October 20, 2013#

Autumn Photo critique

creativeLIVE is NOT selling this course it just free. For you.

To be accountable.
Learn more.
What are you struggling with?
Show us where you are at.
What do you need help with?

A critique is not a competition it’s about what you need to learn. This is a free course to help you lift your game. There are three genres Wedding Commercial and Portrait and then sub categories. I will have live models on set for portrait Boudoir Glamour & Family to demonstrate. I share the stage with these amazing educators Bambi Cantrell Scott Robert Lim and John Cornicello that all really teach and they have years of experience.

We need your submissions by this Monday 5pm PST
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  1. The biggest thing I struggle with is lighting. I just want to learn how to use natural light and studio light.!

    Taylor ODonnell

  2. Question about submission… Should we watermark our submission image?

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