February 16, 2014#


Lets face it a lot of our marketing is happening on Facebook.  We build profiles make connections and network network I even teach how to build your page when I do workshops.  When I got my Personal Facebook I was sitting around the 688 friends mark ,made up of Family & Friends and then Photographers and randoms with of course some old school people that find you.   I chose NOT to have a business page it was 2012 March and I felt that people wanted to be ‘Friends’ not fans.

I did my first creativeLIVE March 3rd and in one day maxed out my personal page to the limit of 5000.  That day I opened Sue Bryce Photographer my business page and since then I have worked both pages dual posting.   I do not sell product on my facebook pages but I do post links to workshops and events and if you follow me a whole lot of personal stuff.

I built this page over two years Personal 5000 friends and 13.5 thousand subscribers and Business: 90 thousand plus.

I work under the micro blogging recipe which is

40% Positive Opinion – Because no one comes to your page for negativity

40 % Information – Everyone wants something and when you give they come back for more

10% Personality – I try to be silly funny and real

10% sell – Any more than that and people are repelled

Oh and Post every day.   It’s always about consistency.  This recipe worked for me and it will work for you.

I have had many images stolen off facebook and they used them to start new pages and people always message me to dobb them in.  I try never to delete negative comments because everyone is entitled to have their say but if it hurts my client at all I remove them.  I love my Facebook network it is a huge part of my day.  People who I have not necessarily met are consistent they share and message me and I have built the one thing I try to teach and that is a community.  So this week I got Facebook Cloned yes it’s a new thing read about it here: http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Facebook-cloning-How-its-done-and-how-to-prevent-it-20130530 Facebook even posted this warning you need to hide your friends list https://www.facebook.com/Facecrooks/posts/10151524855310345

They copy your Personal Profile: Block you so you can’t see it.  Copy your Profile Pic and your details and then like the same pages so at first glance it looks just like you.  Then they start friend requesting everyone you know.  Your friends are none the wiser.  But here is the best part then they went to my REAL page and reported me and FACEBOOK shut down my account. I did not get an email I simply got a message when I tried to log in saying “You have been reported as using your personal facebook for business.  Follow the instructions to migrate this page to a business page to keep these friends”  Thats it! no email! no right of reply! no help desk! and the FAKE Sue Bryce is still operational.  Now I have TWO Facebook business pages all of my friends including my family have been migrated to LIKES I cannot access their pages or tag them or contact them or even message them.  The fake account can then do as they please with all my pictures and my friends (well the ones I can’t email)  and I just lost a community I have built over two years.  I do not even pop up in your feed anymore.

Now lets address the tough luck principle well Sue Bryce you were doing business on your FB page and you got busted.  10% yes and only sell promotion no selling and no spam and no emails and no private messages I have never used my FB acct to send anything of this nature. I even have please email me business emails as I do not answer FB private messages.

My Options :

You can still like my business page and I can respond to your comments and messages here https://www.facebook.com/SueBrycePhotographer

You can join me on Twitter here https://twitter.com/sue_bryce

You can join me on Instagram here http://instagram.com/suebryce

Or you can subscribe to this blog and I will keep on posting and doing my thing.

I have applied to FB to merge the two business pages to this one I am sorry I cannot be friends with you I am trying to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

This is a screen shot of the FAKE account if this Sue Bryce friends you with only 40 friends it is not me.  If they ask you for money its is not me.  Please report this page so we can shut it down.  How to spot the fake, Joined 2014 only 40 friends no posts past or present.

and to the person who thought it was fun or cool to push me off facebook I lost 999 photographs that did not migrate even though the facebook print said they would and most importantly you have removed my FAMILY PRIVATE page from me and my whole network, I hope the fleas of one thousand camels infest your armpits and you stand on a lego.


This is the FAKE Sue Bryce account

This is the FAKE Sue Bryce account






  1. Wow! I’m sorry this happened to you. What a jerk :( Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Sorry to hear this situation is worse than I first thought. Although I’ve never been your ‘friend’, still pisses me off.
    I’ve sent a ‘report’ log to FB, as mant others have done, if nothing else hopefully FB will get your photos back.
    good luck

  3. Dear Sue, for someone like you who has been nothing but generous with what you share, both professionally and personally , helping us all to grow…this is outrageous!!

    I will continue to read your wonderful blog posts, in fact that is mostly what I do as I find FB a bit too much for me and struggle with being on there, (though I do try).

    I am at a loss to think of a reason someone would do this other than being extremely envious of where you are in your life!
    Stay strong, the people who truly appreciate you will always be there for you, in more ways than you can imagine,

    Warm regards,
    Sue Carmody

  4. Hey Sue…when I type in Sue Bryce in the FB search, I can still see and access your personal account. And, it has recent posts….i.e. your glamour dog post. I also see the fake one and the Sue Bryce Photographer one. Also sent you an email the other day to your info email address with a suggestion of one more place you should grab your name before the clone guy does.

  5. Hi Sue,

    I reported the fake page – but they didn’t give me the option to report it as stolen – I could only report it that they were harrassing me. When I tried again, it said I had already reported it.

    I suggest you ask everyone to report the fake page. As far as I can see you had 90,000 people liking your page, and the fake one only has 18,000.

    I’ll type something on the fake page.


    • argh – i may have got that wrong – looks like 18,000 has transferred to your new page.

      I hope things are sorted quickly – what a pain for you.

    • no robyn that is my second page please do not report that one. re read my blog post see picture

  6. I can totally understand where you’re coming from…I also have a personal and business page on Facebook, and I would not be happy at all if someone cloned my page and got me shut down. SO I do sympathize with you….but here’s something that I did check into regarding FB and business pages vs. personal pages….according to them, you are not allowed to conduct any business at all on your personal page…you can direct people (with links etc) to your business, but no business postings or sales etc are to be done on your personal page….whether someone clones your account or not, all it takes is one person reporting you for posting a workshop/sale/photo sessions on your personal page, and they are legally allowed to shut you down :(

    I had an album on my page of all my work…not for sale, but to show what I can do…there were no prices, and nobody bought from me….BUT, I got an email telling me to remove the album as it represented a business.

    Sorry this happened to you, try to report the cloned page and have it shut down since it appears as a personal/business page and does not follow the tos for Facebook either.

  7. Ugh, sorry you have to deal with this. I just went onto the https://www.facebook.com/sue.bryce.92 page (the Fake one) and reported it as a duplicate of https://www.facebook.com/SueBrycePhotographer (the Real one). Hope this gets sorted out too.

  8. Sue,

    I am so sorry to hear this! I will of course support you through the links you put in your blog. It has been a joy to watch you grow with such magnitude and force! You have taught me so much!

    And now that you probably own the world’s most “to be” photographed dog, I am looking forward to watching Cookie grow up!

    Are you familiar with Eminem’s song, “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?”. Perhaps you could do a video parody on your experience (once the dust settles). Just a thought! ;)

    Love you Sue!

    Julie Elliott :)

  9. That BITES! So sorry to hear this.

  10. Hi Sue! It’s with amazement that I read what has happened. What a painful experience and frustrating experience! Hopefully, it will soon be resolved. Thank you for sharing with us and making us aware of this problem. I have taken the steps suggested in the links you provided. You don’t know me, but I love you and what you have done and is doing for the photographic community.

  11. How frustrating for you Sue! I hope FB can help you get this sorted ASAP! Jade x

  12. So sorry Sue. I just went to the fake page and reported as “fake” ..maybe if all of your followers do this they will shut down the fake account?
    On a bright note….thank you for inspiring so many “photograhers”.

  13. I am just so sick for you about all this Sue. I just don’t get people sometimes. With all you do to give and give and then to be treated like this is just beyond me. I don’t get it at all. I am even scared to like or comment on anything now on any Sue Bryce page cuz never sure if it is the real McCoy or the fake thing and I don’t want to support that jerk at all. I hope this gets straightened out really quickly and that this person can’t sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror. You are a great person and certainly don’t deserve this, and I always want to be your friend.

  14. missing you already :-(

  15. Hi Sue…. I am so sorry this happened to you! I really am. I’m in the middle of something similar, only mine has become a criminal case. A “friend” from high school, who I personally knew very well and added willingly to my Facebook had stolen my “visual “identity, my images and my CHILD’s images off my personal FB page and used them to create false identity’s for herself in different gaming communities, on FB, Linked -In etc… she wasn’t using my name, but my face, my personal images, my career, my family, and worse, my child’s photo on her pages. Apparently that”s not a crime, unless it’s for financial gain.

    I knew nothing of this until I started getting 10-2o messages from young men who were angry at me for lying to them about being married, about loving them, about leading them on… they tracked me down through my business page, as one of the images she stole and used had my photography page’s watermark on it.

    They were angry, there were MANY and the story got worse, much worse…. These young men had emotional relationships with her, video sexual relationships with her (or stock video footage they THOUGHT was her) and phone relationships with her… they had MY FACE attached to these fantasies…. worse off, they were ALL TEENS and young men under 20… She’s 45.

    I called FB, emailed them, messaged them, they shut down her accounts, and I called the police. I messaged these young men, explaining what had happened, begging them to come forward and file charges, as unless police could identify them and talk to them they can do nothing to her. The police hand’s are tied, they can do nothing they say…. My face, my likeness, my child all put out there for these sickos creeps and child abusers to see.

    I photograph children for a living, I have a profitable and reputable business… even worse, and NOT public knowledge, my child is adopted, through Children’s Aid and if ANY question of impropriety on my part were to surface I’d lose my business, even worse, I could lose my SON. I know your pain – it is SO violating.

    EVERYONE needs to protect themselves on FB.

    I ONLY friend people I trust, and even then, I categorize friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues so that I decide who sees what. FB NEEDS to change policy in that when someone violates you and your page, or you have complaints, you need to be able to speak to a real person… there should be filters/procedures for that.

    Worst part is, I got notification yesterday that the same girl has “viewed” my Linked In page now…. I just can’t stop her.

    I am so sorry this is happening to you. You are the most giving and genuine person I have ever known in the industry, and personally, truly giving of all you have to give. The world can only benefit from more Sue Bryce. Unfortunately, the trusting ones are usually the ones taken advantage of.

    Hang in there, love, this will pass! :)

  16. I just reported the fake page! It was a little hard to find and I could not call the report out as someone using it to impersonate you, but I believe I successfully reported it as fake. So sad this happened to you, what a PITA.

  17. Oh no Sue… I am so sorry that happened to you. It sucks that we can’t see your personal posts anymore! :( I hope they catch the person who did this soon… in the meantime we reported and blocked the FAKE Sue Bryce on FB.

  18. This is awful, I looked the page up and reported it, lets hope other people do the same. One question: surely your account was created before the fake one, so facebook would have seen that? Or did they take it down because it was ‘used for business’?

  19. Ps. I can still see both your other pages/accounts

  20. I am so sorry about your FB page, that’s awful, some people are just awful!! My favorite part of your post though was the end with the camel fleas and most importantly the LEGO!!! I laughed for a good 5 minutes on that one! And yes, I hope that happens to that awful person as well :)

  21. I follow you almost exclusively here via RSS so I wouldn’t have even noticed. Facebook has become too much noise for me other than posting my own content so I don’t spend much time on it. Best of luck getting it sorted though!

  22. Sue,
    Thank you for the continuing education that you have shared with me and others. I must say that I was shocked to see this posting shared by Lori. I remember getting a friend request from that page but I declined because I am a follower of your original page. So sorry to hear about your trials. And thank you for sharing the experience which continues to educate us.

  23. Hi Sue,
    honestly I dont follow your blogthe way some others do, but i noticed alot of my friends posting this today, so i read. and i just want to encourage you. this same thing happened to me. its someone very incredibly jealous of you. can you think of ANYONE that you have possibly ‘hurt’ or in their mind you might have hurt them?
    Iask because i had someone stalk and harrass myself and business since june 4th 2013. they did horrible things, stole my identity, bashed my business, made countless pages degrading my business, and all because they said i ‘stole something from them’. well im a christian, i dont steal, so the police assume it meant i stole business from them. anyways long story short, the kind of ppl that do this dont normally make sense to us, they have a bit of a ‘screw loose’ to say the least.
    you might have reported ne of your stolen photos on their page?? if you can think of anyone id consider contacting an attorney honestly. because this might just be the beginning and im speaking from personal experience here :( sorry this is happening to you

  24. Sue,

    I’m so sorry this has happened to you! I’ve reported the fake FB account.

    For instructions for anyone to report the account, they can look here:


    When reporting the page, you can select:

    “This person is pretending to be me or someone I know”

    Or, in this case:

    “This person is pretending to be a celebrity”


    !!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!

    When it asks for the name of the person, it doesn’t always readily recognize if you just enter “Sue Bryce” or “Sue Bryce Photographer.”

    Instead, first be sure to “Like” Sue’s pages (now that they are currently both business pages), then copy and paste the exact address of one of Sue’s real pages:


    When you do this, it should immediately recognize Sue’s business page with the usual autofill behavior, similar to when typing a friend’s name in a comment box. (We can’t refer to her personal page while it’s still blocked.)

    In addition to reporting to FB, you might also want to be sure to report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), which is a partnership between the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C):


    Good luck!


  25. Oh! And to report the fake page, start here:


    This is the fake page. Go to it, and then:

    1) Click the little gear icon with the down arrow (right next to the “Message” button) near the top right of the page, at the bottom right corner of the header image.

    2) Click “Report/Block” when it drops down.

    3) Follow steps referred to in the previous comment. :)


  26. Hi Sue,

    You could make a new FB profile for your new pup and have all your personal friends and family use that one ;-)

    Good luck getting this sorted out.


  27. I would urge you to consider evolving your fabulous community over to Google+. There are none of these problems, and the amount of personal attention that you would get from the Google overlords will blow you away. Every collaborative tool is better and simpler (after a quick learning curve).

    It won’t work for your “real” friends and family, who are probably on Facebook only, but that is unsolvable. But, I think your pro and semi-pro users will and should be in the fabulous G+ photography community anyway.

  28. It really sucks that you lost your profile, but so good you kept your page. I was under the impression that the page would die with the profile, as it was tied to it… so glad that isn’t the case.

    Back in October I made my profile as restricted as possible, as I was getting increasing number of clients and models adding me there and was worried I too would get reported. Now everything goes through my page. Hopefully that means I am safe.

    Shame you found out the hard way on just how cut and dry the FB admin teams are.

  29. Wow – that’s tragic, and malevolently brilliant! I wonder what the end-goal was? Simple malice? Or was there a financial angle?

    It doesn’t make sense to hate you, because you’re nice. So there must have been some financial motivation, right? Surely all this wouldn’t be done out of pure meanness… right?

  30. Well Second time i have reported the fake one, surely they can find the time to delete a fake account when they removed your legit one. :(

    Agree, puppy should be your personal account for your friends and family.

    And i was laughing at standing on lego! Worst punishment ever. Just know the majority of people out there are on your side.

  31. You can do more than just report the page fake. I know this will be some work but copy every single url of the stolen photos in the fb galleries and one by one report those as copyright violation. It’s a slow way to remove them but it might have greater success. If you are blocked and can’t see it get someone who can to do it. I’ve reported stolen images used in galleries and as profile pictures and they’ve been removed usually within a day. Also, consider getting a new page using an alternate email and your middle name for family and close friends only. The rest of us are fine following your page and blog and the rest. Horrible that this happened, that people get away with such harassment!

  32. who does this kinda of s***?? KARMA!!

  33. Sue, this is horrible. I hope whomever did this is shut down, and stopped. And I hope that you can get your pictures back. Is there any legal action you can take? It sounds like fraud to me.

    J Selah~

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  35. Hi Sue,

    Did they shut down the fake account? I can see a Susan Bryce but not a Sue Bryce. I didn’t want to report you if that is a new account for your personal life.

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  37. Sue, that’s just awful! I’m sorry, I was wondering what had happened! Such a nasty thing to do! :(

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