July 16, 2013#

Photo Critique Wedding Tab / Blog & Top Images of the week


Users have uploaded 250 more images for Round 2 and these will stay up for a week. you are welcome to start submitting new images now. We listened to your feedback and watched over 35,000 critiques come in in the last 2 weeks. We have made some great changes.

~The ability to add your website address when you upload your image or remain anonymous.
~You can enable comments or disable them and start a critique conversation.
~You can see the exact breakdown of each image and where it is scoring high and where it is falling down.
~We have started the critique at 0 to build UP in average instead of starting at mid range.
~When you log in and create an account, you get 5 free uploads. You can pay $3 for more uploads or earn more free uploads simply by critiquing others.
~We have enabled a One-on-One Pro critique option if you want to pay for more comprehensive feedback.
~Every week I will feature the top critiques of the week Go there now to see last weeks Top 12

The most exciting news is we have opened the Wedding page today. So start uploading your wedding images for critique. I look forward to opening the other 10 tabs in the next 2 months including Boudoir / Newborn & Babies / Family Portraits / Lighting / Photoshop and more. I am working on the next critique show on creativeLIVE, as the feedback I received from the first one was just fabulous, and I loved every minute of it. I thank every one of you for submitting images for critique and further education. Many of you uploaded not only your best images, but images you needed improvement on. This is about seeing all of your progress and helping you take your images to the next level.I am so incredibly proud that this genre is taking off and you are embracing it in your businesses bringing a beautiful experience to the Women of the World. Thank you for working through 28 days and please forge ahead to create beautiful folios to attract lots of work in your studios.