January 27, 2014#

My job is a gift. To me

My job is a gift. To me. Every person I photograph gives me something incredible. I am so very luck to have this career and I don’t know when it actually shifted because I struggled for a long time. As you know I am a big campaigner for advertising to the 50 plus market and this year in March (don’t worry full details coming soon I promise) I will do a mentoring session and campaign marketing to show you all the amazing shoots I have done these last four months. This is Mary Beth she is one of my ’50 is Fabulous’ ladies and one of my favourite shoots for 2013 I got to spend the day photographing her and her two best girlfriends from college a life long friendship that spans years and I filmed it also cannot wait to share that.

Anyway after Christmas break I came back to the studio to find a large box had been delivered. In it is this fabulous Wedding Dress and a note from Mary Beth “this is my wedding dress from the 80s and I want you to have it because I know you will do something beautiful with it.” Firstly thank you Mary Beth for giving me this beautiful fairy princess gown I will do something fabulous with it. Secondly thank you for allowing me to capture you and the girls I admire friendship, sisterhood and women that live to empower each other. Im off today to remodel a gown and Glam the Dress.

She bought this dress in Paris

She bought this dress in Paris

and when she talks about the Paris

and when she talks about the Paris

She simply comes alive with joy

She simply comes alive with joy

I didn't need to make her dance I couldn't have stopped her

I didn’t need to make her dance I couldn’t have stopped her

I have already seen how I can remodel this gown. I am so excited to give it new life

I have already seen how I can remodel this gown. I am so excited to give it new life


  1. She looks amazing! It’s such a powerful gesture that she entrusted you with her wedding gown. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Sue! Just beautiful. Timeless beauty all around. I love her playful glamour and your gorgeous shots of her! Thank you for sharing with us. It means more than you know. You inspire me daily. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Thank you so much Sue. You are such a great inspiration. I am so passionate about learning how to make these women look and feel beautiful . You are my idol. Thank you for all what you do.

  4. Thank you for sharing Sue! Beautiful and natural :-) Inspiration for all & yes, it is fabulous to be 50!

  5. I believe you do great work because it is your passion and because you have a great heart! I am very impressed with both. Thank you for sharing your passion and your beautiful work. Mary Beth is amazing.

  6. Beautiful images. Amazing gift to send you something so cherished as a wedding dress. Huge compliment to how much her session meant to her!

  7. What a beautiful story – she looks amazing and so happy! I love your images and stories and your words are not just inspirational for photography but for life. Thank you for being so generous.

  8. SUE! What a beautiful, lovely, amazing surprise! You have true talent and heart. Thank you for sharing that with us and giving us the chance to reignite our friendship and deep love for each other. That trip to Seattle was a treasure for us in so many ways. The frosting was the amazing experience being photographed by you. You are the real deal.

  9. This is fabulous! So fun to see those beautiful photos.Now wondering if you will consider some of us women 60 and over.☺

  10. Wow she is stunning! Such mesmerising eyes and lovely smoke. Can’t wait to see what you do with the dress, it has such beautiful detail.

  11. Simplicity. Beautiful Sue, always letting the true character shine through with clothing and props to compliment not dominate. Looking foward to seeing the dress end result. I’m currently working on my own that has been in the loft since the 80′s too.

  12. WOW, what powerful imagery from such powerful women! This is so lovely. She is so unique. And so are you SUE!! I cannot wait to see what you do with that dress!

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  14. Wow what a special woman to give you such an amazing and personal gift. It’s a testament to the rapport you build with your clients that one of them would even think to send you a thank you gift, let alone something this fantastic. Really inspiring story…

  15. Love love it.. would also love to know where she got the sequined top it is just gorge… Paris maybe..?

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