October 28, 2013#

2 days left ‘Create the Incredible’ rebroadcast

I’m still playing with the shoots from this ‘Create the Incredible’ workshop with Lara Jade so fun the artist in me is all invigorated. The replay will loop all day today at this link CHECK IT OUT

If you want to enter the ‘Create the Incredible Competition’ for all the details and links CLICK HERE entries close November 13th

Tuesday on the Broadcast a new conversation Pricing You and Portraits. Lets open that conversation and hash it out together I will blog all the details here tomorrow morning and we can direct personal questions to the blog.

Canon 5D mark iii 50mm 1.2 f/2.8 250/s ISO 640 Natural light

Canon 5D mark iii 50mm 1.2 f/2.8 250/s ISO 640 Natural light

10% off any purchase from the Alien Skin store. Code: SBR1320 through Nov 8th

10% off any purchase from the Alien Skin store. Code: SBR1320 through Nov 8th

As you see I edited this image live and added the canvas backdrop but there is no other editing than dodge/burn and AlienSkin at 50% less grain

September 5, 2013#

Your playing small does NOT serve the World

That call that you dread from anyone that you love. “Hi my Sista, are you sitting down I have something to tell you . . . so, I have Breast Cancer” Suddenly every stupid thing in the world means nothing. That boy that’s being a thorn in the side, the nasty comment you read on Facebook this morning nothing. Nothing matters because this stuff jumps up to remind you how fragile life is and to quote Marianne Williamson. “Your playing small does NOT serve the World”

This is Shireen Hammond.

She has been my friend for 4 Years 3 months I met her in my first year of moving to Australia. There are some people that you know instantly you will be my friend. She is kind beautiful positive hardworking a mother of 6 children, a magnificent singer a wife to the best husband around and truly nice person whom never says a bad word about anybody. She just doesn’t.

Shireen is a beautiful Wedding Photographer and has spent many years building her business with Robert her husband. SO Well yes, those things that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday was “You have Breast Cancer it is in your Lymph nodes you need a Mastectomy and Chemo” and just like that life changes.

Sue Bryce Shireen 1 copy

Sue Bryce Shireen 4 copy

Sue Bryce Shireen 5 BW copy

If life has taught me anything it has taught me to show up for your friends especially the ones that show up for you. So I took Simona and Kristie and we flew to Melbourne to shoot Shireen before her surgery. The rest is Shireen’s story, she’s been documenting her journey she didn’t know if she would or could share it but now she is ready. She has documented her story to share it. Because she has friends that are also experiencing the journey of Breast Cancer and loss because she has a supportive Husband and children and knows that so many Women out there are alone through this battle and because she wants to beat it with dignity and grace and show that its a tough battle but you are not alone. Like Jill Shireen is someone that gives and gives even when she should be receiving and her desire to share inspire and help others is strong. Jill taught me to live a Fuller Richer Braver life to share my photography and to never take anything for granted.

I feel so much gratitude to give the gift of documenting life and telling peoples stories for them. This was such a hard story to capture because I felt all of her pain and fear but I also felt her hope. I am editing the video that I shot of her that day, when Shireen is ready she will share it and she is inviting anyone who would like to share support reach out help or needs help to her FB page.

You can join here https://www.facebook.com/bbacjwsh?ref=ts&fref=ts

Sue Bryce Shireen 8 copy

Sue Bryce Shireen 9 copy

Sue Bryce Shireen 6 copy

Sue Bryce Shireen 3 copy

Sue Bryce Shireen 7 copy

Sue Bryce Shireen 2 copy

I love you Shireen Hammond you are a shining light.

July 16, 2013#

2 little Doodles and A Naked Woman

I have been travelling since December and this is the first time back in Sydney, 2013 has been a crazy fun time. I had a little rummage through my storage It’s like Christmas finding all your favourite books and shoes. I came across my sketch pad and thought I would share three of my favs. The sketches I did as quick doodles and I love doing these but the First image is something I worked on for a book I wrote about Body Image 13 years ago and never published. I called her: Tallulah she represents ‘the image of Woman’ she speaks volumes about body image and the meaning of shame.

Artwork Sue Bryce 1

Artwork Sue Bryce 2

Artwork Sue Bryce 3

April 2, 2013#

A dream come true – A hand painted backdrop by Oliphant

This is my new back drop. I haven’t had a chance to talk much about it as I have been locked in a voracious schedule shooting 28days. When I found this image and saw her toe on the edge I thought oooo I must post this.

There are certain things you dream of owning when you are new in business/photography life sometimes seems like a constant uphill. But I have always had dreams. One day I will own an Oliphant backdrop hand painted just for me from NYC. I cried when I opened it. I cried. I truly honoured myself buying it. I love it.


Such a simple dream that represents so much to me. It’s not even a big investment for the use I got the first week I owned it. Just one of those things that you desire but don’t need but dream of having and now its mine. I worked hard for this and I feel unbelievable gratitude every time I look at it, yes a backdrop. Thats a goal isn’t it. TICK . . . what next.

Sue Bryce Oliphant

September 3, 2012#

A little girl with great big plans.

A mini Film by Hailey Bartholomew www.youcantbeserious.com.au I’m bringing Hailey to creativeLIVE in January Showreels & Showing off. YAH
Check Hailey’s Showreel her beautiful work on Vimeo and her 365grateful page (It’s a life changer)

I wanted to share this story. Inspired by an old Britney Spears song would you believe. ‘I’m not a girl, but still not a Woman’ to connect to the teenage/Seniors School market. Im so exhausted after my creativeLIVE week I will have to return at a later date to tell more story. I will simply say this. Hailey Bartholomew D.O.P Film Maker & Great Mum and all around super human being, you amaze me. Mindy Gledhill your music is out of this world gorgeous. Triple Scoop Music thank you for bringing great artists to the accessible realm for photographers. Anna, your light is so bright, your love of running and the pure joy you exude is infectious, good luck training for the next Olympics. Thank you for letting me be your Photographer.

Let our girls be girls. Let them become Women slowly. Women of substance. Help teach your children acceptance by being gentle with your self first. Love Sue. x

Little Girl with Great Big Plans from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

May 23, 2012#

It’s APPA time in Australia

Tomorrow we all fly to Melbourne to gather to compete for some of the Photographic communities most prestigious titles. Like ‘Australian Portrait Photographer of the year’ APPA is a nerve wracking time for most and also like WPPI a time to party and catch up with some great friends/photographers from all over the country.

We are only allowed to enter 4 images, a small body of work but enough to dominate a category of your choice. My chosen category will again be Portrait. Five Masters judge all images anonymously. Points are accrued towards levels of Associate and then Master and then you are gaining multiple bars towards Fellow & Grand Master.

I will post my entries after next week, when they have been put on the ‘chopping block’ for me, awards photography is a Game. If you want to win, you have to learn how to play the game. There is level of shooting and finished production that APPA prints have. In order to score, an image must show exemplary skill and communication. It must stop judges in their tracks and say ‘talk about me.’ More often than not, they have to be more than the average portrait and more than the images you shoot for your clients. I have been entering the awards for 10 years this year.

I am a Fellow with three Gold Bars in NZ and a Master in Australia. I do not believe winning photography awards gets you clients. My clients couldn’t care less; they are more interested in customer service. However as a photographer who has grown up in this industry, I dreamed of one day standing up and winning a category. The journey from hoping to win Silver to winning Gold Distinction is one of the greatest exercises in personal and professional growth I have ever experienced. It’s about goal setting and creating and conceptualizing images, shooting them and working them in post production, agonizing over them and then watching then torn apart or worse dismissed and of course seeing them win.

I am a competitive person by nature, yes that is true. But the competition I believe is with yourself. To be better than last year, to grow and to push yourself harder. Every year I would visualize something that was beyond my physical skill set and then I would set about trying to achieve it in camera and then Photoshop. Learning as I go, I truly believe it has made me a better photographer and I continue every year to enjoy it and grow a little more. Also a great time to stretch your legs with a few personal art projects if your are entering the Illustrative or Fine Art categories.

So have a look at next year’s awards in New Zealand or APPA or WPPI and give it a go.

I was just going through my awards archive and I found some images from awards past to share.
I created this because at the time a friend was suffering anorexia a cruel debilitating disease. I wanted my nieces to grow up loving their bodies and loving themselves, I never entered it as I felt like I was glorifying it or exposing it some way that I didn’t want to. In the end I illustrated it to the final image below.

A woman in a Man’s world. In hindsight this is a very dark image. I had experienced a suicide in my family and felt the need to express something, at the time I was training for my Black Belt in Karate there were mostly Men in my group and it signified the challenges I was facing fighting Men. I broke 9 bones that year. Not a metaphor, I am a strong Woman but I love the beautiful polarity we have as Men and Women. I was just expressing a feeling angst and pressure. You do not have to portray personal feelings in Images, they can just be conceptual of course. The more feelings I put into the images the better they score. It seems the feeling translates somehow.

Industry. Growing up in Clean Green NZ. I jumped a fence illegally to take the shot on the right. I felt like an activist ha ha so funny.

HOPE. Mother Earth, lots of people dislike this image. I would rather you feel confronted by art than feel Apathy. It won Gold in NZ and Australia. It’s called hope because everything is this image is dying except the little sprout coming from her toe. Hope springs eternal. No matter what we do to this planet you get the sense that she will outlive all of it. I guess back through these years I was trying to express myself artistically through my photography. I photograph Women every day in a pretty perfect way, I like the juxtaposition of making darker gustier images that told stories.

March 4, 2012#

The gorgeous girls at creativeLIVE. WOW

“I don’t want to photograph anybody famous, I want to photograph Sandra from Canada and Amanda from Florida…I want to photograph any woman in the world who’s ever looked in the mirror and not felt good about herself at any time in her life. I want to photograph her every year through the changes of her teenage life, through her 20s, through her 30s, through her 40s, through her 50s, and as she flowers into her most beautiful-ness. I want to photograph her every year of her life to watch and celebrate the changes of who she is and what she is, so she can experience how she looks to other people”

December 24, 2011#

Inspiration – Merry Xmas – 22 years of Glamour

22 years ago Glamour looked like this . . . and now it looks like this. . . (yes that 80′s shot is me he he)

GLAMOUR – Its all I’ve ever done, all I’ve ever wanted to do and now I feel like it can come back and be new and empowering and exciting, both for your clients and your brand.  It doesn’t concern me if you are not interested in shooting beauty or glamour, maybe you found me because you read that I built a really great boutique business and my start up story is both inspiring and easy to achieve if you have the drive, or the heart, or the balls. . . . ha or maybe you heard that I have the cooolest ever-est marketing plan and want to create strong goals for your business or maybe you just need to bring some gorgeous feminine posing into your current brand.  I think the best thing you can bring your clients this coming year is Service, Connection and lots of attracting that female consumer (because she is the one that is booking you) whatever your reason for coming here, I welcome you.  Also I thank you for your feedback, support and friendship.   I hear a LOT of people say, “people will listen to you but they won’t do anything with it”  and yet I searched the word inspiration on my email account and got 1132 emails from this year with that word.  So inspiring Sue so inspirational Sue.  But I want more, I want you to succeed . .  I want you to be better . .  I want you to be happy and more successful. (Whatever success means to you)

People also ask me why do you give away so much, and I believe that every time I teach a photographer to lift their game and shoot a little better, sign those contracts, honour your pricelist. I lift the entire game of the Professional Portrait industry, as a collective. We are a body of professionals and our industry must stick together with both standards and education.

While you holiday, remember I’ll be here editing and uploading content to the new site.  I don’t say that to make you feel sorry for me, it’s a choice you see.  I’m just so excited I can’t contain it any longer.  I have so many huge fun and exciting announcements and groovy things to share with you in January, I will keep blogging tid bits throughout the holiday so stop by and hola.  Holidays season is always a time to regenerate, reset your business and personal goals and be amongst the people you love.

Stay well and happy and I thank you with all my heart for coming to my blog.  I hope to BLOW you away next year, may you experience growth success and everything you dream of for 2012.  I know my DREAMS are already written down and now they are not dreams but goals.  I will push my self thru every barrier I have this year.  I will challenge my self to be better and to create in my world what I can see in my mind, both personally and in business.  I will develop and progress even further as a photographer as an artist and as a human being,  and I will try everyday to bring as much joy into my work and life as I can. I hope you join me for the ride

“I walk ahead of myself . . . in the constant expectancy of miracles.” Anais Nin

Love Sue Bryce