April 8, 2014#

Hollywood Icons and a video on Animoto

Argh check out this fabulous video we made on Animoto.  This sort of behind the scenes is so easy to create and everyone LOVEs them.   In January I was in New York and I spent the whole day playing with these fabulous photographers.  Myself Felix Kunze bought our Hollywood GLAM together and he showed me how to create or rather recreate these iconic hollywood images with 3 Arri lights and a 5×4 Softbox.  Watching him work the light with diffusers and reflectors amazed me and seeing these shots come to life was just incredible. Stills, lighting details and more information are on the next blog

Hollywood Shoot with Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

Are you using Animoto yet and promoting your studio the biggest social media platforms on the planet Facebook Youtube Vimeo Pinterest. It’s so easy and so affordable here’s a discount code

Promo code is NYCshoot and it gives $50 off until April 30th – Thats unlimited highres slideshows you can embed and share

Thank you Adorama you guys were great to work with. Katie McMullen Hair and Makeup fantastic work, Nikki Closser shot all these behind the scenes and the beautiful people Susan Stripling Tamara Lackey Brooke Shaden Felix Kunze Lara Jade Play shoots do not get better than this. A big thank you to Sally Sargood for making me be Liz I wouldn’t have done it and now I love the image so much I’m putting it on my wall. Thank you Animoto for the code I love watching Shot videos like these I know the power they have on media and I love your service too.

February 20, 2014#

It used to be about the before and after now its about the story

I have stayed alive in this industry for 25 years because I believe you Evolve or Die.! I have watched so many shifts in the industry and they bring great change and fear ( always hand in hand) But this change I really love.  It’s no longer about the Sell its about the experience it’s no longer about the Photographer it’s about the product service and the connection, it’s all about the story you tell. The story you tell with your images.  It used to be about the before and the after that was enough it said look take an ordinary girl and make her look extraordinary with hair and makeup.  We told that story for a long time and it worked.  Now we see behind the scenes videos the pubic know what photoshop is we are evolving into a this is who we are business this is what we do watch us online learn about us meet us know us.  I meet clients now and they greet me like an old friend they watch my videos they know who I am.

Are you shooting the before shot still don’t stop are you shooting behind the scenes don’t stop are you blogging don’t stop now more than ever the connection and the archive you are creating on your blog will long survive the fast moving and shifting algorithm of the facebook newsfeed that most people are not getting.  Share new shoots old shoots behind the scenes, videos and images what do you find interesting what makes you stop and watch?

Im going to Las Vegas March 3rd 4th and 5th and I’m going to show live the campaign marketing and stories I’ve been working on that all photographers can share and start doing.  I have been educating photographers for a few years now I think it’s time I started educating the public on why they need to be photographed professionally. I am also doing a whole segment on mentoring AND posing.  You can watch this class free and live enrol here.



Sue Bryce Story telling Sue Bryce Story telling 1

before blog


February 18, 2014#

I found a box of Negatives circa 2000

14 years doesn’t it just go bye in a heart beat.

I found a box of medium format negatives and took them to get scanned.  These images are between 1999 and 2002 I have had so much fun looking through them but what I have enjoyed the most is the feeling.   I actually recall quite vividly how incredibly overjoyed I was developing myself and my craft.  I was taking the best photos of the 12 years I had been shooting, I was poor, made no money from photography and I didn’t really care, I was 30 and felt so grown up.  I was just so desperate for validation and seemed to always attract negativity like harsh criticism that I held on to and further dramatised ha lucky I sorted that one out gosh that is the hardest lesson.   Oh the inspiration I feel the joy the hunger to learn be better I remember with each of these shots the elation I felt of mastering a pose or a connection or a composition.  Crossing boundaries of fashion and portrait such a grey area not fitting in anywhere.  Trying to be a fashion photographer hating it trying to be a portrait photographer and progress and develop.  Slowly watching the digital movement sneak up and threaten the very foundation of Professional Photography as we had known it was frightening. The Unknown.

But I was so hungry starving in fact, to learn, to be better, to strive to push to live and breathe and feel and win.  That is what passion is to suffer for your craft.  Of course I also learned thats just the dramatic suffering artist that dwells inside of me and you don’t need to suffer to support your self and own a business with great service and clients.  But I can’t make apologies for my true self I cry when the sun comes up, would throw down and come up swinging for the people I love, I have always believed that the blue collar worker children had to work harder fight harder run faster, but then my parents always said the world is your oyster and you can have anything you want.

So when I look back I see all the huge lessons the brick walls and the mountains I climbed that were really mole hills and I ask myself today the same question: What do YOU want from this career?

All of these Images shot on Kodak 120 medium format film on the Hasselblad all natural light.

Sue Bryce Negs scan



Fact: Charlotte, Nicola, Hayley, Nick and Marie their names werent on the files I remember their names  and I remember their stories.  What an honour to make pictures of peoples lives.

February 16, 2014#

Dogue. Thats Dog/Vogue okay it’s just my puppy

So I got a Puppy.  Last year I did  24 flights the year before 78.  This year I anticipate 6 ahhhhh that means I can have the responsibility of loving a small animal again and just like that my home is filled with joy and chaos ha.  So for Christmas I adopted this little bundle of love.  Her name is Cookie and she is just adorable.  I am potty training her and I have already taught her to fetch and retrieve.  This week I got NO work done except one shoot which I took her too.  She has dominated my studio my office and my apartment.  There are Pee Pads everywhere and chew toys.  Luckily I left her with my assistant the other day for a whole hour and went for a Mummy Time walk ha ha.  She is now sleeping through the night and is just the apple of my eye.

I am an aunty to 10 children I love every one of them as fiercely as any Sparent could (sparent means Spare Parent).  Also throw in Simona &Graham’s twin girls, Tiff and Marc’s daughter and Ruby &Warwick’s two babies (My BFF) and I am surrounded by beautiful children.  Well only furbabies for me and that’s okay.  I asked Nikki Closser to photograph us the other day what transpired was just hilarious I thought I would show you some behind the scenes of our Dogue Shoot and how important it is if you shoot portraits to offer the dog to come along to the shoot.  People do love their babies and it was so fun to do a mock newborn shoot it was also very cool to have a shot with her as I’m sure she gets bigger and bigger I will treasure this always thanks Nikki.

First step warm up the room and calm down the baby

First step warm up the room and calm down the baby

Swaddled and slowly calming down

Swaddled and slowly calming down

lots of touching and sh sh sh sh sh sh

lots of touching and sh sh sh sh sh sh

Safety is paramount PS: this shot didnt work ha

Safety is paramount PS: this shot didnt work ha

save treats till last they distract dont help

save treats till last they distract dont help

Sue Bryce Cook 4 Sue Bryce Cook 2 Sue Bryce Cook 1

Cookie and I do a Glam Portrait

Cookie and I do a Glam Portrait


She did'nt mind the fan but Nikki was exhausted afterwards ha

She did’nt mind the fan but Nikki was exhausted afterwards ha

February 16, 2014#


Lets face it a lot of our marketing is happening on Facebook.  We build profiles make connections and network network I even teach how to build your page when I do workshops.  When I got my Personal Facebook I was sitting around the 688 friends mark ,made up of Family & Friends and then Photographers and randoms with of course some old school people that find you.   I chose NOT to have a business page it was 2012 March and I felt that people wanted to be ‘Friends’ not fans.

I did my first creativeLIVE March 3rd and in one day maxed out my personal page to the limit of 5000.  That day I opened Sue Bryce Photographer my business page and since then I have worked both pages dual posting.   I do not sell product on my facebook pages but I do post links to workshops and events and if you follow me a whole lot of personal stuff.

I built this page over two years Personal 5000 friends and 13.5 thousand subscribers and Business: 90 thousand plus.

I work under the micro blogging recipe which is

40% Positive Opinion – Because no one comes to your page for negativity

40 % Information – Everyone wants something and when you give they come back for more

10% Personality – I try to be silly funny and real

10% sell – Any more than that and people are repelled

Oh and Post every day.   It’s always about consistency.  This recipe worked for me and it will work for you.

I have had many images stolen off facebook and they used them to start new pages and people always message me to dobb them in.  I try never to delete negative comments because everyone is entitled to have their say but if it hurts my client at all I remove them.  I love my Facebook network it is a huge part of my day.  People who I have not necessarily met are consistent they share and message me and I have built the one thing I try to teach and that is a community.  So this week I got Facebook Cloned yes it’s a new thing read about it here: http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Facebook-cloning-How-its-done-and-how-to-prevent-it-20130530 Facebook even posted this warning you need to hide your friends list https://www.facebook.com/Facecrooks/posts/10151524855310345

They copy your Personal Profile: Block you so you can’t see it.  Copy your Profile Pic and your details and then like the same pages so at first glance it looks just like you.  Then they start friend requesting everyone you know.  Your friends are none the wiser.  But here is the best part then they went to my REAL page and reported me and FACEBOOK shut down my account. I did not get an email I simply got a message when I tried to log in saying “You have been reported as using your personal facebook for business.  Follow the instructions to migrate this page to a business page to keep these friends”  Thats it! no email! no right of reply! no help desk! and the FAKE Sue Bryce is still operational.  Now I have TWO Facebook business pages all of my friends including my family have been migrated to LIKES I cannot access their pages or tag them or contact them or even message them.  The fake account can then do as they please with all my pictures and my friends (well the ones I can’t email)  and I just lost a community I have built over two years.  I do not even pop up in your feed anymore.

Now lets address the tough luck principle well Sue Bryce you were doing business on your FB page and you got busted.  10% yes and only sell promotion no selling and no spam and no emails and no private messages I have never used my FB acct to send anything of this nature. I even have please email me business emails as I do not answer FB private messages.

My Options :

You can still like my business page and I can respond to your comments and messages here https://www.facebook.com/SueBrycePhotographer

You can join me on Twitter here https://twitter.com/sue_bryce

You can join me on Instagram here http://instagram.com/suebryce

Or you can subscribe to this blog and I will keep on posting and doing my thing.

I have applied to FB to merge the two business pages to this one I am sorry I cannot be friends with you I am trying to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

This is a screen shot of the FAKE account if this Sue Bryce friends you with only 40 friends it is not me.  If they ask you for money its is not me.  Please report this page so we can shut it down.  How to spot the fake, Joined 2014 only 40 friends no posts past or present.

and to the person who thought it was fun or cool to push me off facebook I lost 999 photographs that did not migrate even though the facebook print said they would and most importantly you have removed my FAMILY PRIVATE page from me and my whole network, I hope the fleas of one thousand camels infest your armpits and you stand on a lego.


This is the FAKE Sue Bryce account

This is the FAKE Sue Bryce account





January 31, 2014#

Designing Refreshing Updating my website, brand, passion.

How long does it take before you start saying “I hate my website” I hear it all the time from others too “Don’t look at my website I haven’t updated it in a year.”  Then you start to redesign and the hours turn into late nights, days and then weeks.  Such a labour and so necessary.  The one thing I have noticed as I work my way through new gallery images letting go of old favourites and introducing new work is how much I fall back in love with what I do.    Sometimes the pressure the hustle the grind the competition the social media the marketing it gets you down it knocks you back.  I return to service of others always but there is also this spark that ignites and that is the love of creating a beautiful image of someone.  Sometimes I work on an image before bed and I email to myself and save it on my ipad.  I put it by my bed and stare at it.  I think about how lucky I am to be able to make pretty pictures for people.  For the people I work with every day and the clients I meet.  Then I’m not jaded anymore.

Put a new refresh of your website on your todo list this year.  Be proud of your online folio.  Fall back in love with what you enjoy.

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January 27, 2014#

My job is a gift. To me

My job is a gift. To me. Every person I photograph gives me something incredible. I am so very luck to have this career and I don’t know when it actually shifted because I struggled for a long time. As you know I am a big campaigner for advertising to the 50 plus market and this year in March (don’t worry full details coming soon I promise) I will do a mentoring session and campaign marketing to show you all the amazing shoots I have done these last four months. This is Mary Beth she is one of my ’50 is Fabulous’ ladies and one of my favourite shoots for 2013 I got to spend the day photographing her and her two best girlfriends from college a life long friendship that spans years and I filmed it also cannot wait to share that.

Anyway after Christmas break I came back to the studio to find a large box had been delivered. In it is this fabulous Wedding Dress and a note from Mary Beth “this is my wedding dress from the 80s and I want you to have it because I know you will do something beautiful with it.” Firstly thank you Mary Beth for giving me this beautiful fairy princess gown I will do something fabulous with it. Secondly thank you for allowing me to capture you and the girls I admire friendship, sisterhood and women that live to empower each other. Im off today to remodel a gown and Glam the Dress.

She bought this dress in Paris

She bought this dress in Paris

and when she talks about the Paris

and when she talks about the Paris

She simply comes alive with joy

She simply comes alive with joy

I didn't need to make her dance I couldn't have stopped her

I didn’t need to make her dance I couldn’t have stopped her

I have already seen how I can remodel this gown. I am so excited to give it new life

I have already seen how I can remodel this gown. I am so excited to give it new life

December 14, 2013#

Live events and Mentoring for 2014

I have chosen this year not to speak on the Expo circuit as I really want to build up my business. I want to grow as a business owner and Photographer. I know lots of people get caught up in the bright lights of being up on that stage but I love to do the work so thats what I will focus on. I will always share and provide resources and inspiration for Photographers on my website and I am starting a more personal Mentor program for the photographers that want to work with me one on one.

Two Companies have treated me with such generosity and respect and I am returning the favour by choosing both of their events to speak at this coming year, the first being creativeLIVE and the second a great organisation called Clickinmoms. The event I will present at for Clickinmoms is Clickaway in September in Utah details & registration here: http://www.clickinmoms.com/clickaway/

I would love to see you there.

To both Clickinmoms and my creativeLIVE family thank you for your amazing support. Love Sue


For Personal mentoring all details will be on my new website which will launch in the next 2 weeks. All details for creativeLIVE I will post on my Blog and Social Media. I’m very excited for the new year and I am making some big plans.