February 17, 2014#

25th year Shooting – Phase One of this girls career.

The Hasselblad was my first camera.  I never owned it until this year, you see I had a job as a Portrait Photographer for the first 12 years.  I earned $137 a week when I started and I was 20 and I got to use $12,000 worth of camera equipment every day in 1992 that was a big deal.  When I left the studio to start my business I had to buy my first camera and the world had gone digital, all I had was $800 so I bought a Canon 10D and it didn’t even shoot RAW.  I’m not taking anything away from any of my Canon’s I built a hugely successful business on that 10D then 20D then 5D mark i mark ii and mark iii which I still have 2 of.  So why did I go back to Medium format?

This photo isn’t a surprised look what Santa got me photo actually it was I cannot believe I actually bought this and here it is this is real moment.  Lets get real really fast NO Phase One aren’t sponsoring me I saved for this and paid for it because I believe in this quality. Also for my big brother I know you have been lecturing me for 10 years to save for a house and I still am but Andy this is an investment in my future.  Phase have an incredible set up I have been dealing with Lance Schad from Digital Transitions the whole time he has been so great the support you receive is as outstanding as the service.  For those of you considering the big shift to Medium Format yes I highly recommend Phase One and they also offer a very comprehensive finance plan.

In December I was approached by a very big company a company with a beautiful message.  They have asked me to represent their company throughout the next year with an international Beauty Campaign this will include a large advertising and print campaign I have said yes I will proudly create more beautiful stories like Jill’s and promote as much self love and self acceptance as I can for all woman all ages.  (more details on that soon) I have 5 Photographer friends all shooting on the Phase One and when I trialled one 2 years ago it simply didn’t shoot high enough ISO for my natural light self now the new IQ250 has 50 megapixel resolution for image quality, sensitivity ranging from 100 -6400 and a 14 f stop dynamic range, continuos capture and fluid live view.  It is time to return to my roots just the digital 2014 version.  I am so glad I started my career here and watched the incredible transition we made to digital photography to come a full circle back to this platform I feel like a 20 year old again ; ) except Im 42 and its mine.

It was like Christmas

It was like Christmas
I think this big smile says it all

I think this big smile says it all

This is the camera I shot on for the first 12 years of my career. Film Hasselblad

This is the camera I shot on for the first 12 years of my career. Film Hasselblad

This is my new Camera

This is my new Camera

My first trial shot of the Phase One ISO 400 Natural Light 1/125s f/2.8 55mm Oliphant Studio backdrop

My first trial shot of the Phase One ISO 400 Natural Light 1/125s f/2.8 55mm Oliphant Studio backdrop

My first trial shot of the Phase One ISO 400 Natural Light 1/125s f/2.8 55mm on my new Oliphant Studio backdrop

My first trial shot of the Phase One ISO 400 Natural Light 1/125s f/2.8 55mm on my new Oliphant Studio backdrop



  1. Absolutely gorgeous images of this beautiful young lady!

  2. Your Hasselblad on your Oliphant. You bloody go girl!

  3. Wow Sue! That is amazing! And you look stunning! Can’t wait to see all the images. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  4. I have been drooling over this camera for a few years…maybe one day.

    So pleased your dream came true.

  5. Sue: Your joy is tangible in these photos. So very happy for you to experience a new level of joy, growth and accomplishment. We are looking forward to watching your new work on the Phase One!

  6. “except I’m 42 and its mine.” — this made me cry. congratulations.

  7. Thank you for sharing your joy and your love for your first love :)

  8. Congrats on your new baby! Can’t wait to see what you create. Best of luck with the new campaign.

  9. Sue you truly are beautiful inside and out. I can hear your joy of life in your writing. You will stay young forever with your love of life.

  10. phase one or not, your photos still remains exquisite. congrats!

  11. The photos are absolutely gorgeous, as usual. I have been reading about this camera for some time now. It’s my dream camera. I am very happy for you. Kisses!

  12. Great news!!!! I’m excited for you – what a fabulous set up. The set up of ALL set ups really!

  13. Love your stories Sue – congratulations on your new camera!

  14. Congrats Sue. You deserve it girl!! I am great fan of your work and history. You are a great woman, great professional and absolutely generous human being. I m so glad I had the chance of knowing about your work e follow your steps from distance.

  15. Your smile in your photo gave me smile lines!

  16. Great News Sue, I always believed that one day we would have the product to complement your amazing images and I am sure your IQ250 will take you to new heights for quality and inspiration. Welcome to the Phase One family. Greeting from the Team at L&P, Cheers, Bruce.

  17. I hope to shoot medium format one day, the quality is just stunning and I would love to print my landscapes at even larger sizes with the wonderful detail it captures. For now I will live through your work and can’t wait to see what you will capture on your adventures to come with the Phase One :)

  18. Congratulations, now photographs will have even more magic

  19. Back to Medium Format – back to be a little girl ♥! All the best for the little girl. d.

  20. Your joy is contagious ! You look so happy, I’m very glad for you :)

  21. To be honest – I would take both, the beautiful Hasselblad & the stylish Phase One, in a heartbeat and would dance happily around town :)
    Today I´m still dreaming, but one day I´m gonna dance!

    Have fun with your new “toys”!

  22. Wow! I love the photos you posted! Congratulations on the big company support! I look forward to seeing your photos!

  23. Oh Sue! I’m so insanely happy for you!

    I’m a nikon shooter at the moment and almost had a phase one back on Mamiya RZ67 but sadly it was sold before I could get to it. There’s something so beautiful about medium format and the phase one backs are just amazing. As soon as the IQ250 was announced I started putting a little aside. I still have years of saving to do (I’m working on paying for my October Wedding First) but I know that Phase One will be a big part of my future!

    I can’t wait to see more of the stunning images you create using this new tool!

  24. congrats from my heart to you!

  25. Congratulations Sue, you deserve it.

  26. This is SO awesome, Sue!!!! Congratulations! I hope you have a blast with it! Looking forward to the work you’ll create with this camera! :)

  27. Sue, I was so excited, I thought you had a box of 120 film. But the Phase One is great also. I have a older Phase One back on a Hasselblad and love it. Have fun.

  28. I’m proud of you!

  29. Congrats Sue! you really deserve it! :-)

  30. Congratulations Sue on this new beginning . Beautiful equipment AAA

  31. I’ve been lusting after medium format for a long time. Can’t afford to go the digital route so I’ve now gone down the Medium format film path. It’s really reinvigorated my shooting, slowing my down and getting me away from the computer and taking pictures! (An odd thing for a photographer to say but I imagine a few people can relate) I really want to get a Mamiya RZ pro II but couldn’t find one at the right price. So I found a Mamiya 645 pro with a standard 80 2.8 for a complete steal and jumped on it.

  32. You’re gonna need more than natural light if you’re gonna shoot with digital MF. Unless you’re shooting high noon, broad daylight.

  33. Congratulations:) I think it’s wonderful that we are all trying to continually grow and shift. I recently went Full Frame and finally have video available on DSLR…. which for me was a huge step, since my University degree and career for 20 years was video production. I too have come full circle and can totally relate to having fabulous equipment paid for by my employers:) I wasn’t able to get back to Hi Res video until recently and now its time to learn how to shoot it on a DSLR:) Editing i’ve got down, now to make my visions come to reality. Thank You for your continued inspiration and for giving me a “kick in the pants” when I’m needing it. Enjoy your beautiful new camera:)

    Love your work!
    Wee Photos

  34. boom! you deserve this treat :)

  35. I had admire your work since the first time you appear in creativeLIVE. So I know that you will do a spectacular job with this fine piece of machinery congratulations!!! For this gift… Let the shooting begin

  36. and next, lenses! :-)

  37. Oh Sue, your smile on the second photo is so cute and so real! Such a wonderful photo of you! I’m happy for you!!

  38. The 645DF+ with the IQ250 digital back .. this is one absolutely amazing combo!!! When I first saw some images from this one .. my jaw dropped .. it’s simply out of this world!!! :)
    Congratulations on getting it :)

  39. Wonderful post! We will be linking to this particularly
    great content on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  40. Congratulations Sue. I am sure it will bring you so much joy xx

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