June 1, 2014#

Amy – Behind the scenes of a Sue Bryce Shoot

People feel vulnerable mostly when they are about to be photographed.  They apologize A LOT! Sorry I cut my hair. Sorry I’ve put on weight. Sorry my skin has been so bad lately. Sorry I didn’t know what clothes to bring.  That list goes on and on.

I started filming all my sessions last year and interviewing them asking them everyday questions about themselves.  This is one of the first of about 30 videos I am editing.  This is Amy’s shoot behind the scenes, her feelings and her seeing her photos for the first time.  A very real and enjoyable insight into my daily life as a portrait photographer and the complete joy I get to experience watching these women unfold. Enjoy.

Photography Assistant: Nikki Closser
Hair and Makeup: Kendra Springer
Filmed & Edited by Shaun Levra
Music by TripleScoopMusic

May 15, 2014#

Your Best Beautiful

About 10 years ago I dreamed that video was the next big thing for Photographers I have experienced the invention and growth of the DSLR and the impact of Social Media in all it’s forms.  The ability to share stories and empower and connect through this media is one of the greatest tools we have.  I dreamed one day I could tell real stories of uncompromising beauty and strength from the Woman I meet and Photograph every day.  I hear their stories, so filled with beauty and hope and yet all with same underlining fear “Am I good enough” and “I hate this but I love this” How do you focus just on the good stuff and let the bad stuff fall away.  I dreamed I could share a message of Self Love and acceptance regarding physical appearance and self esteem that would change a way a woman looks at her self.  For the last 25 years I have watched this grow and take shape and this year I was asked by Olay to capture stories for their Best Beautiful Campaign.  How could I not say yes, we share the same message.  What an honor to get to share my life’s work and the thousands of stories I’ve heard and learned from.

It starts with Hillary 25 years old is two young to be faced with Skin Cancer a mother of two little girls and now a spokesperson for both Olay and Suncare Hillary talks about burning to fit in.  Just wanting to be the blonde tanned beach babe in fashion, the part that got me was when Hillary said “I really wish I had grown up with better self esteem, I maybe would have accepted my pale freckled skin” and that she always hoped as a little girl that all of her freckles would join up and make the perfect skin.  Hillary is a three time melanoma survivor and teaches a message of sun care that can save lives check out her website here if you are interested www.palegirlspeaks.com

Hillary what a beautiful woman you are.  I loved capturing you and your story thank you for all you do.  Olay thank you for this remarkable opportunity I am so blessed to be working with you on this project and sharing these beautiful stories and I cannot wait for more to come out.   To the women of the world EXIST IN PHOTOGRAPHS be comfortable in your skin, love and accept who you are, share and embrace your best beautiful stories and never stop loving, respecting and honoring who you are.

Share your Best Beautiful Story using #olaystories or visit olaystories.com

Sue Bryce Olay Blog 6

Sue Bryce Olay Blog 5

Sue Bryce Olay Blog 4

Sue Bryce Olay Blog 7

Sue Bryce Olay blog 1

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Sue Bryce Olay Blog 3

Sue Bryce Olay Blog 2

March 26, 2014#

50 & Fabulous Movement

The question is “Are Women over 50 invisible in our media?” They are part of the largest shopping demographic and the biggest internet users, yet they are the most unmarketed to demographic in the world. We live in this fountain of youth society and as we get older, we are more and more ignored. This makes me annoyed and I want it to change.  So I am starting a movement.  Join me in starting a 50 & Fabulous movement #50andfabulous. Let’s show the world the true beauty of these magnificent women.  As a photographer these have always been my favourite shoots.  I remember looking at my Mother thinking that she was the most beautiful woman in the world and I still do. Woman over 50 are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughter, friends and wives. They are the matriarch of families. I love to photograph these women. They are magnificent, beautiful, and confident.

I want to tell Women to GET IN PHOTOGRAPHS.  To celebrate their beauty and most important of all to exist in Photos for your children. One day they will be priceless.  Like you are to the people who love you.

50 & Fabulous from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

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I photographed  Kathleen Clemons as part of my 50 & Fabulous campaign. She has a beautiful story and I wanted to tell it.

50fabulous 1

57 is Fabulous from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

February 5, 2014#

A Personal Post – My 30 day Juice cleanse

30 Day Juice Cleanse - Not Photography but much asked for.  Sorry if this doesn’t interest you but everyone is asking on FB so I’m putting it here.

Why? yes to lose weight and get my cholesterol under control (219) I thought Thats it, my beautiful Nana had a stroke when she was 42 it was the year I was born and the year I am now.  She lost the use of her right side her speech and had to learn how to walk again talk again and never regained her right hand so she had to learn to write with her left hand.  I adored her.  She was disabled with this stroke until the day she died at 83.  Lovingly at peace in my arms. When I turned 42 I went to the Doctor and got a full medical.  She said Sue Bryce you are in good health except you are still in the Overweight range and you have a cholesterol of 219 screeeech BAD. I have been on a weight loss mission since October 2012 after Jill in Paris.  Jill made me realise here was this beautiful young woman with a body parts getting cut away fighting for life and here I was with a perfectly healthy body I was not treating very well.  I cannot give Jill my body parts and I cannot give her the one thing she wants in all the world and that is a baby.  But I can honour her every day by looking after what I’ve got.

After Paris I cut out Wheat and all processed substitutes meaning no gluten free bread just NO bread no processed food at all and I was half vegetarian meaning white meat only Fish and Chicken.  Over the first year I lost 34 pounds / 15 kilos its was slow around one kilo per month but it was consistent. Then it STOPPED so I knew I either had to up the exercise or change the diet more.  Jamie Stephenson is one of my dearest friends she was in the crew that took Jill to Paris and this month she is opening Las Vegas’s first cold pressed juice bar.  She has studied and studied like no one I have seen before her passion for juicing and changing people lives is extraordinary.  You can check out Jamie’s new business here The Juice Standard like them on FACEBOOK till there website is full and live.  She was the reason I agreed to do this I believe in her 100 %.

Jamie Stephenson My friend, Founder of TheJuiceStandard. Kick Ass WOMAN

Jamie Stephenson My friend, Founder of TheJuiceStandard. Kick Ass WOMAN

I called her and I said I’m ready.  Mentally I had to do the prep work no 7 day Juice Cleanse for me I had to smash my cholesterol and I was prepared to give up eating to do it.  Jamie made me watch Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead you can watch it free it will change the way you see juicing.  You will watch really over weight sick guys change their lives get off medication for cholesterol, blood pressure and skin disorders and drop phenomenal  amounts of weight.  Another great source of inspiration and education I found was  Eat, Fast and Live Longer by Michael Mosley I really enjoyed watching this too its a perfect reminder that food is medicine and we simply eat to much.

My Before November 22nd & After photos December 24th, lost 13.5 lbs (6 kilos) in 30 days not glamourous but really telling.  That Belly fat just melts off.  I have been off my cleanse for 6 weeks and now have lost another 4 lbs (Total weight loss in 19 months is 51.5 pounds / 23.4 kilos) I am maintaining by eating vegan and working out and I’m still losing weight I am following Dr. Fuhrman Eat to Live (is the Doctor on Fat, Sick and nearly Dead) and has a video that you must watch on youtube if you are interested in his Eat to live plan its a great way to come off the cleanse Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The best news is My cholesterol is under 150!

After 30 days of Juicing Sue Bryce Juice 4

You have two choices buy or Juice. I don’t cook I would prefer to not walk into the kitchen I’m not going to lie I suck at cooking and don’t enjoy it.  When I cook I think about work.  So I would rather work and buy my juice so this is what Jamie did for me and her recipes are just unbelievable.  However most people opt to invest in the juicer so you can get all of that info at fat Sick and nearly Dead.  This is what a day on a juice program looks like.

Sue Bryce Juice 2

Am I really a Vegan YES never in a million years was I going to give up Diary.  Since my cleanse I haven’t craved it in fact I’ve been eating again for 6 weeks and I juice every morning still.

Did I cheat.  Yes Thanksgiving a glass of red wine and squash soup while everyone was chowing down on good ole American Thanksgiving I struggled with the wine and carried on as normal the next day.  In fact in week two I even hosted a dinner party and cooked for everyone.  When did I struggle: Oh boy yes I hit a wall.  Day one was hard but I was prepared I took the day off a whole lot of movies to watch and I thought yeah I can cope.  Week one I was a little uptight I definitely didn’t want to be near anyone eating! Nikki and Katie came to work every day and didn’t bring lunch they fully supported me and no social life was the go, so I stayed at home. Week two I had completely normal energy so I started going for walks and going to the gym hosting dinner parties etc I thought this is a breeze.  Week THREE I struggled during week 3 for starters I felt house bound work live sleep same place.  Everyone was going to pre holiday December parties but not me (BTW there is no good time of the year) and it dawned on my I don’t have many joyous activities that don’t involve food so I made a pact to find more and I have.

Best tips: My biggest lesson was during week three it was freezing and I was just so sick of cold juice then everything stopped (if you know what I mean) including my weight loss I went 6 days with nothing passing through and no weight loss so I called Jamie and she said are you still drinking your water and the answer was no I had become dehydrated.  If you are not going to the toilet you are not losing weight and you are not detoxing. Keep it moving keep drinking water.  Another tip is If you buy your juice make sure its Pressed never heated you can ask the experts why I just do as I’m told.

I had so much support because I asked for it and my friends were amazing they really prepared and so did I and Oh and the icing on the cake (excuse the pun) The Cashew nut dessert the Creme of all cremes Jamies incredible recipe which by the way when you are juicing is equivalent to eating a decadent icecream but its not and that along with the support got me through this.  But finally I have to say the mind is so powerful.  I believe when you WANT something you WILL achieve it.  I would repeat multiple mantra’s like

I WANT THE RESULT MORE THAN I WANT TO EAT - I WANT THE RESULT MORE THAN I WANT TO EAT – I WANT THE RESULT MORE THAN I WANT TO EAT  and My Kungfu is strong which is a funny reference to the years I trained in martial arts.   I was never hungry not once I know you think you will be but you are not.  Mind hungry yes but never physically hungry because I was getting as much micronutrients as possible.  I made a decision I believed in the result I believed in my self I loved Jamie’s Juice.

The best news is My cholesterol is under 150! I’m the slimmest I’ve been in 15 years. I don’t want to talk about my body or my weight.  I want to talk about why I put on 100 pounds all those years ago and why I held on to them for so long.  Weight loss it seems is a pretty basic science.  Eat this much – lose this much.  So why why do we find our identity in being unhealthy or overweight or not good enough.  I don’t want to try to preach to you about juicing this is just something I needed to do.  This was for you Nan because I know you wouldn’t want me to be hurting with a stroke like you were at my age.  There is a different diet out there for every person.  Different needs different life style different taste buds.  Just love being you and look after what you’ve got the best you can you are worth feeling good looking good and sleeping good.  A vowed after meeting Jill I would live a fuller, richer, braver life. I just needed to let go of some emotional baggage.


January 26, 2014#

Have you created a Clear Vision for 2014

A lot of people ask me about The Secret. I read it when it first came out but I don’t quote it or recommend it because there are other books that had a more profound effect on me like Wallace Wattles ‘The Science of getting Rich’ But I guess people associate The Secret with me because I talk a lot about Clear Vision. So today’s blog is all about how I make things happen. I built my business on this quote:

“What we vividly imagine, ardently desire, enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.” Colin P Sisson

I believe what you think becomes true. I believe what we focus on becomes our reality in fact I have seen it in practice over and over again. I believe in forming a Clear Vision and taking action towards that everyday. It is to me ‘The state in which you dwell’ spend all your energy thinking about debt and you create more. Manifesting is such a nebulous word so is visualizing I prefer Goal Setting. I don’t create a ‘Vision Board’ I create a THIS IS WHAT I WANT board then I set about putting it in to action every day.

Stress is so physical you become sick with worry you attract more. Start to think of creative ways to get out of it and you create more ways and so on. So easy to say once your are on the other side. But trust me I used to walk up to my letterbox with so much fear and pain in my gut knowing there was debt collection and bills I could not pay.

How I changed my thinking and got out of debt. I added up all my debt my living expenses and my bulging visa and worked out I needed to make 1400 dollars per week to pay it off get out of trouble and start living a life. At the time I was earning about $400 per week and paying the minimum on everything. There was no option to earn more in my job so I got a part time job and was earning $13 an hour getting nowhere even faster. So I had to seek self employment it was through this time that I learned about valuing my self.

I read a quote by John de Martini to convert your debt into service. When you work from an energy of service you are giving. When you are working from an energy of scarcity you are taking. Trust me giving attracts a lot more. I converted my debt into service. I was making $400 on my shoots at the time. I needed to book three to four shoots per week or three shoots and some retouching tuition. I went home that night designed a retouching card and printed it on art paper. Then I went to a photographic event asked them if I could do a free presentation on photoshop and gave every photographer my card. I then printed a gift voucher for a shoot and started to call every shoot I had ever done and asked them to recommend me to a friend and would they like another shoot. This both horrified me and made me physically sick people said no and I cried then people said yes and I got more work.

In other words instead of freaking out about having no money and trying to find money I just focused all my energy on booking three shoots and some retouching. I focused all my energy on giving service to others. That was my only focus three shoots and retouching. I put signs everywhere in my office

THIS IS WHAT I WANT! THREE SHOOTS and 5 hours retouching training. Within 4 months I had my first savings. Sounds kind of like a fairy tale but it isn’t. It’s so real.

Draw up an I Want/My Goals board today. Make it clear. Don’t make goals for money. Make goals for service. Read it everyday. Do something everyday to work towards it. Do not be afraid to write exactly what you want.

Nothing freaks me out more than this image. I put this on my I Want/Goals ‘A warehouse studio to train photographers’ when I walked on to the set of creativeLIVE three years later and took this picture I nearly fell over backwards. My Goals are set and they do come to fruition.

Sue Bryce Dream Big

Here’s another tip that really works. Speak your truth. In a time of great struggle I wrote down “I hate marketing and selling my work” I really did I HATED IT, it gave me serious anxiety and feelings of rejection. Tell friends tell a business coach free yourself of excuses that are holding you back come out of the failure closet speak out and find a solution. You see no longer could I make the same lame excuses its the economy others were flourishing but not me. It was me and I had to change it and I did and so can you. I had two choices get in a situation where someone was doing it for me or confront my fears and blocks.

Wanting something is one thing. Taking action towards it is a different story. Keep gratitude in your mind always. Do one thing everyday to support your Want/Goals list and lastly applied faith. Know you are worth the life you dream of and let it happen. Get out of your own way. Strive for what you really want. When you write down what you want and set it in your mind your blocks will come up fast and they will be very obvious thats what you embrace and fix as soon as you can.

December 14, 2013#

More Show don’t tell “Create a DREAM your clients can share”

This coming month try photographing all your details for a shoot. 50/50 ask a photographer you know to come shoot your details and behind the scenes and then go to their studio and shoot their details and behind the scenes. Heres a tip a wedding photographer does great detail shots. Nikki Closser shoots all my details and Behind the scenes now she has such a great eye for details being a wedding photographer and knows how to make me look good as a portrait photographer. My marketing and Social Media are based on Show don’t tell. Show your clients the details, show them the process excite them with imagery excite them with story telling.

You primary market is Women! Bride Mother Maternity Family. What do Women LOVE? look at these pics below there isn’t a woman that would not fall in love with these images if she’s into pretty things. Stop trying to market on PRICE market on experience on service on the love of your job on the pride you have in what you do. Its good energy and it’s in every image it translates. Fill your marketing with enthusiasm and joy and see how everything you attract changes. I do not live in a Martha Stewart home but Nikki’s shots make it look dreamy and pastel and romantic. We are photographers after all the best gift we have is to tell stories with our cameras. Are you telling yours? We don’t have to have big fancy studios to give big fabulous service.

At first I hated the Behind the Scenes and then I realised the power it carries on my social media.  One photo like this speaks so many words.

At first I hated the Behind the Scenes and then I realised the power it carries on my social media. One photo like this speaks so many words.

A bride spends months creating her wedding we shoot every detail.  A woman should feel the same about her portrait shoot. Create desirable product and a desirable experience that others want

A bride spends months creating her wedding we shoot every detail. A woman should feel the same about her portrait shoot. Create desirable product and a desirable experience that others want

Clients want to know you bond with you.  "If they like you they buy from you"

Clients want to know you bond with you. “If they like you they buy from you”

My friends on facebook always want to know what Im up to.  Its a way to constantly promote yourself and your business without promoting yourself and your business. Keep it interesting Show don't tell.

My friends on facebook always want to know what Im up to. Its a way to constantly promote yourself and your business without promoting yourself and your business. Keep it interesting Show don’t tell.

Images: Nikki Closser  Would you rather me make an Advert to try and sell you a video or show you the complete overwhelming joy I experienced making these incredible pieces and then photographing them.

Images: Nikki Closser Would you rather me make an Advert to try and sell you a video or show you the complete overwhelming joy I experienced making these incredible pieces and then photographing them.

by Sue Bryce Making Portraits makes my heart sing.

by Sue Bryce Making Portraits makes my heart sing.

Fear repels, negativity repels, anger repels, resentment kills everything. RECONNECT If your heart is not in it get out of it or change it. Tell people why you do what you do. Show them why you do it. Connect with your value and your truth and infuse it into every part of your business YOU ARE WORTH THAT. Because the worst thing that can happen is you will be filled with joy. It doesn’t take long for joy to attract.

December 9, 2013#

This is what I want to do for you . . .

I am refreshing, updating and replenishing my website. When I do workshops I tell people all the time replenish this source every year but wow what a big job this is. I am working on new images and new videos and a beautiful Issuu ‘A shoot with Sue’ Our websites are our first line of contact and our online folios and we need to stay current and excited about what is on there. (I don’t think I really need to tell you that you know I’m preaching to the choir) So I guess what I want to share is WHAT is going on this site. We get 30 seconds to hook that viewer and that means the content has to be visual and strong. Videos will hold the viewer 8 times longer and can link to Vimeo and YouTube so you can monitor where the traffic is coming from.

Less words more SHOW don’t TELL and information that communicates well and connects. Be real, be interesting show what you do, show who you are but the most important rule of all. Show people what you are giving them. You provide a service they are paying for it tell them what it is you are offering. This video is for my About Page did I really need a video on my about page. Well yes, I want people to meet me, know me and hopefully like me but mostly I want them to BELIEVE me. Talking about what I love is easy, actually it was quite emotional my voice quavers through this as I didn’t write the answers I just said what I believe to be true for me.

Filmed in my Makeup Room by Alejandra Vidal of www.imaginaledesign.com check her out like the formidable Hailey Bartholomew www.youcantbeserious.com.au she has a beautiful eye and she can capture stories. These two women make my work so beautiful.

About Sue Bryce Portrait from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

October 17, 2013#

“Don’t wait till you are perfect . . . You will never be perfect” ~Sue Bryce

I didnt edit this blog I wrote it late last night on my ipad. I read it once but it doesnt need editing or correcting it came from my heart.

In my late twenties and into my Thirties I had a bad patch. I put on 110 pounds or 50 kilos. I do not exist in photos during this period around 8 years. In fact my brothers wedding and a family portrait was all I could find from this period.

Through out this time I was a Glamour/Beauty Photographer that specialises in making Woman look fabulous. I was in love with my craft and the gift I gave Woman. I learned a lot about my self during these years. How to make women feel beautiful, how to make women feel comfortable and mostly how to make women feel safe. I was undeniably active in building my career during this time I share the love of a great family and the joy of friendships that I’ve had for life times that span continents and withstand absence. So I am loved and felt loved no matter what my body was portraying. But I wasn’t loving my self. About 35 years old I lost about 40 pounds/20 kilos at this time and just settled in an in between and there I stayed for another 5 years.

Hiding in Black trying hard not to be seen wanting desperately to be seen


I have photographed thousands of women in 24 years and had thousands of conversations about body image and loving your self. What I didn’t get/understand was self acceptance. But rather a deep painful wound that I buried deep that was a belief set in stone that I was broken and simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I played this story out for many years as ‘my victim story’ I’m not going to lie it helped immensely with my career being bigger, I was raw and vulnerable in my own fight for self love and women could identify with my struggle and my journey regardless of their age or size. I could make any woman feel good about what she had and where she was at but . . . What I wasn’t doing though was the WORK. I was speaking it, teaching it and preaching it but I was not living it.

I have watched the barrier that women of all ages and sizes put up between me and the camera. Everything they hate about themselves all their fears and vulnerabilities comes to the surface and there it is palpable and raw the fog I have to fight through and clear before you allow me to see your true beauty (the light inside you) and take a portrait of you to show you back to yourself. Since being on the creativeLIVE stage the comments and emails have been consistent where are your photos Sue? When the suggestion first came to do a shoot live on creativeLIVE I thought it was a great idea within an hour every fear fog and drama came instantly to the surface and there I was in all my dramatic, pathetic neurotic glory. How could I possibly trust someone enough to do for me what I have done for so many for so many years.

I am not a brilliant photographer my skills lays in the control I have, the years of experience of making ordinary bodies longer and slimmer the assertiveness in which I can take away your fear long enough to let me take control of you and the space which I can hold for long enough for you to relinquish that fear in order for me to bring out the incredible light that’s inside every human being.

It may sound nebulous and even superficial but that fog, that barrier you throw up is so real and there I was wrapped in it could I let mine down long enough to be seen. Why did I choose Lara Jade to photograph me? Lara is 24 and looks like the models she photographs she is a fashion photographer that photographs young tall slim professional models. What does she know about curvy 42 year olds that carry these stupid fears. The answer is simple she sees beauty and I trust her. That is enough.

I thought like everyone else that I would drop another 10 pounds before my shoot but of course I ended up eating everything in sight for three weeks to cover the level of anxiety I felt (as if another 10 pounds would magically give me confidence ha ) I wished I had better clothes dreamed of being younger and berated my self for not having done this years ago. On the day I resisted every part of it threw up my breakfast cried a bit in private and generally behaved badly.

About a year ago after filming Jill’s documentary in Paris I really started to do the work, self care self love and the most important self acceptance and gratitude. Weight has been leaving me but not because I am holding to a number but because I no longer care what I weigh. There is no identity in my weight ‘Problem’ anymore just my acceptance of who I am and how I live. How could I meet this girl being ravaged by cancer having her body cut away and not HONOUR the body I have the perfectly healthy body I have and cannot give to her. How can I “quote – Change the conversation we are having about our bodies if I do not change mine” So it was with LOVE not resistance that I set out to change mine. I tell photographers all the time to sell your shoots do one yourself, market what you do with your own images and experience and honour your craft by experiencing it and paying for it.

Jill in Paris baring her soul
Sue Bryce Paris Blog 6

‘The Light that Shines’ will forever change my world
Sue Bryce Paris Blog 2

The reveal was filmed live on the show ‘Create incredible experimental Portraits’ with Sue Bryce and Lara Jade you can watch the shoot too. I was overwhelmed with tears not because of what I saw but because of the incredible vulnerability I felt and complete sadness I had in my body that I have wasted to many years rejecting what I am and that I never felt good enough to do this earlier. I deserved more from myself and will remember this experience for the rest of my days. I will teach this over and over again so that many others can be free of their own barriers and I will value the gift I have been given of knowing this lesson and the opportunity I have to share it.

This year I will launch an international campaign to ‘Exist in Photographs’ for your family, to see yourself and to accept all you are. All ages all weights and all barriers aside. I have always believed I do not photograph the outside I photograph the inside of people. I don’t know why we are made this way but we are and it’s just a perception, a perception we can change at any time.

“You can’t wait until you are perfect … Because you are never perfect or maybe just maybe you are”
SUe Bryce Lara Jade Shoot

My reveal wall is still up at home I think it will stay here for a while.
Sue Bryce Lara Jade blog

Dear Human:
You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where you’ll return. You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated through the beauty of… messing up. Often. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And then to rise again into remembering. But unconditional love? Stop telling that story. Love, in truth, doesn’t need ANY other adjectives. It doesn’t require modifiers. It doesn’t require the condition of perfection. It only asks that you show up. And do your best. That you stay present and feel fully. That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU. It’s enough. It’s Plenty.”

- Courtney A. Walsh.