March 26, 2014#

50 & Fabulous Movement

The question is “Are Women over 50 invisible in our media?” They are part of the largest shopping demographic and the biggest internet users, yet they are the most unmarketed to demographic in the world. We live in this fountain of youth society and as we get older, we are more and more ignored. This makes me annoyed and I want it to change.  So I am starting a movement.  Join me in starting a 50 & Fabulous movement #50andfabulous. Let’s show the world the true beauty of these magnificent women.  As a photographer these have always been my favourite shoots.  I remember looking at my Mother thinking that she was the most beautiful woman in the world and I still do. Woman over 50 are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughter, friends and wives. They are the matriarch of families. I love to photograph these women. They are magnificent, beautiful, and confident.

I want to tell Women to GET IN PHOTOGRAPHS.  To celebrate their beauty and most important of all to exist in Photos for your children. One day they will be priceless.  Like you are to the people who love you.

50 & Fabulous from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

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I photographed  Kathleen Clemons as part of my 50 & Fabulous campaign. She has a beautiful story and I wanted to tell it.

50fabulous 1

57 is Fabulous from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.


  1. Sue – I’d join ya in starting the movement but I’ve already been in the movement! LOL! I swear, more 50+ women have walked through my door looking absolutely FABULOUS that I can’t wait to turn 50! The sad part? So many of them tell me that when the hint or mention they’re doing a shoot like this, their friends knock em down, say “You’re too old!” or “Why the heck would you do that for?” We need to reach more women with the empowering messages based on the work we do. So, I hear ya!

  2. I would love to be part of this movement in my area.I am 60 and started photographing families just a few years ago. And I feel so old when I get together with other photographers. They all seem so young to me. I think I can offer a feeling of comfortableness (my word) to older women. Most people don’t realize we are fun, active and sexy too. Thanks for any help you can give me or ideas or whatever. Even just reading your blogs and watching you on creative live has inspired me so much.

  3. Unfortunately our society, the advertising industry in particular pays no attention to women over 50. Look at what Hollywood does to actress who are over 40. Yes let’s start a movement. Count me in!

  4. As a woman about to turn 55 years old in June, I can totally relate to the increasing sense of “being less than” when I was younger and more youthful looking… and yet I as much have spunk and vitality and a devoted (younger) boyfriend, which helps. : ) I’ve just created a photography package to address this 55+ market and I am actively working to support these still elegant beauties to shine through lovely portraits. Thanks Sue for your inspiration… big hug to you.

  5. Beautiful and moving. I turn 45 on Sunday and I cannot begin to describe the excitement I feel. 40 was wonderful but I have found a new drive in myself to accomplish new things (and old things) that I have longed to do. I look forward to being part of the movement.

  6. I turned 50 last October and have been so inspired by you Sue, I have decided to specialise in womens portraiture for the 40+ market. I am so excited about being part of the movement… I have finally found my why!!

  7. I am SO PROUD of you for doing this, Sue.

  8. Sue, you pictures look great. I want to join your 50 and Fabulous movement. Can you give me some tips for how to de-emphasize the extra skin under the jaw/double chin and to minimize the jowels for women over 50? I’m going to try to explore this market so that I can develop my photography business. I think this is a very good niche and quite rare in my area. To do this successfully, I feel that I need to start with myself. I am almost 60 and don’t feel pretty because I’ve always been such a tomboy and now I have developed jowels, I look even worse. But if I can have my husband (who is also a photographer) take some great pictures of me, it would be a great boost for my confidence. That’s the perfect place for me to start a successful business. This will also be a great marketing tool for my friends to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot. Furthermore, all my friends are 50+, so I already have a market. I have bought your CL workshops a few years ago, maybe I should watch them again.

  9. I am 55 years old and a 3 year old breast cancer survivor. I am just so glad to be alive and I celebrate my life each day. I love to be part of your 50 movement and get to feel like a fabulous grandmother!!! You are doing wonderful work and really are an inspiration to so many women like me. Thank You.

  10. I LOVE what you are doing. As a woman about to turn 50, I’ve pondered most of the questions my clients ask themselves before being photographed. In fact, I am the posterchild for , “I’m not photogenic!” I very much get it. Women our age have depth. When I photograph a senior in high school, I love the hopefulness, the ingenue quality. When I photograph a mature woman in her prime, her spirit lifts mine, and we are one. It shows. The connection between photographer and willing subject is priceless. We need to be represented in photography, and everywhere. The days of “becoming invisible” are over.

  11. Please count me in, Amazing Sue!!!
    I cannot thank you enough for everything you do to empower women all around the globe!!
    I am 49. I have experienced breast cancer at 45; the last four years have been tough from so many points of view. Beyond the Gratitude and Celebration of Life, as a woman, I know how important it is to feel good to look good so you feel good, oh, this special “emotional circle” surrounding and sustaining the sparkle of our true inner light/spirit…. and how a good portrait carries that special sparkle of Light which is so unique to each of us…. and how looking back to that picture can lift you up in those moments of feeling down or “less’ than you know you truly are…
    I so much agree with Lena Max, she is so right, there is so much depth and wisdom in the look of a mature woman… if you managed to have her trust, relax and open herself to create that special connection, her picture will tell her story in more than 1000 words… and that portrait will become not only her self-empowering tool but also her legacy to her loved ones….
    We do not see enough portraits of mature women…
    Let’s start the movement of “becoming visible”, Our Time is Now!!!
    I will be so proud to be included in your “50&Fabulous” team!

  12. I’m in. At 47 I have never felt so in control as I do at this moment…and it’s only going to get better.

  13. Damn right. I’m on a mission in my town to photograph as many over 50’s as possible! :-)
    I actually find it way more rewarding than photographing younger women.

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  15. I got to photograph my mom last year. I have the most beautiful photos of her thanks to you. She is 64 and she receives so many compliments on her images. All because you started this movement. Thank you Sue <3

  16. Sue, I was at an impasse in my career. I am going to be 65 years old and feel I needed something more; something that would define me as a woman, a wife, a mother and someone who is definitely getting older. I do not feel old, but the number is there for all the world to see! So, one day, I joined Creative Life on photographing woman and your words, your message were my AH HA moment!! I went to Florida to join up with my girlfriends and told them that I am going to celebrate them by photographing them! And photograph them I did!! Wow, it was so cathartic for me! I am about to interview a makeup artist, I have a set designer in place and I am going to do this!!! I cannot wait to explore the endless possibilities!!! THANK YOU so much, Sue!

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