October 20, 2013#

A Marathon play on Facebook & a great discount

18 Months ago I was invited to Seattle to teach my very first creativeLIVE workshop. I have been in this industry for just over 24 years. I have built a business from the ground up with no money no idea and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. creativeLIVE was created as an incredible resource to share education internationally for free. It exists to lift inspire educate and empower the creative community all around the world. I have given everything I have to give and grow my industry as I know the bumps and hurdles fears pains and lessons have made me the photographer and business person I am today. There was no support for our industry like this for the first 20 years I was learning through it and now it is both accessible and within your reach. I teach contemporary Portrait marketing and business, I specialise in posing and shooting natural light. My intent is to lift this industry as high as I can, to educate photographers to make money doing what they love, to show you that it is achievable that whole live your dreams thing and to bring portraiture up to value it deserves. Enjoy these classes, learn and apply all you can stay connected and work hard to master your own fears and your own business because you are worth this. The team at creativeLIVE are among the most incredible people I’ve have ever met they are like family to me. I like them so much I have stayed in Seattle and will remain here till April 2014. I thank you for your support and following I have loved watching you grow I read the thousands of emails I receive and am amazed at your growth both personally in business and photographically the emails of doubling and tripling your income of light bulb moments and gratitude just blow me away. I am the lucky one to be part of this and I have grown the most over the last year and a half I thank you thank you thank you.

I am hosting a private Marathon Workshop Video watch on my business FaceBook page CLICK THIS LINK to watch my workshops this week

Here is the schedule for the rebroadcasts they will play through the week so you can see which course will help build your business to the next level:

• Mon, Oct 21: Glamour Photography
• Tue, Oct 22: Inside the Glamour Studio
• Wed, Oct 23: A Shoot with Sue
• Thu, Oct 24: Showreels with Hailey Bartholomew
• Fri, Oct 25: 28 Days with Sue (Intro + 4 sessions)
• Sat, Oct 26: Marketing and Promotion
• Sun, Oct 27: Bumps to Babies with Kelly Brown
• Mon, Oct 28: Experimental Portraits with Lara Jade

Through to the end of the month of October you can also get 25% off any of these class videos. Click any of the links above and use the coupon code OctoberSue when you checkout at creativeLIVE.

Complete Your Sue Bryce Collection bundle. Anyone who already owns some of your courses can get a customized deal to complete the full set:


SUe Bryce Workshops

October 20, 2013#

Autumn Photo critique

creativeLIVE is NOT selling this course it just free. For you.

To be accountable.
Learn more.
What are you struggling with?
Show us where you are at.
What do you need help with?

A critique is not a competition it’s about what you need to learn. This is a free course to help you lift your game. There are three genres Wedding Commercial and Portrait and then sub categories. I will have live models on set for portrait Boudoir Glamour & Family to demonstrate. I share the stage with these amazing educators Bambi Cantrell Scott Robert Lim and John Cornicello that all really teach and they have years of experience.

We need your submissions by this Monday 5pm PST
Enrol to watch and upload your images. click this link



October 18, 2013#

Create the Incredible – Have fun be creative, enter and play

Last week on creativeLIVE I shot this image.

Sue Bryce Illustrate blog

We decided to keep the fun and creativity going so we put this image in dropbox so you can download it, retouch it and enter it in our little competition. You have three weeks to Create the Incredible with it cut off date for entires is November 13th. We look forward to how many amazing different creative ideas you can come up with on one image. You may enter more than one image but it must be THIS image with your creative spin.

Download the Terms and Conditions and the Image here and have fun playing CREATE PLAY

Email your finished entry to info@suebryce.com before Nov 13th
Include your name and your website link to the email
Final entry date is November 13th 2013 5pm PST all entires will be loaded on Sue Bryce Business Facebook page and judged by SUe Bryce & Lara Jade. The winner will receive a one hour mentoring session on Skype with Sue or Lara

IF you want to purchase this course at a special discount rate use this special code Coupon Code: OCTOBERSUE Discount: 25% off any Sue Bryce course in cL catalog. This expires on Oct 31 in FACT ANY OF MY CATALOGUE I have a special code for you

Buy this course 25% off Code: OCTOBERSUE till Oct 31 click here ‘Create the Incredible experimental Portraits with Sue Bryce & Lara Jade’
Buy this course 25% off Code: OCTOBERSUE till Oct 31 click here ’28 Days with Sue Bryce The Ultimate Portrait workshop’
then Join the Facebook group 28 days Study group and work through the challenges one by one it’s the best way to get support advice and accountability as you grow your Portrait business.

November 30, 2012#

AlienSkin editing software – Play time with Sue

Business Business Business Welcome to my world

Marketing Marketing Marketing Gets bums on seats

Managing Staff – Managing Money – Managing time.

I am an artist god dammit!!! Okay at the end of the day. I need to edit fast. I want to play at the same time, this is where I create my final image. I can delegate my editing but the final finish of my work will always be mine. I LOVE ALienSkin thats all I’m going to say check it out.

When I did my A Shoot w Sue on creativeLIVE this week. I called AlienSkin and told them I bought their software 6 months ago and I love it and want to edit with it live. I asked if they would give someone a free download bundle and they did. They also put up this discount code 10 for 2 weeks. Yah enjoy I believe there is a trial download. I just bought it and now I use it everyday.

discount code for Alien Skin

Save 10% on Alien Skin’s Photo Bundle with promo code: SBR1211, valid through 15th Dec 12:


This is Jessica her Red hair is just amazing.

September 11, 2012#

When does digital look like Film? Tones over Actions

I can pretend NOT to be to concerned what the Photographic community in general are doing, with regards to trends and actions. But the truth is we do trend, and when we do we create market driven product. When we trend there are two reactions – the people that run with it and the anti trend setters that are busy being what everyone else is not (which by the way starts a new trend ha) We are followers by nature. Part of me thinks I know about being different, because I kept Glamour alive when it was a filthy word so I was going against the grain for most of my career.

BUT, I am also totally open to admit that I have tried, experimented and enjoyed most trends that have come and gone in the last 23 years. Film Styles E6 cross processed & 3200 35mm BW the list goes on. . . shooting styles and Yes that includes Actions, treatments and certain looks. People always email me and ask if they can buy my actions and I don’t have any. I use Totally Rad Actions Jesh De Rox Actions, Itty Bitty Textures by Jinky Art and Sheye Rosemeyers Eye Candy, all of them I love. But they do not make the base of my Style/Brand they simply enhance certain images when they fit.

Getting to the point of this blog. I wrote a guest blog post 2 years ago about Actions and someone ripped me apart blah blah unoriginal bad form using actions instead of being better educated WHAT EVA. It occurred to me in this moment, that actions and trends are everywhere but what I have been really trying to do for 10 years (since I transitioned into digital) is replicate FILM. I finally think with the amazing cameras that we now have and the editing software available to us that replicates all of the old film styles we are finally there. I choose an image open it in Photoshop RAW and then when I open it in Photoshop I choose the tone and mood of the image, like below. Would love to hear what film editing software you are playing with?

All of these images are treated with Curves not actions. All of them create entirely different moods and I like them all.

March 4, 2012#

The gorgeous girls at creativeLIVE. WOW

“I don’t want to photograph anybody famous, I want to photograph Sandra from Canada and Amanda from Florida…I want to photograph any woman in the world who’s ever looked in the mirror and not felt good about herself at any time in her life. I want to photograph her every year through the changes of her teenage life, through her 20s, through her 30s, through her 40s, through her 50s, and as she flowers into her most beautiful-ness. I want to photograph her every year of her life to watch and celebrate the changes of who she is and what she is, so she can experience how she looks to other people”

December 24, 2011#

Inspiration – Merry Xmas – 22 years of Glamour

22 years ago Glamour looked like this . . . and now it looks like this. . . (yes that 80′s shot is me he he)

GLAMOUR – Its all I’ve ever done, all I’ve ever wanted to do and now I feel like it can come back and be new and empowering and exciting, both for your clients and your brand.  It doesn’t concern me if you are not interested in shooting beauty or glamour, maybe you found me because you read that I built a really great boutique business and my start up story is both inspiring and easy to achieve if you have the drive, or the heart, or the balls. . . . ha or maybe you heard that I have the cooolest ever-est marketing plan and want to create strong goals for your business or maybe you just need to bring some gorgeous feminine posing into your current brand.  I think the best thing you can bring your clients this coming year is Service, Connection and lots of attracting that female consumer (because she is the one that is booking you) whatever your reason for coming here, I welcome you.  Also I thank you for your feedback, support and friendship.   I hear a LOT of people say, “people will listen to you but they won’t do anything with it”  and yet I searched the word inspiration on my email account and got 1132 emails from this year with that word.  So inspiring Sue so inspirational Sue.  But I want more, I want you to succeed . .  I want you to be better . .  I want you to be happy and more successful. (Whatever success means to you)

People also ask me why do you give away so much, and I believe that every time I teach a photographer to lift their game and shoot a little better, sign those contracts, honour your pricelist. I lift the entire game of the Professional Portrait industry, as a collective. We are a body of professionals and our industry must stick together with both standards and education.

While you holiday, remember I’ll be here editing and uploading content to the new site.  I don’t say that to make you feel sorry for me, it’s a choice you see.  I’m just so excited I can’t contain it any longer.  I have so many huge fun and exciting announcements and groovy things to share with you in January, I will keep blogging tid bits throughout the holiday so stop by and hola.  Holidays season is always a time to regenerate, reset your business and personal goals and be amongst the people you love.

Stay well and happy and I thank you with all my heart for coming to my blog.  I hope to BLOW you away next year, may you experience growth success and everything you dream of for 2012.  I know my DREAMS are already written down and now they are not dreams but goals.  I will push my self thru every barrier I have this year.  I will challenge my self to be better and to create in my world what I can see in my mind, both personally and in business.  I will develop and progress even further as a photographer as an artist and as a human being,  and I will try everyday to bring as much joy into my work and life as I can. I hope you join me for the ride

“I walk ahead of myself . . . in the constant expectancy of miracles.” Anais Nin

Love Sue Bryce



December 1, 2011#

The Folio Box set that I sell.

Seldex is my choice for the simple reason that their product is well made, affordable with great profitability and Nicole Fitzpatrick excels at customer service. i.e she treats me like a friend and delivers like a business, efficiently.  Everyone asks me over and over about my folio so here it is again.  I guess my old blogs are getting really old and buried under the last year of blogging.  This folio is distributed thru the U.S by Finao.  I choose not to do albums for Portrait for wedding yes definitely for Portraits they are time consuming.  The box is sold on simplicity, its a keepsake.  It can be displayed or keep in a private place.  The images can be removed and framed at anytime, and it is the most cost effective way to buy multiple images from me, because you LOVE them all and simply must have them. ; )

I sell this box collection: 6 images $1200 10 images $2000 and 18 images plus wall portrait $3300 although truth be told I do squeeze 20 in there he he.

I do not maximise the potential of this folio if you check out Seldex website you’ll see this box can be printed on the outside and makes an outstanding product for babies and children.  It can also be stacked vertically on a bookshelf with the name/age of the child printed on the spine so can create a lifetime collection of the children growing up and keep your clients coming back to you for years.  For my genre I prefer the plain box, although I’ve been talking with Nicole regarding designing a Plush series for Sue Bryce.

Australia www.seldex.com.au

USA http://www.finaoonline.com/

UK http://www.colorworldimaging.uk/