” That very day, my mom became my first “glamour” client. After my mother’s shoot, I converted my basement into a natural light studio, took a makeup course, built a portfolio I was proud of, and created a photography business I loved. Months went by as I slowly worked my way through the various challenges that building a business involves. I then got to the point where I was feeling stuck, not progressing or growing at the speed I wanted, not serving enough clients, and not making enough money. Then Creative Live launched 28 Days With Sue Bryce. While all of Sue’s courses are content-rich and amazing, 28 Days is by far the most comprehensive. Watching each of the lessons and applying what I learned, I was able to transform my work – from the photos I was creating to the business I was struggling with – into something more beautiful and powerful than what I was able to create before. I still watch a segment from 28 Days with Sue Bryce before each and every shoot. I watch the business and marketing related videos whenever I’m creating a new marketing campaign. Each video is packed with useful, easy-to-implement information – delivered in a way that is a pleasure to watch. New photographers often ask me if I have any advice or tips for them. My advice is always to buy 28 Days with Sue Bryce. Everything you need to create a successful glamour studio has been laid out by Sue – all you have to do is connect the dots. These days I am making very decent money in a tough market creating beautiful portraits for amazing women. I have my dream job, and I owe it all to Sue Bryce. That. Is magic.

33. Mariah Smith www.mariahsmith.com

I’ve been photographing for 25 years.  There are only two moments that I will never forget.  The first was when I was 12 and I put a blank piece of paper in the developer.  An image appeared and it was magic.  I had frozen a moment in time.  The second was my first 28 days practice shoot.  The exact moment when her face lined up perfectly with my camera, I snapped the shutter and started to cry.  I knew instantly that it was what I was supposed to do….and I don’t even believe in things like that. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.  Without it, I don’t know if I would have ever discovered this part of me.

34. Amber Tyler www.ambertyler.com

After watching the first day of Sue Bryce’s 28 days I knew I had to purchase this course. The way Sue taught spoke right to my heart and her honesty shook me. I have gained so much from this course it would really take much longer than a paragraph to tell you, however what I can tell you are the parts of the course that not only helped me be a better photographer and business owner, but really helped me be a happier person. The number one thing that I have gained from this course is confidence. As photographers I know we all have those shoots that we are uncertain about, uncertain if we can measure up to a clients expectations. That feeling feels like crap. This course has taught me to change that way of thinking as well as changed the way I guide and direct a shoot. The number one compliment I get in feedback from my clients is that I made clients feel comfortable in their own skin while guiding them so they never felt lost or insecure. That for me is huge. Before this course I knew what looked good, but I had no voice and felt so uncomfortable telling a client how to pose. This has helped me in multiple parts of my life, not just photography. I feel joy and pride in my work. Not only knowing I nailed it, but my clients are happy and trust me. For me this is life changing. This course is so versatile as well, it has helped in all areas and portraits and events for me. I feel with 28 days I have the tools needed to go out and accomplish big things. Thank you Sue!

35. Gerson Lopes www.gersonlopes.com

Are you guys looking for a great photography course? Ok, are you ready for a whole month of contemporary, off the hook lessons, complete detailing of business, slap in you face encouragement, w/ a world renown hot teacher w/ a sexy New Zealand accent? Check out 28Days w/ Sue Bryce Photographer , atCreativeLive . I bought it last December and it changed my world. See you on August 28!!!

36. Julie Saad www.juliesaadphotography.com

I am so happy to have the opportunity to send you this testimonial. I stumbled across 28 Days a few months back and was glued to the screen. Your style of teaching is so crammed full of useful information that I’d never heard anywhere else. I was so energized and inspired by your words that I took the plunge and opened a natural light studio here in Brooklyn this summer. So far I have photographed seven sessions using the methods you taught me and am booked solid for the next two months. My clients and I are having a blast. This is my tenth year as a professional photographer, but my first year as a confident artist and woman, thanks to you. I always wanted to have my own portrait studio but never really knew how. I’m so thankful for everything you’ve taught me.

37. Tammy Zurak www.zphotog.net

I would not be a full time professional portrait photographer without Sue Bryce and her “28 Days with Sue” Creative Live class.  On the surface, it might seem unbelievable that someone could take a class on the internet, then hang out a shingle and be successful.  But that’s exactly what happened to me.  I found Sue in November of 2012 and subsequently purchased several more of her classes.  I was decent, but not great.  Then in March of 2013, I purchased 28 Days.  I joined the study group and booked people for every lesson.  Over those weeks, I honed my craft and people started buying portraits from me.  I got better and better, and people started contacting me asking me to take their portrait after seeing their friends in my work.  A year later, I quit my corporate job and went full time in my own studio.  I owe a debt of gratitude that will likely remain unpaid to Sue, she changed my life and allowed me to find my passion and do what I love every day.  THAT is priceless.  Run don’t walk to buy 28 Days with Sue Bryce!

38. Lynda Mills www.davemillsphotography.com

28 Days with Sue Bryce has been the ultimate Before and After makeover for me. Before 28 Days I was leading an uninspired, fearful life – full of self doubt and confusion. After 28 Days I am living with a clear vision and confidence, passion and knowledge. Following the principles outlined by Sue in 28 Days has increased the quality of my photography. Following the philosophy outlined by Sue in 28 Days has increased the quality of my life.

39. Julie Emmett

So, growing up in the 80s, my 8 year old self wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid with a fierceness like no other, ALL my friends had one, I wanted one too.  Instead, unwrap Flower Kid, the no-bendy-arms or-beautiful-flowing-hair, cheaper generic alternative. Devastated. Then, the same scenario but this time the coveted BARBIE, but alas, I got her ugly distant cousin Sindy. So it went on, always ALMOST the real thing but not quite. I realized as an adult, that feeling of being almost great at something or almost clever enough to accomplish something but not quite, has been with me for so long. Please let me clarify that its NOT because my lovely mom couldn’t afford the ‘real toys all girls should have’ I just used that example because it best explains how I felt – a bad copy, not good enough etc. When I found Sue’s 28 day course I bought it thinking how I would improve my photography and learn the skills I need for the natural light I love so much and all that course type stuff.  I got so much more than that. Its a shift in how I look and SEE people, its an attitude adjustment in human emotions. Its realizing that The Flower Kid is not an ugly alternative, its a different take to the norm, its that Sindy looks as amazing as Barbie with some flowers in her hair and acres of tulle wrapped around her. Its teaching you to see the beauty in everybody and not just what we have been conditioned to see, to see the beauty in yourself that you thought was never there. I know I am not a US resident and actually a UK one, and so wasn’t meant to add my bit but I just had to express my gratitude to Sue.  Few things have had such an impact on my outlook on life, my Mom, my kids and the lovely people that decided you should be able to buy purple quality street in a box on their own :) and 28 days with Sue Bryce.

40. Sonja Poller www.sonjapoller.com

Photography as an expression of art has always intrigued me, however the technical side I was not all that interested in and kept me content to be just a snap shooter. My husband, also being a photo enthusiast, enrolled in a professional photography course a couple of years ago. But between becoming a father and his job the reality was that I was taking most of the photos of our family. He encouraged me to pursue photography, so I started to study the course material. I did not really know what I wanted to photograph. Though my kids were a convenient subject, and I love photographing them, I felt there was something missing. I started to think of this possibly being a business for me.  How perfect would it be to do this when my kids are in school? The idea exited me, but I had no idea where to start and I was intimidated. I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to mentor me (more so just someone to point me in the right direction). An established photographer responded who directed me to Creative Live to learn.  28 Days was broadcasting. I felt an immediate connection with Sue’s style, her transparency and honesty about her business. I realized that I wanted to photograph women who don’t see their true beauty. 28 Days has given me the confidence to pursue a career in photography. The best part is that it includes everything for creating a successful business. Sue spells it all out, in plain and simple language. Being more than just another course, you also get access to a study group that has supported and encouraged me further in my business.

41. Tamara Gibson www.tamara-gibson.com

Heart, soul & unicorn tears went into the making of Sue Bryce’s 28 days Creative Live course. My biggest weakness as a photographer had always been posing clients naturally. When I saw this course on CL I knew I had to have it. Not only has this course taken my portraits to the next level but it has also transformed my wedding business as well. This course if jammed packed with goodies, from business tips & strategies to posing & lighting! What I love most about this course is the community. A community filled with warm & loving photographers who have come together to help each other out & lift each other up. Thank you Sue Bryce for pouring into the community & for sharing a big piece of your heart with us!

42. Maryanne Teng Hogarth www.maryannetenghogarth.com

In less than two weeks, CreativeLive will be re-broadcasting for FREE the life-changing workshop 28 Days with Sue Bryce, and you cannot afford to miss it!  This is Sue at her best, teaching us step by step how to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. Unlike some of her other workshops, this one covers more than glamour, and teaches us how to photograph and market to all demographics (except babies :-)). Since opening the doors to my new home-based studio last month, I’ve done four shoots that would have been less successful, had I not re-watched certain segments of the workshop before each shoot. I had lost a year of studio shooting time (more on that later), and was feeling out of practice and to be honest, a bit nervous.  So, I turned to Sue. The first shoot was with two loving but competitive tween sisters. I wanted a different look for each girl, so to prepare for Annaliese (top right), I re-watched Session 4: Mapping Your Sets and Outfits and reviewed the freestyling section.  For Olivia (bottom right), I watched Session 18: Posing Young Teens.  The following week, Ellen (bottom left) came in with her husband, as they wanted portraits to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  The poses Sue teaches in Session 7: Posing Couples helped tremendously for this shoot.  (And it’s always fun to watch Tiffany and Mark cuddle).  At the end of the shoot I suggested we do some glam shots of Ellen, and she said I read her mind. Tips I learned from Session 24: 50 & Fabulous Demographic came to my rescue.  Jennifer and her family were next, and they wanted outdoor shots at the park.  Before we headed out I asked for thirty seconds to get a studio shot of them, and shot them into the backlight, Session 25. Last week I did headshots of Gary, and the clouds kept shifting.  Good thing I had recently re-watched Session 3: The Natural Light Studio, and knew how to adapt to changing light. I can say with all honesty that 28 Days with Sue has changed MY life.  Last year I got to meet Sue as part of the studio audience at both the 28 day kick-off in Las Vegas, and again at the wrap-up in Seattle. http://maryannetenghogarth.wordpress.com/2013/04/ The months during and after the broadcast were some of the most productive of my career. But then life stepped in and derailed me.  We relocated to the East Coast, I got sick, I got better, we moved, we moved again.  At last, my life has settled down to the point where I can rebuild my business, and any time I feel doubt creep in and start to paralyze me, I can turn to Sue’s talk on Fear in Session 2.  Or if I start to backpeddle because of money issues, I just listen to Session 31: Money: What’s Blocking You? Although I’m far from where I aspire to be in terms of skill and income, at least I have a strong foundation.  My source of inspiration and learning is always Sue Bryce, and the invaluable lessons she shares in 28 Days with Sue. If you want to do yourself a favor, tune in to CreativeLive on August 28th.

43. Addie Glotfelty www.addieandchelsiephoto.com

So here’s the real part about life as photographers.  It’s beautiful and wonderful and fulfilling!  Here’s the real hard part about life as photographers.  You run into road blocks sometimes and the road blocks can hang you up and frustrate you and make you doubt yourself.  Real life? For sure. And the amazing part of this real life is finding out that you’re not alone as a creative, artful business person who sometimes has much to learn.  We have learned so much about our business and about ourselves as who we want to be as photographers from Sue Bryce’s 28-Day course on Creative Live. Sometimes we just need to be reigned back in to focus on the important stuff that will propel us forward. Sue Bryce and 28-days always and without fail, gets us back on track. You don’t get much more real-life than this course.  Sue shares her journey with honesty and class and in a way that will teach and inspire you to be more honest with yourself about your business and creative and personal goals. This is a beautifully and thoughtfully developed course and Sue Bryce has a meaningful way of getting to the heart of what’s most important and to see what might be holding you back.  Here’s a spoiler alert…….it’s mostly likely YOU! :-)  Check out this 28-day journey through the business and creativity of photography.  And if you invest yourself in learning even half as much as she has in sharing her expertise, you will be rewarded exponentially.

44. Chelsie Glotfelty www.addieandchelsiephoto.com

About two years ago we photographed a beautiful lady in a 10′ x 12′ shed in our back yard, using the light from the door, a few reflectors, and some painted foam board backgrounds. We made gorgeous photos. How did we do it? With the help of 28 Days with Sue Bryce Photographer. It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting with a Cannon or Nikon. It doesn’t matter how fancy your studio is or if you even have a studio. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a ton of fancy lighting equipment. What is important? The connection you make with your client. These past 2 years we have watched, re-watched, and re-visited 28 Days countless times. When asked why I didn’t go to college for photography, the answer is simple. I learned more in this 28 day course than I could ever learn at a University of any kind. We learned how to pose, style, market, sell, and shoot. But more importantly we learned about ourselves. We learned how we were holding ourselves back. And we learned how to be honest with ourselves. We are still learning from this incredibly, amazing program. And we know that it can help you as well. So to my photographer friends, if you are looking for a way to build your business, boost your business, or want to find out what is holding you back, start here. Watch the rebroadcast of 28 Days with Sue Bryce on Creative Live on August 28th. I can promise you nothing less than it is worth every second of your time.

45. Kendall Crosson www.kendallcrossonphotography.com

God has a way of keeping you where He designed you to be. My parents bought me my first camera when I was eight for our family trip to London.  They wanted to see what the eyes of children would capture. My parents were amazed at photos I took that they didn’t even think about. Never really giving it much thought, I always “loved” to capture fun & artsy moments with my friends. I went off to college to major in Radio Television & film, but after my first round of classes I didn’t see myself as a broadcast journalist.  I felt lost and so confused. What I thought was a passion turned out to be something I now dreaded.My mom encouraged me to choose a major in something else of interest to keep me focused on a good college experience and not worry about the end result. She reminded me that it was about the journey, not the destination.  I majored in Kinesiology (health) knowing that I would learn how to take good care of myself in life. I went on to pursue becoming a personal trainer, maybe working with women in weight-loss. Then I realized real quickly that weight-loss can be so depressing, No one likes his or her current weight and women feel like life doesn’t begin until their thin, or thinner. I felt stuck again, questioning my passion, my purpose and of course my future. One day when I told my friend I was thinking about pursuing photography, she told me to check out CreativeLive.com. One of the courses being taught at the time was “Glamour Photography” by Sue Bryce. I was suddenly drawn to this class. Just the word ‘Glamour’ drew me in closer; already having grown up with a mom who is a hair stylist & make-up artist. I immediately bought the 28 days with Sue and fell in love with photography all over again! I was redirected to my passion once more. I could not get enough of YOU—Sue Bryce! I watched many sessions over and over again and wiped away many tears of joy as my love for photography was confirmed again through your love and approach in photographing women; your love for them and your drive by your Passion! I knew I was in my element as I began photographing women and encouraging them to celebrate life where they are and not wait when they are 20 or 30 pounds lighter. I use what I learned in college to educate women about health (not weight) and capture each person where they are in life. I reveal to them through my lens that they can appreciate themselves at the size and shape they are and they deserve to be photographed for their loved ones. I wake up each day knowing that there is a woman looking in the mirror hating the way she looks, a curvy girl who compares her to all of the ‘skinny girls’, a women who has just been told she has cancer, an elder staring at her wrinkles and judging them when they are the marks of beauty and age. These are stories are all over the world and it is my dream to capture them! I realize what I had originally planned pursue in college, RTVF, I am now doing the very same thing with photography. I am capturing women through my lens and telling their stories. I want to help women see the beauty in themselves and feel like a super star in their own life. And now I can do this all because of you! I am joining the ‘’Glamour Photography Movement’ making a change in this world…words cannot express what you mean to me. As a teacher, a mentor, and photographer, Thank you Sue Bryce for putting yourself out there for me and everyone else!! You are truly MY inspiration and I will be forever grateful!

46. Maryanne Teng Hogarth www.maryannetenghogarth.com

I had no idea how powerful a voucher could be, until Sue Bryce showed me the light.  A voucher brought these lovely young women to me, and brought me a nice sale as well. In less than six days, Sue will be showing us more ways to pitch with confidence, and I cannot wait!  This course is FREE on creativeLive, on August 28. https://www.creativelive.com/courses/pitch-your-work-sell-sue-bryce If you’ve been waiting to catch the re-broadcast of 28 Days with Sue Bryce, then this is your chance. It will play for FREE August 29-31.  Rumor has it that it may even go on sale. TUNE IN! #28dayswithSueBryce

49. Leslie Forte www.forteimagery.com

To any photographer or aspiring one who needs the tools to start on the right foot, correct their footing or need a refresh to attract more clients: There is a workshop about to be rebroadcasted on CreativeLive on Thursday that is a game changer investment… 28 Days with Sue Bryce. Not your run of the mill fluff workshop (cause lets face it, that has become and industry all of its own lately!) but a real deal break down to how to run a profitable photography business. Beyond lighting and posing (which she is awesome at), it challenges you to stop making excuses and get out there and market yourself in proven ways that works! But for me, what has it on constant replay in my office or when I’m cooking and doing dishes -its her no BS, get over the excuses, YOU are your biggest block to success reminders. I admire her for her longevity in this industry, I am thankful to her for giving back and sharing that valuable experience, but most of all… I am drawn to her for her genuine heart and her “don’t let anything hold you back” spirit. Those who know my physical challenges and sheer unlikelihood that I, of all people, would be able to work a camera like I do, know why that resonates so much with me. She’s the real deal… 28 Days with Sue Bryce and her upcoming addition to the instructional series “Pitch Your Work to Sell” are going on sale Thursday. Watch it, OWN IT, work it and make it happen!

50. Kristina Houser www.kristinahouser.com

“PHOTOGRAPHER FRIENDS: Mark your calendars for this Thursday the 28th! FREE day from Sue Bryce Photographer on finding your business voice. This is an add-on to “28-Days”, the most comprehensive course I’ve seen on styling, posing, shooting, marketing and selling portraits. The wonderful thing about this education, is that you can use it across different genres of photography (outside of glamour) to improve your business. I gained value from it even when I only shot on-location Seniors and Engagement sessions. By listening to Sue’s talk on overcoming fear and pushing through your blocks, I was able to open my studio doors and start a glamour/portrait-side of my business that I am falling more and more in-love with everyday, and that has increased my sales-average by 150%. Check it out guys, and tune in Thursday to learn how to pitch yourself, land more clients, and grow your business.  “28-Days” is on-sale this week for only $199. You cannot go wrong!




June 6, 2014#

Okay poke your tongue out and say ARRRRR . . .

Lets do a Business check up this Monday LIVE on CreativeLive.  You know when I say Business Check up I mean a YOU check up (and a little butt kicking sometimes too) I am flying up to Seattle for a day to talk to you guys.

I want REAL questions!

HARD questions?

HONEST questions!

I will not answer how do I tape my V Flats together or how long is my Ottoman.  (which by the way all of those questions are being talked about regularly on the facebook group IBWS on Facebook)

I want to talk about real business challenges right now.  I will show you three studios working within my business model.  Their successes their failures their hurdles and their real averages what their new business goals are and they will be live with me on the show!  I made them photograph their studios too so you can have a look around these photographers will give you an honest look at start up for those of you that think it was easy for me.

Image 1: Amy & Dustin Droz Wedding & Glamour Image 2: Maupana Reed Mataele Glamour Image 3: Nikki Closser Wedding & Glamour

Image 1: Amy & Dustin Droz Wedding & Glamour Image 2: Maupana Reed Mataele Glamour Image 3: Nikki Closser Wedding & Glamour

I am also bringing in Lori Patrick she runs so many amazing facebook communities she started IBWS which has 16,000 members and she also runs 28 days study group for those of you working through the biggest workshop I ever did.

Lori Patrick Photographer/Community builder Facebook group guru

Lori Patrick Photographer/Community builder Facebook group guru

You can ask me any personal questions you like I will answer them honestly.  PUT THEM HERE ON THIS BLOG POST. We can talk about Fears, Challenges, things you just cannot get past.

Write your questions here on my blog.  I will try to answer as many as I can.  See you on Monday You can RSVP by clicking here  add your questions below here.  would you like to be in the audience with me on monday? CLICK HERE 

THIS IS A FREE CLASS it is not for sale.  It is ongoing support and accountability for where you are at in this moment.  You will love to see the progress these studios are making and it’s a great way to gauge where you are at and how well you are doing and to make a Power list on what you need to confront next.

Marketing Sales Service

Marketing Sales Service

Folio building, The reveal Wall

Folio building, The reveal Wall

Sue Bryce Blog Challenges 3 Sue Bryce Blog Challenges 7

Shooting with out a studio getting started

Shooting with out a studio getting started

Glam the Dress, ongoing marketing to your current database

Glam the Dress, ongoing marketing to your current database

Attracting a client that matches you and your values.

Attracting a client that matches you and your values.



June 1, 2014#

Did you trial Exposure 5 after our workshop

Did you trial Exposure 5 after our workshop? I’m putting the AlienSkin code here on the blog so you can return to it when you’re ready, you have till June 20th to get the discount.  I am posting some of my favorite go to filters but Im sure you’ll find your own.

Promo code is FKZ0514 It gives the discount of 30%. The promotion is live now and is set to end on the 20th of June. www.alienskin.com 

Exposure 6 is in late beta and isn’t quite ready for a debut.  Anyone that purchases version 5–taking advantage of the discount–will receive a free upgrade to version 6 when it’s released. Version 6 has creative focus capabilities of another one of my favorite products, Bokeh. So, there’s an extra $100 value of software coming your way.

Felix and I would like to thank you for your questions and hilarious comments and support we had a blast.  I look forward to watching this young man turn into an extraordinary force in the photographic industry.  I hope AlienSkin assists you in the creation of beautiful images I know both Felix Lara and I love it and we hope you do too.

If you haven’t  seen our workshop yet here is the link The Lighting Challenge and see how we challenged Felix to create beautiful soft portrait light to match natural light.  Gorgeous Hollywood portraits and more

Workshop Image Natural Light

Workshop Image Natural Light

Workshop Image Studio Light

Workshop Image Studio Light

Original Image no filter.  Light retouch to face & extra bright sequin's. Slimming through waistline.

Original Image no filter. Light retouch to face & extra bright sequin’s. Slimming through waistline.

Definitely my Go To Black and white especially for Hollywood shoots desaturate image open in AlienSkin 5 Daguerreotype 75% with less grain.

Definitely my Go To Black and white especially for Hollywood shoots desaturate image open in AlienSkin 5 Daguerreotype 75% with less grain.

A little more drama Wetplate with Brush Painted 75%

A little more drama Wetplate with Brush Painted 75%

Strangely this is Wetplate color and I really like it

Strangely this is Wetplate color and I really like it

Technicolor Process 4 faded 100% I am always drawn to cold tones and strong warm tones my goal is always to push away from natural skin tone.

Technicolor Process 4 faded 100% I am always drawn to cold tones and strong warm tones my goal is always to push away from natural skin tone.

This is my favorite filter Fade all leave strong reds 100%

This is my favorite filter Fade all leave strong reds 100%

Probably used on 80% of my shoots in Polaroid 600 Yellowed Aging removed - Added Blue to bring down the yellow & desaturate 10 %

Probably used on 80% of my shoots in Polaroid 600 Yellowed Aging removed – Added Blue to bring down the yellow & desaturate 10 %

Original Image from the workshop

Original Image from the workshop

Another favorite BW go to Calotype 75% less grain.  Brings me straight home to film days.

Another favorite BW go to Calotype 75% less grain. Brings me straight home to film days.

Original Image from Workshop light retouching on face.  Shot with Strobe

Original Image from Workshop light retouching on face. Shot with Strobe

See how my go to Fade all leave reds changes the whole tone of this image

See how my go to Fade all leave reds changes the whole tone of this image

I double up filters this is Fade all leave strong reds and NoonDaySun about 50% each

I double up filters this is Fade all leave strong reds and NoonDaySun about 50% each

Another favorite is NoonDay Sun.  Almost reminiscent of our C41 to E6 X process era

Another favorite is NoonDay Sun. Almost reminiscent of our C41 to E6 X process era

My pick of Images of Katie in my most used B/W Daguerreotype 75% grain 43%

My pick of Images of Katie in my most used B/W Daguerreotype 75% grain 43%

May 13, 2014#

Natural Light vs Studio Light May 19 & 20 on creativeLIVE

I want to break lighting down to the easiest way to shoot Studio Portraits in Natural light and then replicate each set up in Studio light to try the same look with both.  I will do the Natural light segment and Felix will replicate it.  I first met Felix when he assisted a shoot with Lara Jade I really look forward to this challenge to see how closely we can combine our skills and create some beautiful work for you Posing Maps Lighting Maps and teach you more about light.  I am most looking forward to learning myself he is a very talented photographer and an open teacher and natural sharer.

About – Felix Kunze: is an editorial and commercial portrait photographer. Felix was born in Berlin, grew up in the UK and now lives in New York City. He focuses on non-models and places regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. Having worked with the top fashion & portrait photographers on earth and through his wealth of experience, he’s known as a lighting specialist. www.felixkunze.com

Monday 19th 9am PST Session One and Two will start with Creating Flat soft beauty light and how I remove and manipulate natural light for contrast and direction.  I will have a female model and a male model to light them both differently according to gender, then Felix will replicate the shots in Studio light no available light at all.

Flat soft light for Beauty Images to more contrast and direction - Image One is side light but bounced in with white reflectors. Image Two is in the same spot with a black half shell pulling light and a small reflector just on one side of the face.  Image Three has side window light one large stationary reflector pulled back on the 45

Flat soft light for Beauty Images to more contrast and direction – Image One is side light but bounced in with white reflectors. Image Two is in the same spot with a black half shell pulling light and a small reflector just on one side of the face. Image Three has side window light one large stationary reflector pulled back on the 45

Monday afternoon Session Three will start with creating Beautiful Studio Portraits in Natural light and then replicate in Studio light exploring a more fashion style portrait.

The focus here is to I know hoe to create this look in natural light so I will teach all of these directions and tricks and then Felix will teach the same scenarios achievable in studio light.

The focus here is to I know hoe to create this look in natural light so I will teach all of these directions and tricks and then Felix will teach the same scenarios achievable in studio light.

Monday Afternoon Session Four we will Use light control to create Silhouettes and Film noir Images most popular with body work, Fine Art nudes and boudoir. We will talk about posing for these genres how I sculpt bodies into available light and how Felix sculpts light into bodies.  We have a female and Male model for this section they cannot be nude but they will be body models (this means undies)

I sculpt bodies around available light - Felix sculpts light on bodies.

I sculpt bodies around available light – Felix sculpts light on bodies.

Day Two Session One its all about that back light YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE IT the question is can Felix recreate it (Sue cracks her knuckles)

The backlight is a huge part of my studio portrait session.  It takes a lot of bouncing sculpting and patience but when you harness it, it creates magic

The backlight is a huge part of my studio portrait session. It takes a lot of bouncing sculpting and patience but when you harness it, it creates magic

Day Two Session Two HOLLYWOOD style, Glamour, styling, Posing and Lighting No natural light for this session all studio light.  I am styling and preparing a Hollywood starlet for Felix to create his magic. I am drawing a Hollywood Posing guide for you.  Prepare to be inspired by this genre my clients are flipping over it.  After Felix and I did the Hollywood shoot for animoto I have been shooting and studying this beautiful genre like crazy.  I was lucky enough to shoot with makeup guru Bruce Grayson this last week he is the epitome of Hollywood Glam a genius makeup artist that grew up with a legend Father that did makeup for all the stars during this era CHECK OUT BRUCE HERE follow him on twitter @Brugray

2 Sue Bryce Hollywood


Day Two Session Three & Four Felix Photoshops and Sue Photoshops how I retouch natural light to make it look more studio and learn some of Felix’s most loved tricks.  Alienskin is a big part of our process so we will show you our favorite go to recipes and also I will record day ones retouching and show you Sue vs Felix that you saw shot the day before.

Click this link to Enroll here JOIN US MAY 19 & 20 Take Monday and Tuesday off and join us for a power packed two days of everything Portrait light.  Remember this is a free worldwide classroom I know this workshop will have a huge impact on not only my work but yours too and I really look forward to teaching and learning alongside you.

April 8, 2014#

Hollywood Icons and a video on Animoto

Argh check out this fabulous video we made on Animoto.  This sort of behind the scenes is so easy to create and everyone LOVEs them.   In January I was in New York and I spent the whole day playing with these fabulous photographers.  Myself Felix Kunze bought our Hollywood GLAM together and he showed me how to create or rather recreate these iconic hollywood images with 3 Arri lights and a 5×4 Softbox.  Watching him work the light with diffusers and reflectors amazed me and seeing these shots come to life was just incredible. Stills, lighting details and more information are on the next blog

Hollywood Shoot with Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

Are you using Animoto yet and promoting your studio the biggest social media platforms on the planet Facebook Youtube Vimeo Pinterest. It’s so easy and so affordable here’s a discount code

Promo code is NYCshoot and it gives $50 off until April 30th – Thats unlimited highres slideshows you can embed and share

Thank you Adorama you guys were great to work with. Katie McMullen Hair and Makeup fantastic work, Nikki Closser shot all these behind the scenes and the beautiful people Susan Stripling Tamara Lackey Brooke Shaden Felix Kunze Lara Jade Play shoots do not get better than this. A big thank you to Sally Sargood for making me be Liz I wouldn’t have done it and now I love the image so much I’m putting it on my wall. Thank you Animoto for the code I love watching Shot videos like these I know the power they have on media and I love your service too.

April 7, 2014#

Modern Women’s Portraiture

I teamed up with three incredible women for a creativeLIVE course Modern Women’s Portraiture (click here for the course). Lara Jade, Lou Freeman, and Emily Soto such talented and hard working women. I released the 50isFabulous work I’ve been doing and walked you all through my personal mentoring book.  I maintain peoples businesses are running in direct proportion to where they are personally.  I stopped mentoring because I would get to their studio and all they wanted was show me how to shoot better and validate me.  Majority of them were excellent shooters.  Me validating them would have empowered them for about 2 days.  I want you as a creative to learn how to self sustaining to work away from your ego and into your service the place where it’s about your client getting what they want (which get you paid and gets you more work) and away from the place thats struggles with self value and sees competition everywhere.  YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. to much of the bandwidth in your head is being used up in need for validating monologue when all of your energy could be going into serving shooting and getting paid.  A highly enjoyable workshop thank you creativeLIVE for your ongoing friendship.  Thank you out there reading this for your continued support and friendship.


There is so much fabulous hair in this shot it’s not funny ha and black of course #photographersuniform


I love love love teaching posing.  When you practising Posing and Direction everything about you as a photographer changes.


Then I got these five women from the audience and we posed them according to their body shapes.


Not all bodies are made the same but my female clients are, they want one thing and that is to have a beautiful portrait of themselves.  Learn to master shooting curves you will celebrated by your clients who will come back to you every year.  Chin Shoulder Hands Hourglass Asymmetry Body Language Connection these are my rules. make them yours too.