October 22, 2013#

A shoot in the City of Angels join me

The wonderful team at JuneBug are hosting a Workshop in Los Angeles this November. I will be teaching there with extraordinaire’s lighting guru Scott Robert Lim Wedding, Avant Garde Wedding Maestro Roberto Valenzuela and The best Duo Brian & Allie Callaway Fashion Forward Weddings and Dynamic Engagements shoots. This is what each of these instructors will teach you live shooting (Thats YOU with a camera shooting with us) Great models and a location in Los Angeles that will blow you away. This is an intimate hands on workshop (small groups) I have seen the line up the content and the location and no expense has been spared to make this one of the best workshops I have ever seen.

I do not shoot weddings any more. As most of you know I famously say “I would rather stick pins in my eyes!” BUT I have 101 weddings under my belt so I have seen it all. Best of all I have a speciality and that is making Women move their bodies to look incredible. All bodies, short curvy zero curves extra chins and they are letting me shoot live with you and a Curvy Model. But this is more than slimming and lengthening in camera, this is about connection femininity beauty and grace and learning how to hold this space for women to bring forward their beauty and movement as you direct them with control and ease. On a wedding you have to think and act fast these skills need to be a second nature for you. No matter what you are faced with you will learn that every body just needs some little tweaks and every person will love having a gorgeous photo of themselves. This is the ONE day every woman deserves to be the most beautiful woman in the room captured forever.

I have pre shot a curvy manual for you so you can take everything you have learned home and practise. I look forward to spending two days with you in LA lots of shooting learning posing and don’t forget cocktails and dinner parties too.

​Junebug’s Fashion Forward Wedding Photography Workshop Details & Bookings Here http://www.junebugworkshops.com

Barbie was my beautiful Bride for the Posing Manual I have done. She isn’t really that curvy she is short. As you can see I am only 5 3″ Barbie is shorter than me. It doesn’t take much to block a short body and make them look wider than they are in camera so teaching lengthening is one of the most valuable posing skills you can learn as a photographer. Also I put on a dinner Jacket to play her Groom in the video so I could show you how to use the Mans body to slim the Brides ha so yes I am supposed to look like the Husband. In this video/manual we address Chin Arms Hands Waists and Lengthening bodies.

Sue Bryce Barbie

Sue Bryce Barbie 1

As a fun challenge we went out to find a Wedding Dress and discovered this stunning 90′s Wedding ensemble at Goodwill for $14 I chopped it up and did a Glam the Dress shoot with my assistant Katie. On this workshop I want to show you how I get Pre Wedding Boudoir & Beauty Portraits, Bachelorette Party Glamour sessions and my favourite Glam the dress Bridal Portraits (like this one below) The opportunity for a girl to get back into all the incredible details that she spent a year putting together and get all glammed up and beautiful again.

Loved making this outfit come to life.

Sue Bryce Katie

It didn’t take long to unzip the dress and start draping her in the veil.

Sue Bryce Katie 8a

Sue Bryce Katie 7a

Sue Bryce Katie 6a

Sue Bryce Katie 4a

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  1. I am so over the moon excited for this workshop! I even wrote a blog post about it: http://www.sparkandflame.com/2013/10/total-girl-crush-get-meet/

    I’m really looking forward to meeting you, Sue! The others will be an added bonus but it’s going to be something special for me to be able to learn from you in person. Thank you for everything that you do!

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