October 20, 2013#

A Marathon play on Facebook & a great discount

18 Months ago I was invited to Seattle to teach my very first creativeLIVE workshop. I have been in this industry for just over 24 years. I have built a business from the ground up with no money no idea and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. creativeLIVE was created as an incredible resource to share education internationally for free. It exists to lift inspire educate and empower the creative community all around the world. I have given everything I have to give and grow my industry as I know the bumps and hurdles fears pains and lessons have made me the photographer and business person I am today. There was no support for our industry like this for the first 20 years I was learning through it and now it is both accessible and within your reach. I teach contemporary Portrait marketing and business, I specialise in posing and shooting natural light. My intent is to lift this industry as high as I can, to educate photographers to make money doing what they love, to show you that it is achievable that whole live your dreams thing and to bring portraiture up to value it deserves. Enjoy these classes, learn and apply all you can stay connected and work hard to master your own fears and your own business because you are worth this. The team at creativeLIVE are among the most incredible people I’ve have ever met they are like family to me. I like them so much I have stayed in Seattle and will remain here till April 2014. I thank you for your support and following I have loved watching you grow I read the thousands of emails I receive and am amazed at your growth both personally in business and photographically the emails of doubling and tripling your income of light bulb moments and gratitude just blow me away. I am the lucky one to be part of this and I have grown the most over the last year and a half I thank you thank you thank you.

I am hosting a private Marathon Workshop Video watch on my business FaceBook page CLICK THIS LINK to watch my workshops this week

Here is the schedule for the rebroadcasts they will play through the week so you can see which course will help build your business to the next level:

• Mon, Oct 21: Glamour Photography
• Tue, Oct 22: Inside the Glamour Studio
• Wed, Oct 23: A Shoot with Sue
• Thu, Oct 24: Showreels with Hailey Bartholomew
• Fri, Oct 25: 28 Days with Sue (Intro + 4 sessions)
• Sat, Oct 26: Marketing and Promotion
• Sun, Oct 27: Bumps to Babies with Kelly Brown
• Mon, Oct 28: Experimental Portraits with Lara Jade

Through to the end of the month of October you can also get 25% off any of these class videos. Click any of the links above and use the coupon code OctoberSue when you checkout at creativeLIVE.

Complete Your Sue Bryce Collection bundle. Anyone who already owns some of your courses can get a customized deal to complete the full set:


SUe Bryce Workshops

May 22, 2013#

Filmic Pro is on sale for 24 hours


Filmic Pro is on SALE.. for $1.99 down from $4.99 for till Midnight. OMG Love this groovy film APP finally you can focus and expose separately. It’s Mini film making for the iphone. Check out my little iphone showreel on creativeLIVE coming up next.

April 25, 2013#

The Workbook is out. 28 Days w Sue Bryce

The Workbook is out. Enjoy working through it & using it as a reference. I just wanted to create a quick guide so you can replenish, refresh and practise whenever you like.

A reminder to create marketing for all four shopping demographics and where you saw what to pull back that video that you need for tomorrow. Do the work, actively participate in your business success do not let blocks/imagined fear/small thinking or apathy creep in and tell you they are the truth. They are not the truth just an old programmed voice, tell it to be quiet and go reconnect and get really excited.







March 6, 2013#


Its so hard picking music for your studio presentations. I love Roy Ashen from Triplescoop. He’s been hugely supportive of all cL workshops giving away so many prizes. If you need music for your videos and slideshows Roy has made us a Glamour collection check it out. The best part is Roy is actually a musician so he can pick great beats.


and . . . . on “28 Days With Sue Bryce” this Friday on creativeLIVE you can win a copy of this music collection. You’ll also hear Triple Scoop Music artist Mindy Gledhill performing LIVE on the broadcast!

You know the amazing Chick that plays the songs on my videos


louis pang cover

April 19, 2012#

200 Directional Poses in One Hour

Working in LA with Photog/Stylist Tiffany Angeles (Tiff created my walls) and Husband/Photographer Marc Angeles we were shooting this gorgeous girl and decided at the end of the shoot to record how many poses I could FLOW in one hour. The answer 200 saleable shots. she sat down, and stood up, but didn’t lay down so we flowed through Standing/Moving/Freestyling and Sitting on 2 chairs. All in a 2m x 2m corner with one window and one reflector. Marc Video’d it and I will edit it when I return from Brazil a great exercise in Direction and keeping your client moving confidently.

The more I can teach you to move and direct fluidly and with control and confidence the faster you will produce a great result and have control over your client which in turn gives them confidence in you. You can find fabrics like these walls for $7 a metre so cheap and easy to make interesting corners.

March 4, 2012#

The gorgeous girls at creativeLIVE. WOW

“I don’t want to photograph anybody famous, I want to photograph Sandra from Canada and Amanda from Florida…I want to photograph any woman in the world who’s ever looked in the mirror and not felt good about herself at any time in her life. I want to photograph her every year through the changes of her teenage life, through her 20s, through her 30s, through her 40s, through her 50s, and as she flowers into her most beautiful-ness. I want to photograph her every year of her life to watch and celebrate the changes of who she is and what she is, so she can experience how she looks to other people”

February 28, 2012#

Shooting Curves.

Learn to lengthen, lift and push weight on to the back foot.  Double chins, arms away from the body and curves in the right places.  Watch a video tutorial on contouring curves in Photoshop, tips & tricks and a behind the scenes look at the poses live.  For only $85


Shooting curvy bodies.  The best way to shape, contour, slim and lengthen bodies.

An extension of the ‘Posing Guide’ because so many photographers requested that I make these to show you the best way to compliment girls with curves.

The guide consists of:

•  1 x PDF digital download
•  2 x Online Videos (accessed via supplied password)

Video Content:

•  Contouring & Curves in Photoshop  (15 min)
•  Behind the Scenes - so you can watch me pose and direct  (11 min)




January 25, 2012#

If I could be a Franchise I would . . .

I have been very sheltered in my career.  The first four years as a professional retouch artist and part time  pro (no studio/learning to make money) Our artroom serviced the entire NZ Pro market.  So I knew my industry.  Three years ago when I started to look beyond the NZ market I went to Australia.   A country with 6 times the population of NZ and a very high standard of Pro Photography, with a great connection to the U.S Photog market.   It was THAT moment that I realised I not only had a great and successful business model, I had a brand that differentiated me from the current market.

Although Boudoir has really re launched in the U.S market I AM NOT A BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER.  The idea began, to take my Brand globally.  Maybe I could FRANCHISE?.  I studied franchise, got a franchise lawyer, wrote everything I needed to write down and then got busy shooting and setting up my Australian brand and promptly didn’t go any further.  Coming back to franchise I will say, when I bring it up people get very excited about it and I always get asked the same question.

Can you teach someone to do what you do?

It’s one thing doing a 2 day workshop, no you can’t learn EVERYTHING in 2 days.  But when you work with a photographer for 1 – 6 months then yes you can.  I know this is true, as aside from the many Photogs I mentor I have produced 6 strong fulltime Photogs within my own brand.  I can also track their financial progress, 2 of whom did 4 $8000 portrait shoots in their first two months, each.  I have the proof and a testimonial to confirm this.  My biggest reservation regarding franchising my business model, is that you as an artist/photographer would want the creative license to add your own flavour, which would take it away from the structure of what my brand/shooting system is.

When you read reviews about the photography education market in general around the world, I’m hearing “People teaching workshops are just churning out clones of themselves” etc blah blah.  Yes.  If you pay to learn from someone you will shoot like them.  THAT IS THE POINT if you are like me, trying to teach people a new genre.  Contemporary Glamour Photography doesn’t exist in the current portrait market.  So if you learn my system, then it stands to reason you go forth and create this system into your own brand.  SO when someone looks at you and says “Oh did you do a SUE BRYCE workshop” you say yes! It’s a wonderful inclusion into my brand and is making me a lot of money. (wink)

So can you learn my shooting system, include it into your brand, put your own spin on it and not have to pay me a franchise fee? YES  I invite you to join ‘Inside the Glamour Studio’ a one year online training membership.  Not long to wait now, as a perfectionist its taking me months to pull all this content but I want you to go online and be overwhelmed with so much information to excite you teach you and get your business and income flowing in.

Can I teach you YES.  I can teach you about business and shooting YES, can I teach you about making money and posing and photoshop and marketing YES, these are tools.  Can I give you drive NO confidence NO the power to regenerate yourself and work from a place of passion NO this all must come from you. Because these are SELF power and attitude, these can only come from you and these things will dictate how successful you become.

When Simona my assistant/makeup artist asked me to start working with her I said yes immediately

Simona’s words:  After doing hair and make up for 15 years professionally,  working with many photographers and modelling for 8 yrs, I have been on both sides of the camera.I never got inspired to shoot for myself and become a photographer. Even my husband, who is also a photographer could never get me to pick up the camera.   Then I met Sue Bryce, on the third shoot I realised that I wanted to learn her style of photography .  So I started to shoot.  I have been very lucky to have been taught by such a Master.  I love Sue’s ability to pose a woman that has never been photographed before , or possibly doesn’t even like having photos taken.  She moves every inch of their body in a way that she looks like a model.   To watch it in person is magic.  Sue makes her subjects feel so comfortable that she projects that soft serene face that you often see in fashion mags and beauty campaigns.  Sue also has an amazing ability to teach, and explain how and why she works a certain way.  Most photographers that shot models just guide the model a bit but the model does all the posing.  I have never worked with anyone else that has this down to such a fine art .  After training with Sue for the past two years, I still have light bulb moments and am always learning something new.

My greatest moment came when she critiqued my latest shoot and said there was nothing to critique, that and selling my first Folio and shoot.  Simona Janek


Simona and I shooting together.  This is us discussing the manipulation of light on a client (serious stuff) this is our working faces.

As a professional Makeup Artist an ex Model and a Wife of one of Sydney’s Best Wedding Photographers Graham Monro,  Simona is a natural at shooting.   Mostly though because she has a beautiful, calm aura that radiates beauty.

Simona’s shoot, this is from a beautiful shoot she did.  She did the Hair and Makeup also.  I am so proud when one of my Photographers start turning in a high level of work.