January 31, 2014#

Designing Refreshing Updating my website, brand, passion.

How long does it take before you start saying “I hate my website” I hear it all the time from others too “Don’t look at my website I haven’t updated it in a year.”  Then you start to redesign and the hours turn into late nights, days and then weeks.  Such a labour and so necessary.  The one thing I have noticed as I work my way through new gallery images letting go of old favourites and introducing new work is how much I fall back in love with what I do.    Sometimes the pressure the hustle the grind the competition the social media the marketing it gets you down it knocks you back.  I return to service of others always but there is also this spark that ignites and that is the love of creating a beautiful image of someone.  Sometimes I work on an image before bed and I email to myself and save it on my ipad.  I put it by my bed and stare at it.  I think about how lucky I am to be able to make pretty pictures for people.  For the people I work with every day and the clients I meet.  Then I’m not jaded anymore.

Put a new refresh of your website on your todo list this year.  Be proud of your online folio.  Fall back in love with what you enjoy.

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  1. These words could not have come at a better time for me, Sue. My first year in business drawing to a close, having learnt so much, and while having a break over the holidays spent some time with Jonas Peterson, and am just now working on a new site to redesign and refresh my online place in the world with far more purpose and direction than twelve months ago when I began blindly. It really was the perfect place to start. I always leave here inspired – thank you x

  2. The post was great, but that shot is KILLER. Looks like Vanity Fair!

  3. Your Webpage is very pretty, and Inspiring, thanks for always sharing with us your talent. Can not wait until you finish your new page.
    Thanks for the emails, It always makes me smile when I see it in my email box.
    Monica Escatel

  4. as I am finally embarking on using my home space! no more excuses, these words come at a good time!

  5. I am currently recreating my website. Mainly to make it more interactive and make it easier for people to find me online. But in the middle of it, I ended up finding this wonderful illustrator who is going to create some custom watercolor imagery for me! It feels wonderful. Constantly bettering myself. And whenever I think to myself, sure the current website is fine, I actually hear your voice in my head Sue, from one of the cL workshops you did, where you said you do it every year and to keep pushing yourself.

    What was it again? Have a great idea, then make it bigger? :)

  6. Wow Sue! Once again you are reading my mind and sharing exactly the things I can’t seem to stop thinking about.

    My website, my portfolio, and my content are in need of a revamp because I don’t want to become the person saying “Please don’t look, I haven’t updated in forever!” but it’s also such an empowering process to fine tune things to really show what you do and what you absolutely love doing!

  7. Great idea and so true..time to move the old out and the new in, just to keep things fresh and happy, and give yourself a shot of energy and self love…doesn’t mean the old are bad, but it gives you new faces to appreciate when you go to your site….always a good feeling of accomplishment!!

  8. Great news!I hope new design will be mobile friendly as most of a time I check your web from there. Looking forward for fresh and clean design;)

  9. The way you processed this photo is absolutely amazing… the setup is inspiring… love love love it!

  10. I do that emailing to my ipad thing too – love it that you do that. I will be proud that I do it now too!

  11. Oh my goodness! That photo is amazing! I loooooove this! Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. You never fail me, Sue.

    And you never fail to remind me what I was put on this earth to do when I forget or when I’m frustrated.

    Making people happy. What could be better?

  13. Hey Sue,
    Where do you find those skirts they look like ones that are under fancy dresses but I havent managed to find any that aren’t attached to dresses. Any suggestion on where to find them?

  14. Gorgeous pic, as always. Curious though, where’s the new website? I’ve been hearing about it since last October, I think…. Just wondering! :-)

  15. This is one of my favorite images of all time. It reminds me sooo much of a vanity fair spread. You girls all look gorgeous as always.

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