February 20, 2014#

It used to be about the before and after now its about the story

I have stayed alive in this industry for 25 years because I believe you Evolve or Die.! I have watched so many shifts in the industry and they bring great change and fear ( always hand in hand) But this change I really love.  It’s no longer about the Sell its about the experience it’s no longer about the Photographer it’s about the product service and the connection, it’s all about the story you tell. The story you tell with your images.  It used to be about the before and the after that was enough it said look take an ordinary girl and make her look extraordinary with hair and makeup.  We told that story for a long time and it worked.  Now we see behind the scenes videos the pubic know what photoshop is we are evolving into a this is who we are business this is what we do watch us online learn about us meet us know us.  I meet clients now and they greet me like an old friend they watch my videos they know who I am.

Are you shooting the before shot still don’t stop are you shooting behind the scenes don’t stop are you blogging don’t stop now more than ever the connection and the archive you are creating on your blog will long survive the fast moving and shifting algorithm of the facebook newsfeed that most people are not getting.  Share new shoots old shoots behind the scenes, videos and images what do you find interesting what makes you stop and watch?

Im going to Las Vegas March 3rd 4th and 5th and I’m going to show live the campaign marketing and stories I’ve been working on that all photographers can share and start doing.  I have been educating photographers for a few years now I think it’s time I started educating the public on why they need to be photographed professionally. I am also doing a whole segment on mentoring AND posing.  You can watch this class free and live enrol here.



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  1. If you could (or I should say would) educate the public, you will revolutionize our business! If anyone can do it, it’s you Sue! I’ve been trying to work with PPA and camera companies on this, and they won’t see how much we as an industry need this.

  2. Thank you so much for focusing on this!! Since I launched my portrait line, the biggest obstacle I hear is “What are these pictures for?”. I educate as well as I can but would LOVE some help on how to respond. I’m so excited to have been selected to be in the audience in Vegas – see ya there :)

  3. Hi love your work! I was s scared after seeing your blog regarding Facebook, I went in and deleted all my photos on my business page. I don’t have releases from my clients other than verbal and was scared they might sue me. Do you have a legal for for this? And when I read Facebook’s rules, what can we can we actually do on there….is puzzling to me. Scared to post unless I am certain it is okay.

  4. I’m going to be in Vegas those same days! I’m taking a boudoir workshop with Modern Love Photography and also squeezing in a few classes with WPPI since it’s going on at the same time as my workshop. I hope I bump in to you somehow!!

  5. Hi Sue I want to say that you have been an inspiration for both my girlfriend and me to keep up with our photography journey, we live in Las Vegas and I wonder if there is a possibility to be on that class you are going to teach?, thank you!!

  6. Yes. The story is what draws people in and this is beautiful! Love what you’re creating!

  7. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to join you live in studio for the Modern Women’s Portraiture workshop. I have been a fan of your’s for couple of years now and I would love the opportunity to photograph you, as I find you amazingly beautiful and so sophisticated.
    Bring some hot outfits and not 15 pairs of shoes. I appreciate the opportunity and can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas!

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  9. excellent photos! I like your work.

  10. Just wanna say thank you so much for your teaching on CREATIVELIVE

    The content you teach us is really rich, it makes me realize what i am lacking for my business,which is something so important!

    Without you telling me those knowledge to wake me up, i would say i am gonna make more mistake =D

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