April 8, 2014#

Hollywood w Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze

I am so addicted to these shoots. I am begging Felix to do a workshop with me. The styling alone was enough to get me screaming like a 13 year old at a Justin Beiber concert. Ahhhhh Hollywood Glamour. So here’s how we did it.

We ordered our lights from Adorama rentals (amazing service) 3x Arri M18 Kit (1.8K HMI) with diffusion and 1x Profoto 8A Air 2400 pack with Profoto Pro Head mounted into a 5×4 soft box.

We used my favourite Oliphant Backdrop okay they are all my fav’s but the gold is definitely my NOW fav and a roll of dark grey and white seamless paper.

Styling was so easy finding matching outfits online came together beautifully.  Surprisingly not many of the original icons were wearing that much makeup.  It was all about the eyebrows and the lips.  But of course the Hair is the real giveaway to this classic era.  I think my two funniest moments were Susan hates breakfast at Tiffany’s and thats the look I wanted her to play and Brooke does not wear makeup and Marlene was the most made up oh and of course the you will not eat/you will sit/you will not breath in the corset I had to wear to be Liz ha

Play shoots invigorate and I learned something so cool this day.

Re creating Hollywood lights

Re creating Hollywood lights

Tamara Lackey as Veronica: 2x Arri in the same configuration as Sue 1x Arri from behind pointing at her stomach for the highlight on her dress

The divine Ms Tamara Lackey

The divine Ms Tamara Lackey

Lara and Felix as Bogey and Bacall: 2x Arri’s – two set up on camera right in the same way as for Liz shoot but with a white backdrop

The Beautifuls Felix Kunze & Lara Jade

The Beautifuls Felix Kunze & Lara Jade

Susan as Audrey: Same equipment as Liz shoot but with white backdrop

The classic beauty of Susan Stripling

The classic beauty of Susan Stripling

Brooke as Marlene: Profoto flash with soft box mounted almost directly overheard.

This sweet beauty is Brooke Shaden

This sweet beauty is Brooke Shaden

Sue Bryce as Liz: 2x Arri close to each other and pointing at Sue

We do you believe it that is actually me

Well do you believe it – that is actually me

Behind the scenes footage & stills Nikki Closser Hair and Makeup Katie McMullen

Behind the scenes footage & stills Nikki Closser Hair and Makeup Katie McMullen

I have to shout out to Adorama I haven't used them before and they were incredible.

I have to shout out to Adorama I haven’t used them before and they were incredible.


See previous blog post for the great little Animoto feature we created for Behind the scenes action.

April 8, 2014#

Hollywood Icons and a video on Animoto

Argh check out this fabulous video we made on Animoto.  This sort of behind the scenes is so easy to create and everyone LOVEs them.   In January I was in New York and I spent the whole day playing with these fabulous photographers.  Myself Felix Kunze bought our Hollywood GLAM together and he showed me how to create or rather recreate these iconic hollywood images with 3 Arri lights and a 5×4 Softbox.  Watching him work the light with diffusers and reflectors amazed me and seeing these shots come to life was just incredible. Stills, lighting details and more information are on the next blog

Hollywood Shoot with Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

Are you using Animoto yet and promoting your studio the biggest social media platforms on the planet Facebook Youtube Vimeo Pinterest. It’s so easy and so affordable here’s a discount code

Promo code is NYCshoot and it gives $50 off until April 30th – Thats unlimited highres slideshows you can embed and share

Thank you Adorama you guys were great to work with. Katie McMullen Hair and Makeup fantastic work, Nikki Closser shot all these behind the scenes and the beautiful people Susan Stripling Tamara Lackey Brooke Shaden Felix Kunze Lara Jade Play shoots do not get better than this. A big thank you to Sally Sargood for making me be Liz I wouldn’t have done it and now I love the image so much I’m putting it on my wall. Thank you Animoto for the code I love watching Shot videos like these I know the power they have on media and I love your service too.

February 16, 2014#


Lets face it a lot of our marketing is happening on Facebook.  We build profiles make connections and network network I even teach how to build your page when I do workshops.  When I got my Personal Facebook I was sitting around the 688 friends mark ,made up of Family & Friends and then Photographers and randoms with of course some old school people that find you.   I chose NOT to have a business page it was 2012 March and I felt that people wanted to be ‘Friends’ not fans.

I did my first creativeLIVE March 3rd and in one day maxed out my personal page to the limit of 5000.  That day I opened Sue Bryce Photographer my business page and since then I have worked both pages dual posting.   I do not sell product on my facebook pages but I do post links to workshops and events and if you follow me a whole lot of personal stuff.

I built this page over two years Personal 5000 friends and 13.5 thousand subscribers and Business: 90 thousand plus.

I work under the micro blogging recipe which is

40% Positive Opinion – Because no one comes to your page for negativity

40 % Information – Everyone wants something and when you give they come back for more

10% Personality – I try to be silly funny and real

10% sell – Any more than that and people are repelled

Oh and Post every day.   It’s always about consistency.  This recipe worked for me and it will work for you.

I have had many images stolen off facebook and they used them to start new pages and people always message me to dobb them in.  I try never to delete negative comments because everyone is entitled to have their say but if it hurts my client at all I remove them.  I love my Facebook network it is a huge part of my day.  People who I have not necessarily met are consistent they share and message me and I have built the one thing I try to teach and that is a community.  So this week I got Facebook Cloned yes it’s a new thing read about it here: http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Facebook-cloning-How-its-done-and-how-to-prevent-it-20130530 Facebook even posted this warning you need to hide your friends list https://www.facebook.com/Facecrooks/posts/10151524855310345

They copy your Personal Profile: Block you so you can’t see it.  Copy your Profile Pic and your details and then like the same pages so at first glance it looks just like you.  Then they start friend requesting everyone you know.  Your friends are none the wiser.  But here is the best part then they went to my REAL page and reported me and FACEBOOK shut down my account. I did not get an email I simply got a message when I tried to log in saying “You have been reported as using your personal facebook for business.  Follow the instructions to migrate this page to a business page to keep these friends”  Thats it! no email! no right of reply! no help desk! and the FAKE Sue Bryce is still operational.  Now I have TWO Facebook business pages all of my friends including my family have been migrated to LIKES I cannot access their pages or tag them or contact them or even message them.  The fake account can then do as they please with all my pictures and my friends (well the ones I can’t email)  and I just lost a community I have built over two years.  I do not even pop up in your feed anymore.

Now lets address the tough luck principle well Sue Bryce you were doing business on your FB page and you got busted.  10% yes and only sell promotion no selling and no spam and no emails and no private messages I have never used my FB acct to send anything of this nature. I even have please email me business emails as I do not answer FB private messages.

My Options :

You can still like my business page and I can respond to your comments and messages here https://www.facebook.com/SueBrycePhotographer

You can join me on Twitter here https://twitter.com/sue_bryce

You can join me on Instagram here http://instagram.com/suebryce

Or you can subscribe to this blog and I will keep on posting and doing my thing.

I have applied to FB to merge the two business pages to this one I am sorry I cannot be friends with you I am trying to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

This is a screen shot of the FAKE account if this Sue Bryce friends you with only 40 friends it is not me.  If they ask you for money its is not me.  Please report this page so we can shut it down.  How to spot the fake, Joined 2014 only 40 friends no posts past or present.

and to the person who thought it was fun or cool to push me off facebook I lost 999 photographs that did not migrate even though the facebook print said they would and most importantly you have removed my FAMILY PRIVATE page from me and my whole network, I hope the fleas of one thousand camels infest your armpits and you stand on a lego.


This is the FAKE Sue Bryce account

This is the FAKE Sue Bryce account





October 24, 2013#

Making a Showreel for your Business

The greatest strength in Marketing right now is a Showreel or Slideshow YouTube and Vimeo (preferably both) YouTube is currently the second biggest search engine on the planet after Google so if your business is not there you are not competing on the second biggest marketing platform and thats just crazy isn’t it. Remember to Show don’t Tell. After watching Hailey Bartholomew teach Showreels for your business on creativeLIVE I shot this one for Nikki. Remember the 50/50 rule we all know photographers so we can shoot them for each other if we don’t yet have a budget to hire someone amazing like Hailey.

Editing can be learned to OR you can outsource the editing OR remember www.animoto.com unlimited visual presentations for only $249 per year easy to build and really effective so no matter how fast you have to throw one together remember JUST GET ON THERE. You can work on the upgrade version as you improve. But procrastinating and putting up nothing gets you more nothing. A showreel or slideshow with great music try www.triplscoopmusic.com they are great to license your music through – YOU MUST PAY FOR MUSIC and license!

Nikki is just launching her glamour brand and has a designed her PDF now this Behind the Scenes will link to that. Remember the SEO dream words LINK TAG EMBED and SHARE these four words are what online marketing is all about. If you want to watch Myself and Hailey Bartholomew teach Showreels I am running a looping Marathon play on my Facebook page here for free if you want to buy it at 25% off you can use the code: octobersue

Watch Here today: Hailey Bartholomew & Sue Bryce Showreels

A look behind the scenes at a glamour photo shoot experience for Nikki Closser. I am no film maker as you know but basic story telling is relatively easy with behind the scenes I particularly liked the end of this video when you see Kendra receive her printed images. No words are needed to show it’s a full portrait experience from Hair & Make up to the shoot to the finished product.
Filmed by: Sue Bryce Edited by: Shaun Levra Music by www.marosetmusic.com

Making a Showreel for Nikki Closser from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

Image by Nikki Closser

Image by Nikki Closser

Image by Nikki Closser

Image by Nikki Closser

Image by Nikki Closser

Image by Nikki Closser

June 28, 2013#

Maybe. . .

If no one taught you you were worthy of love that doesn’t mean you’re not. It just means you don’t know how to receive it. So you block it.

If no one taught you you were worthy of money that doesn’t mean you’re not. It just means you don’t know how to receive it. So you block it.

Maybe you could just start saying THANK YOU receive with gratitude. Guilt of not deserving something blocks it.

Maybe it’s time to forgive the person that didn’t teach you. You see maybe someone never taught them. Because you do deserve it, you just didn’t know.

To give is great but To value yourself and your service is the greatest gift of all. To receive is life changing.

June 24, 2013#

The adventures of Jill Brzezinski – Conley

Check out what Jill is doing! She designed a natural dog treat for her puppy Honeybear who helped her through her cancer treatment. Now she has started a business. With profits going to the Good Foundation.

We tested them on our little friend Armani and he loved them. Can you tell? ha ha. I would like to formally apologise to Armani’s parents as I was Baby sitting at the time.
Armani Sue Bryce

You can follow on Facebook

Here is the website where you can order for your own pup HERE

March 18, 2013#

#28days with Sue Bryce Challenge 3: One Composition Five poses

We’ll kick off the event with two days of teaching LIVE from Las Vegas on March 8 and 9. Then each day for 28 days after that we’ll post one hour-long video recorded by Sue, teaching a different aspect of my business and issuing a challenge to you to MASTER. We’ll then come together in April for one more live day in studio to wrap up the event. Take those challenges, learn the skills, and create a business like ME! This is a 28 day workshop for $199.00

This is about mastering DIRECTION and MOVEMENT. Direct confidently and your clients will never feel self-conscious. This flow will change the way shoot and the way you sell. Remember add in and out (zoom or move) and 180 around and you are creating hundreds of images from one scenario. It’s all about FLOW.

Creating a Posing guide for this video and will make it available with the download, print it out and practise. Rinse Repeat.

1 composition 5 poses

November 12, 2012#

Bringing this story to you will be the greatest gift of my life

Since the day I met you Jill Brzezenski-Conley a day hasn’t passed that I don’t talk about you. Now editing your shoot and watching your Paris documentary come together. I am filled with Love & Gratitude that you are part of my life.

You are an Angel.

Getting to a final edit. So excited.