October 18, 2013#

Create the Incredible – Have fun be creative, enter and play

Last week on creativeLIVE I shot this image.

Sue Bryce Illustrate blog

We decided to keep the fun and creativity going so we put this image in dropbox so you can download it, retouch it and enter it in our little competition. You have three weeks to Create the Incredible with it cut off date for entires is November 13th. We look forward to how many amazing different creative ideas you can come up with on one image. You may enter more than one image but it must be THIS image with your creative spin.

Download the Terms and Conditions and the Image here and have fun playing CREATE PLAY

Email your finished entry to info@suebryce.com before Nov 13th
Include your name and your website link to the email
Final entry date is November 13th 2013 5pm PST all entires will be loaded on Sue Bryce Business Facebook page and judged by SUe Bryce & Lara Jade. The winner will receive a one hour mentoring session on Skype with Sue or Lara

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  1. Thanks sue!

  2. When you say THIS image, does that mean this exact canvas with her this exact size and I just do my thing to it without moving her, or she needs to be in the final image but I can cut her out or resize her? I just want to be sure before I start!

  3. Sue, please tell – where did you purchase this beautiful backdrop – you’ve talked about it on Bumps to babies course – but i didn’t get it – what you’ve been talking about – may because i’m not from USA :) thank you for your answer in advance :)

  4. I’ve been finished with this photo, I look forward to submitting my photo.

  5. This was so much fun. I hope we will do this again. This project brought out so much creativity in me and made me open my mind to all sorts of possibilities. Thank you so much Sue and Lara.

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