October 20, 2013#

A Marathon play on Facebook & a great discount

18 Months ago I was invited to Seattle to teach my very first creativeLIVE workshop. I have been in this industry for just over 24 years. I have built a business from the ground up with no money no idea and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. creativeLIVE was created as an incredible resource to share education internationally for free. It exists to lift inspire educate and empower the creative community all around the world. I have given everything I have to give and grow my industry as I know the bumps and hurdles fears pains and lessons have made me the photographer and business person I am today. There was no support for our industry like this for the first 20 years I was learning through it and now it is both accessible and within your reach. I teach contemporary Portrait marketing and business, I specialise in posing and shooting natural light. My intent is to lift this industry as high as I can, to educate photographers to make money doing what they love, to show you that it is achievable that whole live your dreams thing and to bring portraiture up to value it deserves. Enjoy these classes, learn and apply all you can stay connected and work hard to master your own fears and your own business because you are worth this. The team at creativeLIVE are among the most incredible people I’ve have ever met they are like family to me. I like them so much I have stayed in Seattle and will remain here till April 2014. I thank you for your support and following I have loved watching you grow I read the thousands of emails I receive and am amazed at your growth both personally in business and photographically the emails of doubling and tripling your income of light bulb moments and gratitude just blow me away. I am the lucky one to be part of this and I have grown the most over the last year and a half I thank you thank you thank you.

I am hosting a private Marathon Workshop Video watch on my business FaceBook page CLICK THIS LINK to watch my workshops this week

Here is the schedule for the rebroadcasts they will play through the week so you can see which course will help build your business to the next level:

• Mon, Oct 21: Glamour Photography
• Tue, Oct 22: Inside the Glamour Studio
• Wed, Oct 23: A Shoot with Sue
• Thu, Oct 24: Showreels with Hailey Bartholomew
• Fri, Oct 25: 28 Days with Sue (Intro + 4 sessions)
• Sat, Oct 26: Marketing and Promotion
• Sun, Oct 27: Bumps to Babies with Kelly Brown
• Mon, Oct 28: Experimental Portraits with Lara Jade

Through to the end of the month of October you can also get 25% off any of these class videos. Click any of the links above and use the coupon code OctoberSue when you checkout at creativeLIVE.

Complete Your Sue Bryce Collection bundle. Anyone who already owns some of your courses can get a customized deal to complete the full set:


SUe Bryce Workshops


  1. What times will they start please Sue?

  2. “…and work hard to master your own fears and your own business because you are worth this.” I need to post this on my wall to read every day because some days I am just one big BLOCK.

  3. Sue
    Thank you so much for all your Help you have made so many changes for me in my Photography work,my self esteem,and what I want for my Life,you have made me see that having less not always means having less, it can show one just how much you need and do not need…I love your spirit and truth in how and what you speak Sue I do listen!! letting me watch your rebroadcasts is a treat so thank you~ thank you ~thank you ~
    you are such a Good & kind women…

    love & Light

  4. Hi, I clicked the Facebook link and it is a test page? Where do I go for the rebroadcasts? Thanks very much Sue, you really are so helpful and educational.

  5. Sue, in so many ways I have been able to grow from and with, all that you share and all that you do for the industry. I have started my small business from a life long dream a basement and certainly not many pennies! You taught me how to value and believe in myself, dreams and people. Everyone, like myself, has a story that can break a heart but you showed me how to stop using it as a road block and use it as the perfect place to start my positive journey. You have inspired me and given me the permission that I required to get serious about what I am about to achieve with my life. Your presence in this world is sincerely valued and appreciated by both myself and my family. I truly feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from your experiences and send this thank you note from my heart, along with an abundance of positive thoughts and energy for your kind soul and it’s journey.
    Thank you for being you – a positive role model for myself and others.

  6. Hi Sue:

    When I click the 28 Days link to the rebroadcast, it just shows up the page to BUY. the replay is not working for me.


    Roz Fruchtman

  7. Hi Sue:

    I’m back… When I went to your Facebook page I was able to get the link to see the broadcast. Sorry…


    Roz Fruchtman

  8. Dear Sue,

    You probably receive a gazillion emails gushing about how wonderful you are… I believe this why? Because I TOTALLY BELIEVE YOU ARE BEYOND WONDERFUL!

    I am sitting here behind my computer in Brisbane I am soooo totally addicted to every one of your Creative Live Inspirational teachings. THANK YOU for your generosity and your vital words and images.

    You have CHANGED my life permanently, irrevocably, inspirationally and deeply motivated me to not just go forth and go after my dreams but you have lent me to begin a new era of my life.

    Your honesty, Your directness, Your intelligence, Your generosity, Your imagination…

    You ROCK MY WORLD.. and I thank you and today and everyday, I will be Grateful for You.

    Thank you Sue Bryce.. you are my drive to be a better me.


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