October 17, 2013#

“Don’t wait till you are perfect . . . You will never be perfect” ~Sue Bryce

I didnt edit this blog I wrote it late last night on my ipad. I read it once but it doesnt need editing or correcting it came from my heart.

In my late twenties and into my Thirties I had a bad patch. I put on 110 pounds or 50 kilos. I do not exist in photos during this period around 8 years. In fact my brothers wedding and a family portrait was all I could find from this period.

Through out this time I was a Glamour/Beauty Photographer that specialises in making Woman look fabulous. I was in love with my craft and the gift I gave Woman. I learned a lot about my self during these years. How to make women feel beautiful, how to make women feel comfortable and mostly how to make women feel safe. I was undeniably active in building my career during this time I share the love of a great family and the joy of friendships that I’ve had for life times that span continents and withstand absence. So I am loved and felt loved no matter what my body was portraying. But I wasn’t loving my self. About 35 years old I lost about 40 pounds/20 kilos at this time and just settled in an in between and there I stayed for another 5 years.

Hiding in Black trying hard not to be seen wanting desperately to be seen


I have photographed thousands of women in 24 years and had thousands of conversations about body image and loving your self. What I didn’t get/understand was self acceptance. But rather a deep painful wound that I buried deep that was a belief set in stone that I was broken and simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I played this story out for many years as ‘my victim story’ I’m not going to lie it helped immensely with my career being bigger, I was raw and vulnerable in my own fight for self love and women could identify with my struggle and my journey regardless of their age or size. I could make any woman feel good about what she had and where she was at but . . . What I wasn’t doing though was the WORK. I was speaking it, teaching it and preaching it but I was not living it.

I have watched the barrier that women of all ages and sizes put up between me and the camera. Everything they hate about themselves all their fears and vulnerabilities comes to the surface and there it is palpable and raw the fog I have to fight through and clear before you allow me to see your true beauty (the light inside you) and take a portrait of you to show you back to yourself. Since being on the creativeLIVE stage the comments and emails have been consistent where are your photos Sue? When the suggestion first came to do a shoot live on creativeLIVE I thought it was a great idea within an hour every fear fog and drama came instantly to the surface and there I was in all my dramatic, pathetic neurotic glory. How could I possibly trust someone enough to do for me what I have done for so many for so many years.

I am not a brilliant photographer my skills lays in the control I have, the years of experience of making ordinary bodies longer and slimmer the assertiveness in which I can take away your fear long enough to let me take control of you and the space which I can hold for long enough for you to relinquish that fear in order for me to bring out the incredible light that’s inside every human being.

It may sound nebulous and even superficial but that fog, that barrier you throw up is so real and there I was wrapped in it could I let mine down long enough to be seen. Why did I choose Lara Jade to photograph me? Lara is 24 and looks like the models she photographs she is a fashion photographer that photographs young tall slim professional models. What does she know about curvy 42 year olds that carry these stupid fears. The answer is simple she sees beauty and I trust her. That is enough.

I thought like everyone else that I would drop another 10 pounds before my shoot but of course I ended up eating everything in sight for three weeks to cover the level of anxiety I felt (as if another 10 pounds would magically give me confidence ha ) I wished I had better clothes dreamed of being younger and berated my self for not having done this years ago. On the day I resisted every part of it threw up my breakfast cried a bit in private and generally behaved badly.

About a year ago after filming Jill’s documentary in Paris I really started to do the work, self care self love and the most important self acceptance and gratitude. Weight has been leaving me but not because I am holding to a number but because I no longer care what I weigh. There is no identity in my weight ‘Problem’ anymore just my acceptance of who I am and how I live. How could I meet this girl being ravaged by cancer having her body cut away and not HONOUR the body I have the perfectly healthy body I have and cannot give to her. How can I “quote – Change the conversation we are having about our bodies if I do not change mine” So it was with LOVE not resistance that I set out to change mine. I tell photographers all the time to sell your shoots do one yourself, market what you do with your own images and experience and honour your craft by experiencing it and paying for it.

Jill in Paris baring her soul
Sue Bryce Paris Blog 6

‘The Light that Shines’ will forever change my world
Sue Bryce Paris Blog 2

The reveal was filmed live on the show ‘Create incredible experimental Portraits’ with Sue Bryce and Lara Jade you can watch the shoot too. I was overwhelmed with tears not because of what I saw but because of the incredible vulnerability I felt and complete sadness I had in my body that I have wasted to many years rejecting what I am and that I never felt good enough to do this earlier. I deserved more from myself and will remember this experience for the rest of my days. I will teach this over and over again so that many others can be free of their own barriers and I will value the gift I have been given of knowing this lesson and the opportunity I have to share it.

This year I will launch an international campaign to ‘Exist in Photographs’ for your family, to see yourself and to accept all you are. All ages all weights and all barriers aside. I have always believed I do not photograph the outside I photograph the inside of people. I don’t know why we are made this way but we are and it’s just a perception, a perception we can change at any time.

“You can’t wait until you are perfect … Because you are never perfect or maybe just maybe you are”
SUe Bryce Lara Jade Shoot

My reveal wall is still up at home I think it will stay here for a while.
Sue Bryce Lara Jade blog

Dear Human:
You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where you’ll return. You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated through the beauty of… messing up. Often. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And then to rise again into remembering. But unconditional love? Stop telling that story. Love, in truth, doesn’t need ANY other adjectives. It doesn’t require modifiers. It doesn’t require the condition of perfection. It only asks that you show up. And do your best. That you stay present and feel fully. That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU. It’s enough. It’s Plenty.”

– Courtney A. Walsh.


  1. Brilliant! .I make people look and feel beautiful everyday as a photog and MUA….but I don’t exist in many photographs..

  2. I needed to hear this. Thank you. =)

    • It was hard to say but now its out so its time. Thank you

  3. What a wonder and blessing you are to the world Sue :) Thank you for such a wonderful piece!

    • Thanks Brandi our weaknesses do become our strengths when we embrace them x

  4. Sue, I watched the reveal and it was amazing! I am a huge fan of Lara Jade’s work and could not think of anyone more perfect to photograph you. I photograph a lot of women to look amazing for themselves and that brings me the most happiness from my photography. I love when people see how beautiful they really are. This has inspired me to do a self portrait series and perhaps mix in some of the conceptual ideas you gave me as well. I’m excited! Thanks for putting yourself out there. <3

  5. Sue!! I have seen you in real life and you are stunning! Such gorgeous hair, intense but kind eyes, cheeky smile, the most beautiful balanced curves.. I am so glad you can see in your portraits what the rest of us see! So glad you did this! I need to get some done for myself now.. :/

    • Thank you Lisa my hair has saved me would you believe during some dark hours ha

  6. I think this is wonderful to post this, how so many of us feel. I am learning to love myself more and really try to take more pics with me and my kids starting at the beginning of this year. It has helped me tremendously. The kids don’t care if you are perfect, they care to see you there. Inspires me to do my own shoot, just for me. Thanks for sharing your emotional journey and letting us all know that we are not alone.

  7. reading your note is like looking at myself in the mirror… Thank you … I guess I just need someone to tell me this.

  8. You are gorgeous, inside and out. Very inspiring. In all my 54 years I’ve had maybe 2 or 3 photos taken of me that I could even look at and those were long long ago. I completely hear you. Bravo for doing this. You are gorgeous! Now do you feel it?

  9. This is so touching and so brave of you to share . Self perception is an ongoing battle and just when You think you have it under control ,doubt creeps back up. I’m glad you are realizing how Amazing you are. The pictures look amazing

  10. Boy, this really hit home for me. I never feel good enough and then beat myself up for feeling that way. I always hide when I think I might have to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. I know in my heart that what’s inside is beautiful but just don’t feel like I show it. Thank you for being brave and reminding us what is really important! Your images are gorgeous and the light shines in your eyes!

  11. Beautiful. Love this post. I still need to.blog.my personal glamour.session. I think.you.look.incredible. my favorites.are of the red dress. You are gorgeous. So.glad you.are.on.the road to loving yourself..love ypu

  12. I watched your reveal live, and cried along with you. Thanks so much for sharing yourself. I wonder if so many of us love being photographers because we are so much more comfortable behind that lens (I know I am). Will try to internalize your lesson. Promise.

  13. I’m heavy right now and I have no photos from the last 2 years. It’s not any easy thing to face when you’re in the thick of it so to speak.

    I’m feeling happy about having a body that works well. I’m appreciating the fact that each day I can wake up, create my art, and ride my horse. I’m not going to focus on starving myself as I have done in the past but feeling gratitude for the here and now. It means a lot that you shared your story with us, Sue. Your CreativeLive reveal was so beautiful and touching. I feel that my imperfections are part of my perfection. :-)

  14. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this x

  15. p.s. I love how Lara referenced Catherine Zeta Jones photos before she shot you. Spot on sister!

  16. Thank you for sharing! You are one of the most inspirational photographers that I follow and I learn something new every time you post something, be it video or written. Your work and words are incredible! If I were you I’d keep that reveal wall up too! You look amazing in every photo!! :)

  17. Thank you Sue for sharing your beautiful heart and soul!

  18. Wow. Just wow. BEAUTIFUL WORDS. Thank You.

  19. This is so beautiful and so true. I spend so much time trying to convince my moms that they need to be in the pictures but have none of my glorious 260lb self. It’s such a scary thing. That control of letting someone else capture you and to trust them to do it “right” is so hard to let go of. My son needs pictures of his parents. It’s not fair to him that in an age where billions of pictures are taken everyday, he doesn’t have any with his folks.

    • You said it Nicky your son NEEDS these pics do it this weekend accept and love

  20. This post is beautiful. And just what I needed to read. Thank you.

    I have seen you in real life. You are inspirational with the way you talk and the way you present yourself, your struggles, your views on the industry. I need to take a leaf out of your book and put myself forward in all aspects of my life. I am so overweight now it is ridiculous. I blame it for everything – it is an easy out. I don’t get work because of it I am sure. I am very rarely in photos and only when I am absolutely forced to be. I won’t look at them.

    Thank you Sue for many things.

    • so easy to use it as an excuse isnt it and hide. Yu are worth Healthy whatever that weight it you are worth love and richer braver life. x

  21. Wo thank you Sue for such honest words from your heart to mine!

  22. Beutiful read, If you only knew how much beauty you project from inside , you rock !

    • I truly feel it but I think I always did I was just masking the outside thank you

  23. Sue, thank you. I will never forget watching the show LIVE on Saturday afternoon, and how your vulnerability and tears so deeply affected and touched me. I feel like you are my friend even though we will probably never meet in person. You have shared your soul, and that has made me a better person. I’ll pay you back by sharing this experience with my circle of influence. Looking forward to your “Exist in Photographs” campaign. (And Catherine Zeta-Jones is my favorite actress, and you two indeed share a resemblance!)

  24. Thank you sue! For sharing and being vulnerable! We love you!

  25. Beautiful! Thank you for your open, honest truth.

  26. You are a beautiful light.

  27. I’ve always loved taking photographs, so at 47, I bought my first DSLR and began reading books, watching videos, and whatever else to learn how to use it and how to take photographs of my beautiful 18 year old daughter as I see her, because she doesn’t know how beautiful she is. That is why I found you on YouTube and watched everything I could find that you had put up because you showed me how to shoot my beautiful curvy little girl. Then I found “Fear” and balled my eyes out, not for you but for myself and my little girl. My baby doesn’t know she is beautiful because I taught her that with my own opinions of myself. …and I learned that from my my mother….and she learned it from hers.
    I’ve spent a year learning how to take photographs and I love it! After a lot of practice, I took a photo that my daughter chose, over the Senior photos I paid for, to have put in her high school yearbook. Still the ugly demons in my head keep telling me that I’m not good enough to do what I love for a living. …I’m just not good enough….I don’t have any money to get started…who do I think I am…I just don’t have the courage…etc.
    I saw you as being the beautiful, talented, confident photographer I want to be. “Fear” showed me that I’m not alone and I have no business sitting there on my victim couch when my beautiful girl needs me to get off my ass.

    Thank you Sue!

    • I watched it you know my own talk on fear twice in fact it was hard to watch. You can change anything her voice and yours too you are worth that

  28. This has made my heart sing and made me cry also – out of fear, out of joy, out of relief. We are our biggest critic, our biggest road block, our biggest enemy and it is only now in my 40’s that I know it’s all bullshit. Each and every one of us is amazingly perfect. Each and every one of us needs to know that, believe that. I hope to teach it to my children, especially my daughter. Thank you Sue. Thank you.

  29. You are so inspiring to me…not only in photography, but in life as well. I never stand in front of a camera, but I love being behind one! I have struggled with weight all my life. Around age 40, I developed a nerve disease called, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. That lead me on a 20 year hell filled with steroids and more weight gain. Last October I had a pain pump implanted that would send pain meds to me on strict timetable. Only I ended up in a coma for 19 days. Seems the Doctor couldn’t read decimal points. After finally finding another Doctor, one who is so knowledgeable about my disease and the pain pump, I have only had 3 flare ups since April and I have lost 54 pounds Even though I am still overweight, I feel so much better about myself and just reading your article made me want to make sure that my grandsons have pictures to remember me by! I love you and thank you for all you do for women! You are the Bees Knees in my life for sure!

  30. Your vurnerability is your strength. :) You’re empowering a lot of women. x

  31. Your story started for me when i met you at the Nikon Event at the Sunshine Coast QLD. I have been stalking you in a friendly way every since. Its been like watching a soap opera with a great story line, or a book that has many sequels, just when you finish one, there is something left hanging and you have to watch/read the next book. I am still waiting for the chance to have my Sue Bryce Photoshoot, i am sure one of these days it will happen, but in the mean time i am excited by the Exist in Photographs Campaign and cant wait for the next chapter to come out!! Its been so great seeing your growth over the last 5 years and i am pleased to know you as a person and not just as the creative live rock star. So with all that said, its about time I took a leaf out of your book and started on my own life changing steps and stop struggling with the am i worthy thoughts that plague me. Thank you Sue Bryce. You Rock!!

    • Oh Melissa you are so beautiful and talented and have such an open heart how can you not share it

  32. I just had myself photographed by a young photographer who has a great talent in the early stages. Tonight, I received the nicely done images, but was feeling ashamed at how far my body was from where I want it to be. I was even considering playing around with my waistline in Photoshop, but now I won’t.

    Nobody else seems to have an issue with my body except me. I need to be nicer to myself.

  33. You are gorgeous!!!!

  34. Sue you look so beautiful. That hair, those eyes, your gorgeous skin. But most importantly your strength, confidence, self awareness that shines bright and true. Thank you for sharing x

  35. I was just talking to my one of my sisters today about this! That we really need to make a point to be in more photographs with our children, family, and friends. I also was telling her about my shoot with you and Nikki and how incredible you made me feel. I have never felt so good about myself like I did that day with you and I need to stop being so hard on myself… quit beating myself up because of my weight. Sue, I will FOREVER be grateful for meeting you that day at Urban Campfire and having the opportunity to be photographed by you and Nikki. A day I will never forget!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  36. Sue! This is one of your most wonderful and important posts of all time. Thank you for being brave enough to share. Lara truly showed your beauty that all of us, your followers, have known and admired since we first met you. I’m so happy you’re beginning to see it in yourself, too. Thank you for helping so many of us improve our craft, and for encouraging us to improve the way we perceive ourselves. You are wonderful.

  37. Beautiful and true!
    I needed it so much!
    I will photograph myself

  38. Hi Sue,
    You’ve described what a lot of us are like…I too see everyones light, tell them how good they are etc, but don’t always see my own…
    I’ve heard you speak (I was at a workshop) and KNOW you’re a good person with lots to share with the world…
    I’ve never been concerned with how you look, I never saw anything in you except beauty, warmth and the genuine need to help people….but one thing I’ve always thought about is why do you always wear black..?
    Now I know..
    The photograph of you in the blue is absolutely stunning. Keep it forever Sue, see the change in colour as a reflection of the work you’ve done to accept you as you are….
    with all my love
    chris xx

  39. absolutely beautiful. thank you so much for sharing. I am tearing up at your honesty and my own connection to your story. you are completely stunning, from your heart to every inch of your being!

  40. Sue, your images are absolutely stunning! Your words always soak me with inspiration but you finally have the images that match who you are! A celebration for sure! One of these days I will have you photograph me:)

  41. Oh Oh OHMYGOSH! What a beautiful post! And the pictures are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing them with us — and for sharing your heart — which happens to resemble so many of our hearts! Thank you for the healing quality you bring to your work!

  42. As always, you are an inspiration! Thank you for being you and sharing so much of your talent and your real self!

  43. I am so glad that now you have such beautiful photos, just like thousands of your happy customers. They say better late than never and it is wonderful that your “late” is not late at all ;) it is right on time.
    Much love & warmest wishes, Tatiana.

  44. This made me cry!!! Thank You for sharing and being so honest! …You have a beautiful soul .

  45. This post is one of the most beautiful and inspiring things I’ve read in what feels like ages. You are such a wonderful, inspiring and truly beautiful human being on the inside as well as the outside. I’ve battled with self image issues for years, although I hide it well and have learned ways to disguise the issues so no one else would notice. Reading this post has provided me with the inspiration to learn to love myself. Thank you!

  46. We are all Perfect, Whole and Complete at our Core. Everything else (our personalities) are just data. Data that was downloaded to us since the point of our conception.
    We teach what we need to learn. You finally learned it Sue and it was an honor for all of us to witness it.
    Thank you. :)
    Much love and Many blessings to you!
    Sat Nam! (Truth is my identity)

  47. Here’s one of the many stories you are about to get bombarded with but you should know how inspiring and beautiful you are:) I watched your creative live reveal and I cried with you, for you, for me and for all women. My only photo shoot ever was my high school graduation more than 20 years ago. I even avoided school photos. I looked back through some old family albums and realized there were no images of me. My choice and all because of self image. One of my pleasures in life is my grandmothers photo albums and had she felt this way there wouldn’t be any images for me to enjoy. I have recently started doing a self portrait here and there just for a record. The rest is a work in progress. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing your work, yourself, your creativity and your photoshop skillz with the world. You have made a lot of women stand a little taller this week.

  48. You are such an inspiration, Sue. You have been given a true gift and I thank you so much for sharing with us.

  49. Just reading this gives me such inspiration! I have always struggled with weight and have always judged myself. I eat right and exercise regularly and can never seem to lose weight. So I went to the doctor only to be told I am perfectly healthy……then I look at myself in the mirror and I am like how can an almost 300 lb woman be perfectly healthy! something has to be wrong with me for me to not be losing weight. But after reading this I see it I realize it and I am so thankful for this blog! You are an amazing woman with such a strong heart! I hope to some day be photographed by you! Thank you for all the inspiration you give me!!!

  50. My 26 year old daughter Cassandra is a talented and beautiful photographer. I totally get what you say about photographing the inside of people. That’s what she does. I will say that I am guilty of thinking I’m not perfect enough. If she wanted to photograph me, I would not allow it. My first thought would be, “Let me lose some weight first”. I’m 52 years old and have gained 14 pounds in the past two years. It’s ironic that minutes after doing a cardio workout I read this blog. As of tonight at 10:20 p.m. I made a promise to myself to care about myself as much as I care for the others that I love. Therefore, I made a commitment to daily exercise, healthier eating, plenty of water, more sleep and daily prayer. Cassandra gets married in one year on October 18, 2014, so I set that date as my goal. Fortunately I only have 14 pounds to lose. My biggest obstacle is fear of failure and distraction. I’m keeping a journal as I make this transformation. Your words were of great encouragement to me tonight. Thank you for sharing.

  51. You have changed how I see myself, and my photography. Your Creative Live was the best three photography days I have ever had. Thank you! I feel rejuvenated.

  52. I just wrote a similar article last week about my experiences getting in front of the camera, struggles with my weight, and how everyone needs to get in photos with family and put all that aside.

    Chevk it out: http://www.mcpactions.com/blog/2013/10/09/photographers-thoughts-in-front-of-the-camera-and-lens/

    I turn 42 in a week, and I relate and have been trying to get others on board too.

    MCP Actions

  53. You look thin in the pictures. Really thin.

    I’m 53 and it doesn’t matter if I’m pudgy. It doesn’t matter if my socks match or my hair is organized into the correct shape for the general public. It doesn’t matter that I don’t wear a wedding ring. I am not happy that my husband won’t wear his. So I don’t wear mine. I’m not beautiful or tall or thin.

    I’m pissed off that my life hasn’t lived up to my expectations. My parents were seriously shitty. My life has been one crappy thing after another.

    I had a stroke. It made my life crazy for the last 5 years. My son is chronically ill. It made me hate everybody. Life. Seriously. Sucks.

    You know what? What matters is what I mean to other people. That is all. It matters what I give. What I am. To other people.

    That is all.

  54. Sue, you and your images re beautiful. Life is funny, I could never appreciate my youth and equity at 30 until I was 40. I could not appreciate 40 until I was 50. Now at 53 I think, dang, why did I think I was so fat, so old, so whatever! Embrace it all, you are beautiful!!

  55. As I sit here wiping the tears from my eyes, my god Sue you are so beautiful from the inside & out.
    I’ve gained approx 30 kg this year, complications after shoulder surgery has left me unable to pick up my camera or work for almost 12 months now. I won’t look in a mirror or shop window, I look at my beautiful photos that you took of me & know she’s in there somewhere….
    I love and appreciate you Sue .. Thankyou for sharing .
    Annie xxx

    • Annie Murray I close my eyes I see your beautiful face. I don’t care what your body looks like. Your eyes sparkle and your dimples make me giggle with joy. But all your beauty aside your warmth and you authenticity is like a warm hug in safe beautiful place. Knowing you photographing made my soul richer. I know how much it will hurt you to not have your camera in hand you are a beautiful photographer. Sending you love and healing and hope and laughter and all things beautiful x

  56. Raw, honest, emotional, and deep. I’ve learned so much from you, from your willingness to be open with complete strangers in the hopes we can take something away and make a better life for ourselves. Thank you for being you-the beautiful, honest, and so talented you.

  57. I was so happy for you Sue when I watched your reveal on CreativeLive. The outpouring of emotion was felt personally through-out the planet. And as many who have posted comments here, they have hit home.

    I just wanted to say, hiding in the fog is not limited to just women. I am also one who stays behind the camera. much like you, I have very few photos of myself and shied away from people pointing a camera in my general direction. I don’t exist in photographs.

    I admire mostly your strength and courage to come out of your fog. I don’t think I am ready. But I thank you for being an inspiration. I signed up with CreativeLive to watch a course on being creative with my photography; I ended up learning so much more.

    • Oh Gord so so true it’s not just a girl thing it’s a human thing. Every one deserves to be seen x

  58. Thank you Sue

  59. Wow Sue I have watched you on CreativeLive and I feel like you are a younger sister. Maybe we really all are sisters and brothers. I was never over weight but I had big fat cheeks and I hated having my photo taken. When someone did snap a shot I hated it. Then when I was 30 I did the outrageous thing of hiring a professional photographer to shoot some boudoir images. My husband at the time was so pissed he was ready for a divorce.
    Now 25 years later I look at those images and I do not see a fat face or big thighs or small boobs. I see a beautiful young woman and I wish I had more of those. We are only who we are at this point in time. I need to get another glamour image of myself so I can look back in 10 years and say, yes I was beautiful then.
    Thanks for being so honest, it makes my throat get thick and hard to swallow just writing this.

  60. Good you wrote this story. In the end it is only the “inner of people” that counts. You rock Sue Bryce!
    Success with the new project. Looking forward to the results.


  61. Thank you for this great sharing Sue. I have been a huge fan and follower of you and your work since your first appearance in creativeLIVE . One great thing about you I love is you don’t talk about photography in technical way but you talk about it in emotional way. I realize this bring out the best of you not just as a photographer but also as a person. Keep up the great work girl and again thank you for your great sharing.

  62. I have been a fan of you since the first time I learned of you and your story on CreativeLIVE over a year ago. Since then I have seen all of your workshops there and although they all had moving and inspirational moments, none have moved me like this last one because it hit me deep down. I cried right along with you because I know what it is like, as many others do, to be afraid to live in your skin, to feel so uncomfortable with yourself that you just give up on any chance of being happy. This kind of self-sabotage we engage in to not feel vulnerable and to not step outside our very narrow comfort zone. But to watch you break through that wall with such courage has inspired me more than you will ever know and for that I want to thank you. I wish you nothing but the best and I look forward to following your developing story and can also say that I look forward to start writing my own…

  63. Sue… You. Are. Stunning. And quite honestly one of the most adorable creatures on the face of this earth. Lara did such a great job capturing your natural beauty. Your message reminded me of a revelation I had about 10 years ago, although not as deep & heartfelt… Our local newspaper ran a “where are they now” kind of article of The Golden Girls with updated photos of all the girls, Rue, Bea, Betty & Estelle. (If you haven’t seen the show, watch it. You’ll love it. I promise!) They were in their 70s at the time with more gray hairs, more wrinkles, looking 20years older. I stared at that photo forever it seemed like. I wondered if they looked back at old footage of themselves in their 50s and thought, “I was beautiful! Why didn’t I just enjoy it? Why did I beat myself up over wrinkles and weight and gray hair?” I was in my early 20s when I decided that those women shouldn’t have wasted their joy on nit-picking themselves and their so-called flaws. Now, anytime I see a photo of myself and think, “Ugh, my forehead is too big or I wish I could get a nose job or get rid of these wrinkles” I always come back to, “Not everyone can be, or should be, Cindy Crawford, Diane Lane, Catherine Zeta Jones, or Sue Bryce” (These of course being the great beauties of our time), “We have to have some Sophia Petrillo’s in this world and damn it if that has to be me, I should be proud to carry that torch!” ;) Much love and admiration, Ms. Sue Bryce. Xoxo

  64. I loved your post. I want to work on myself, I actually have come a long way in these last 4 years. I wish I looked half as ‘bad’ as you do…although I do hear what you say. I have looked back and have seen how few photos that I am in. Why did I chose to look back? I have always taken pictures of absolutely everything that my children have done, including the pan of pizza muffins that fell to the floor & my little one crying about it (who does that? I’ve heard that, but I did). Then 4 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it occurred to me that although my children would have memories of everything they did, they would not have the memory of who they were with when they did it…I did a family photo shoot that year with a friend taking the photos because I didn’t know if it might be our last…..I have never liked myself, not even when the store clerk insisted that I was a size 3-5 when I figured I was a 9-12 and I am SO far from those numbers now it’s crazy to think I thought myself fat at that stage. I have hated almost every inch of myself for most of my life; I don’t want to but yet it’s there. I do hand the camera over almost each time that I go somewhere now so that I can have a few of myself especially with my children but I loath it usually I do it just in case anything were to happen to me that my boys would have some photos of me. Funny thing is just this summer I said to a friend who did not want to have her photo taken “you are no surprise to anyone that knows you when they see your photo, but you may be a surprise to yourself”. It changed her attitude towards having photos taken, as she said “you’re right, I never thought of it that way”. I have to start living my own words…maybe in 60-100 lbs from now but I don’t see it right now. But I will keep your post in mind. All the best to you. :)

  65. I am SO happy for you, Sue… way to go! (And, way to go Lara… fortunate you for the opportunity to photograph this incredible beauty.) Wish I’d seen the live reveal.
    I was so fortunate to have been photographed by you at Creative Live last summer and, though in pretty nice shape (for 53 years old), I immediately wanted to take control and tell you how to pose me so that my turkey neck didn’t show. I was super glad you called me on it by saying “Trust me.” This aging and menopausal process and loss of youthfulness is definitely a process that is hard to go through. All that used to be true is no longer true… skin that sags, bags appear under the eyes, ripples that defy gravity… super sad, but true. Still, when I consider the great health and commitment to fitness that I have, I am beyond blessed. My task is similar to the one you bravely faced… to dare to be seen as beautiful as I am in this moment… vulnerable, revealed and worthy of love anyways.
    You are a bright light of inspiration to me, Sue. You are beyond beautiful, in physical form and more so in spirit and sincerity. Gorgeous girl! Holy shit, beautiful images! Skinny you, you realize you have an entirely new selection of colours to wear in your palette, don’t you?
    You lift me up and I thank you. Oh, I would LOVE to have a full-fledged photo shoot with you now.

  66. Its shocking that we as women do this to ourselves! I loved the fact that you were brave enough to get in front of the camera and that Lara was brave enough to step behind it! (I saw the shoot and in parts you looked fierce!). As with all these women above I have my own deep set fears about my body. I would love to be brave enough to step out from behind the camera and have a set of images taken. But not only am I scared to do that I’m worried that I will never find the right photographer! I constantly tell my clients that its all about feeling beautiful and trusting that person behind the lens, but their hollow words when you can’t do that yourself! Thanks for taking the first step for all of us! xx

  67. Sue, you have inspired me so much. I grew up in a South African photographer’s home and lived through working in a darkroom from film for many years doing action photography with very few photos being taken of me. After a long break as I went into a corporate career I have recently made the decision to go back to my passion again – photography .
    I have set up my studio and done 2 shoots with close friends of mine and the reaction was the same that I saw from you during your CreativeLive shoot. These ladies cried, squealed with joy and and whooped about the room.
    When I watched your shoot and your reaction, I contacted my sister who lives overseas and is coming home to visit and we have scheduled this weekend to photograph each other and those pictures will be part of my website. I also want to see myself the way you did and so does my sister.
    It seems that we (you and I) have the same vision, to present to the universe the unique beauty in all of us and I hope this campaign goes viral – worldwide. There is way too much emphasis on being airbrushed perfect and as you say “we already are”.
    Much love and light to you. Namaste.

  68. I felt a sense of warmth wash over me while reading this. It’s pure. It’s honest. It’s something we should all try to remind ourselves every day. Life is a gift. Live it. Love it. From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

  69. Thank you SO much for writing this.

  70. Thank you Sue …
    I haven’t read all the comments so I am sure I am not the first to say this but … as a male photographer we too hide behind the lens for many reasons. You are an inspiration to all of us … not only for your photography … but for you …

  71. Is it amazing how we don’t generally see what’s going onnon the inside. I’m sure most of us see you Sue as a beautiful and confident woman. Okay you may used to carry a few extra pounds but iy didn’t detract from you. I’m sure most of us want to be a bit like you. Thanks for revealing what’s in your heart.

  72. You look beautiful! Even woman that are “real models ” have self doubt in their body image. I am sure plenty of woman that look at your pictures old and young are like man I wish I looked like her… No one likes they way they look like 100% and find and look for the worst in themselves. I am guilty of this time to time everyone is! Again you are gorgeous, and seem like a beautiful soul on the inside as well! Very inspiring and I hope to be at least 20% as successful as you are! Thank you for inspiring me!

  73. Thank you Sue

    This was such an inspirational piece. And hits right home. We never believe in ourselves or that we are good enough until we meet that special someone who is so grateful for what they have, yet they have so much less to be grateful for… And they teach us to love what we have, to love ourselves, to be brave and be thankful. In the end, we are responsible for the way we feel about who we are….

  74. Sue, first of all, you look incredible in all your photos, but exceptionally incredible in that blue gown!

    You have done wonders for the world of photography, not just in business and technique, but everything else that comes with it. The camera is just a tool with which we see the rest of the world, and you help us gain confidence in that world, in ourselves. Everyone has self doubt and looks down at their body image a good chunk of the time, but I’m grateful for your bravery to share your story with us so that we may grow stronger from your strength. You are a beautiful woman Sue, in every sense of the word.

  75. THANK YOU!

    I watch it every time, when you´re teaching on CL.
    I saw this fantastic shoot and I cried with you or even more than you.
    It was so emotional and you were so right with your words.
    And now I´m overwhelmed again because of your blog today.
    I know this bad period, I am just still in it. After a hard time and a
    hard break-up with my big love (that´s another long story) and the
    stop of smoking… I put on a lot more weight. And even before I was
    never that thin model girl. So I really struggle with myself so often.
    But I try hard to learn loving myself and start to look in the mirror
    without hating what I see there.
    And you are right, I can´t wait till I´m perfect, because I will never
    feel absolutely perfect.
    But if I start doing what I love and don´t hide anymore, I think this
    would change a lot. So I´m trying now to get up and start.
    The first thing will be: photography… what else?! :)

    But I just want you to know how beautiful you really are! And I think
    you can´t really imagine how much you do with your clear and truly
    words. How much strength you are giving to a lot of women in this world.
    You always give me such a big push and help me start doing what I love.
    And it´s not just me, you are “helping” to thousands of people now.

    So please go on like this. Never change your personality… because you´re
    great. Not just a great (and for me one of the best) photographer, a great
    personality too. And I hope you can see: We love who you are and what you do.

    Thank you!

  76. I was super excited when I first noticed you started losing weight, because to me that meant you started to live what you teach. I have watched you turning into this beautiful creature, like little gray duck turns into a beautiful swan, this is your evolution into who you truly are. Im so so happy for you. You are so so beautiful, I am greateful to be able to follow you and learn from you, because you really are such an inspiration and you deserve to love every little part of yourself, even if they are not “perfect”. You made me start appreciating my body, even though it isnt perfect either, but its mine, it exists solely for me, it is so good to me, how can I not love it…

    All the best Sue, you are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., but you already know that.

  77. Your words always strike in me and I feel like I know you and love you :-) You are a very beautiful human being, in and out! I have been following your journey from the very CL and loving every single one. Thank you for continuously inspiring me and touching my heart. xxx

  78. Sue, I relate with this so much. Mother to 2 girls, overweight and in my 40’s, always hung up about my weight, and my girls always hear me talking about food and body image, not healthy at all ! I moved from the uk to Hk last November and when I visited the uk this summer I booked a photo shoot for me with a great photographer and dear friend Cristina Rossi. I was nervous, I didn’t loose the weight I had promised myself prior and I nearly cancelled the shoot. I am so glad I went through with it, I actually really enjoyed it , eventually after my initial nerves! I use the photos for my profile in my business and I will do it again when I visit next year ! It is so important to have photos of yourself , and have someone else see the beauty inside and out that we can’t see ourselves. I see my wrinkles, my extra tyre round my middle, my double chin, my thinning hair. My girls don’t see these things, they see their mum, my husband hopefully still sees the giddy 26 year old , and Cristina made me feel like that 26 year old all over again. Thank you for sharing such an honest post with us , Anna x

  79. Thank you! … Sincerely off to you, because beyond express their feelings in words, gives us his art and technique that you have your heart sensitivity .. Many thanks for sharing!

  80. what a wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing such intimacy, a very moving story that so many women can relate to. Your photography is stunning and clearly comes from the heart.

  81. Thank you for this lovely and important post.
    People have always been beautiful, regardless of age, size, colour, creed, etc. But something has happened in the last few decades that has made us question and doubt that. As a race, we need to identify what it was that has made us hate ourselves so much.
    Keep making beautiful pictures Sue Bryce.

  82. I am 19 years old and just like so many other women, I am fat. I have been all my life and when I was younger people always told me harsh stuff. I have never loved myself. About a year ago I discovered tumblr, the healthy side of tumblr, and I read all those posts about loving yourself. I am not there yet, but with small steps, hopefully someday I will be.
    What I wanted to say is that you have to love yourself, Sue. You are gorgeous and intelligent and kind-hearted. You are an amazing human being and you deserve all the love in the world. Thank you for every lesson you gave us, your fans.

  83. You are brave and so honest. And I see so many of my own insecurities when I read your words. You are such an inspiration for so many women. Can stop thanking you. Sending love and much Gratitude. Xxx

  84. What a beautiful blog. Thanks Sue! If we all would work on getting rid of the victim and honor the beauty that we truly are.

  85. Thank you Sue! I take this blog very dear to my heart. I am very happy to learn from such an amazing woman such as yourself! Watching your reveal on creative live was so emotional and inspiring for me. Your beautiful! I’m so glad that you finally got to see your gorgeous self that we’ve all seen all along in you!

  86. WOW Sue you look stunning. Your reveal wall should there forever as a remind ever that you are beautiful inside and out.

  87. …Sue…well you look beautiful to me , but not because of your physicality, you’re BEAUTIFUL because you’re so alive, so real, so open, so generous, so brave, so FEARLESS……(and to be honest I’m little afraid of you…!) You are a real inspiration…but from the outside … you seem untouchable! So it’s comforting to know that you also have some doubts and weaknesses. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts with us!

  88. Oh Sue….I’m at a loss for words but I must try!

    You have captured so much in your words of the struggles that, I truly believe, every woman experiences in their life at some point or another. Even my own daughter at 7 years old has begun to struggle with body image, with loving herself, and in her own confidence. You have expressed it with such honesty but also ownership of the situation that is just beautiful. Thank you for not only sharing your story, your images and your inspiration with us but also sharing your vulnerability.

    Like you, I have long avoided being in the photographs. I used to blame it on being a single mom (someone has to hold the camera right?) but the older my daughter gets, the more I must be honest with myself. I avoided the camera as much as possible. It is only within the last year or so that I have taken that step forward and allowed myself to exist….a family photo here, a business portrait there….but now, it’s time!

    I have taken two important steps…
    1) I have booked a portrait session for myself. Not a quick headshot. Not a family photo where I can hide behind my daughter or spouse. A shoot for myself – and I’m Terrified!

    2) I’ve begun a fund – my Sue Bryce fund!
    I have watched you on CreativeLive, I have read your blog, I’ve enjoyed every moment spent chatting with you online. Thanks to your advice, inspiration, and major kicks in the rear end I have started to change my business. I’ve started to take the reigns and let my passion drive me to where I want to go. That said, I am that person who can’t shop for anything online. I need to go see it, do it, feel it…whatever!
    I have joined my first 5k run in two weeks time, and signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer (200+ km bike ride) to show my daughter that we can do anything we set are minds too and that it’s not about being a certain size or weight it’s just about being healthy. The next thing I must show her…that’s it’s about truly loving yourself flaws and all! It may take me years to save up, but somewhere, somehow, I will step in front of your camera and experience all you offer every woman!

    Thanks for being you!

  89. You just killed me there… 6am Miami time and reality check has knocked on my door thru this post. Little by little I’m accepting myself as I am (yes, I’m starting to show up in pictures now, LOL). It’s not easy but it’s happening. Thanks for being so honestly open. I’ve been following you for a while (bought some of your courses thru CreativeLive) and I can’t wait for what’s coming … Best wishes, Rosie :)

  90. I’m so happy that you were able to experience the wall from the client’s perspective, Sue. Now you can really understand why those of us lucky enough to have experienced that with you consider it a life changing moment. You are so beautiful internally and externally, so happy you are starting to see that and embrace it. Let your light shine, my dear! Kathleen

  91. Dear Sue,

    A wonderful piece ..so true..had the pleasure of watching the episode and really felt it was an humbling experience.Thank you for giving a lot of us courage to accept the way we are and trust ourselves more, love more and share more. You are an wonderful person and it shows. Blessed to watch your show. Keep smiling :)

  92. The images take my breath away. You are gorgeous, you look content, Lara is so talented. I can see in these images the new you, who has had so much success these past few years, who has given back to so many, who has taught so many. I see a more mature and worldly you.

    My big dream is also to empower women, possibly through photography or maybe something even more. I love the idea of your campaign because my biggest value is empowering people, especially women, and showing them the beauty I see inside every one of them. I cannot wait to see what unfolds. Thanks for allowing us to see these images and learn your story. Kristen

  93. Thank you for the inspiring post with your authentic and courageous self expression Sue! Self acceptance, self love, gratitude… these words in the post resonated with me, thanks for sharing & you look great!

  94. Perfect, just perfect!

  95. With tears streaming down my face…thank you for sharing this…this is my story too…I needed to read this. Life is short and goes by quickly. I can tell I will be thinking about you constantly during the next couple days and the words of wisdom you share with us. Thank you again for keeping it real.

  96. Sue,
    This blog post is nothing short of “seeing your soul”. It’s got nothing to do with how beautiful you look in the portraits, although you do, but that’s just your outside beauty. This post, even minus the photographs, shows the depth, understanding, pain, forgiveness, passion, and authenticity of your soul. You’ve understood your journey and there is nothing more beautiful than that. Sharing it is a gift to everyone else, bravo! I continue to work on my journey though this wonderful, difficult, beautiful, ugly, mishmash of life and I’m eternally grateful for each moment. Thank you for sharing yours. Donna

  97. the first thing i discovered is that photographers do a lot to make fat women look and believe that they are beautiful because i do it also for must fat women i photographed.
    Also there is need for me to start seeing myself differently. I do like this write up it’s teaches me to set my soul free and live in love, rather than feeling not good enough. thanks Sue.

  98. I thought you were beautiful from the moment I first saw you.

  99. Sue
    You speak truthfully and from the Heart. Oh how your words touched me personally as they have so many women today.
    From this day I will learn to Be me and Accept who and what I am. I Will find the light that shines. You have shown that it’s possible. Your Work Inspires me, your words Encourage me, your widom astounds me.
    Every woman should read this post

    Love From Me, 46, Small, short sighted, slightly over weight, Mother of three – Imperfect, Perfect Me!

  100. Sorry, I’ve not read the comments yet, I wanted to say this before I read what others think.
    I saw the reveal live on Creative Live, Sue you were obviously very moved by the photos, by the process and by the realisation that that’s who you are.
    I’ve ‘followed’ a few of you CL courses, I’ve never, honestly, understood when you say that you need to loose weight, I’ve also never understood why you ‘always’ wear black, I assumed it was the photographer thing about trying to ‘hide’ in the background, not to be seen, but that couldn’t be right, you were taking about portraits not weddings, so there was only you and the subject so why would you try to hide?
    This post explains a lot, I still don’t understand, why you feel so insecure about your looks, I was hoping to see the professional photo you got taking 18 years ago, and if the photo you posted above, at a wedding? is one of you ‘fat’. Not even close.
    I like the photos that Lara Jade got of you in black, but I really like the ones of you in red, and the one with the ‘see through’ leave dress is amazing.
    You’ll never be perfect, I think you trying to kid everyone, you are, and you have been for a long time.
    I’ve enjoyed your courses on CL, but if your going to continue to be silly, maybe I need to look elsewhere for inspiration :)
    Keep up the great work, you move so many people, you give so much back to the industry.
    love and peace

  101. Sue,
    You mean so much, to so many. I am so glad that you are sharing your journey to mean just as much…even more, to yourself. Through your strength and understanding, I am on this journey, as well. And, I am so happy to have you in my life. You’ve truly changed the way I see things – the way I see myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replayed your talk on fear. I am moved to tears each time – happy tears, hopeful tears.. and a true feeling of hope – you let others know that it is possible. I remember your story about when you traveled with $5.00 to photograph someone. – the irony you felt with the change in your pocket, but staying at that beautiful place – Your words are powerful & I truly wish I could express just how much you mean to me for sharing them.
    I’ve watched you on CL from the beginning & I’ve witnessed your growth in loving yourself. You inspire me. I know it is possible because I have watched you do it. Thank you for sharing. Thank you, so very much, for sharing.

  102. I thank the Universe for bringing you onto my path, everyday! You are a BEAUTIFUL soul with so many wondrous talents and much love to teach and impart.

    Continued blessings on your journey, Goddess…

  103. What a brilliant blog post, thanks for sharing. I think there are far more women out there that feel this way for one reason or another. I am not in many photos either….I can say because I hold the camera, but I know its more than that. We will say I am not getting older gracefully :). At all of 43 I am VERY critical of myself. Your words touched deep. I remember you shoot with Jill. AMAZING and heartfelt. That alone speaks volumes!
    Your images are gorgeous and so are you!! just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Andrea

  104. sue, such a beautiful post. thank you for sharing! i too spent the past 15 years behind the lens, then i joined the ‘embrace the camera’ movement: http://www.marawolff.com/blog/2013/10/14/embrace-the-camera
    it has changed the way i exist in photographs with my children. thank you so much for sharing your journey. much love and gratitude, mara

  105. Sue,
    I was able to watch the creative live reveal and I cried with you. You are stunning! You are an inspiration to woman of all shapes and sizes. I have been repeating to myself “the place in which you dwell” that really hit home for me. I am glad I happened upon your workshop, not because I learned some new techniques but because of your profound message! Bless you for sharing your vulnerability with us!

  106. Thank you, Sue. You’ve been an inspiration! I take a lot of pictures (and I really mean a lot) of my daughter. I have her in different poses, in different outfits, in different locations. I was so proud of what I create until one day my mom said, “Why she is always alone in those pictures?” What she said was a huge slap on my face. I avoided being in front of the camera because all of the things you mentioned. My mom made me realize that preserving the memories for my daughter is far more important that how I look. My mom passed away few months ago…and one of the things that I regret the most is that I don’t have many pictures with her (and yes, I have a panda eyes when I am typing this). I want my daughter to remember me, to see the kind of love and relationship we have through pictures that we create. So, I am inserting myself into the pictures. Slowly. But at least she now has MORE pictures with me in it. I hope to see you in person one day. I want to give you a HUGE hug. xoxo

  107. So many thoughts….. Thank you. Truly Humbling.

  108. Sue, wow what can I say. I too have struggled with my weight and the what ifs, and if I was good enough, pretty enough. To the point that depression and many medical issues have happened. I hate to have my picture taken! I feel I’m not worthy or ever take a good, let alone a beautiful photo. I just had a cancer scare but all was well, now it’s do I get in a funk or actually do something about it. Your story really hit home and thank you so much for such a beautiful post. I too have just been involved with the design, centerpieces etc., for the Pink Promise Campaign. Right now I’m trying to find my place, I guess my happy place. Thank you again!

  109. Bravo Sue! I tell my girls that there are very few perfectly beautiful people. And very few perfectly ugly ones too. We all have beauty and something we would like to hide. Our job as a portrait artist is to accentuate the good, so we see it and remember it, while hiding what we don’t love. Our minds should work the same. Embrace the good and dismiss the not so good. Your photos are beautiful.

  110. Sue,
    Thank you for your soul-bearing honesty. I could have written the part of your post about waiting till I looked good enough. Part of the tortured photographer who loves to make others look amazing but loathes herself. I have two beautiful girls but I’ve cut my image, or deleted my image from any photos. I hurt from the poor example I’ve set for them; cherishing and praising their youthful beauty but teaching them that age and experience should be hidden away.
    From the moment I found your photography, I have been inspired to make women feel special, beautiful, amazing.
    Thank you, I have learned so much and I hunger to learn so much more from you.
    You are beautiful inside and out and make this world so much better by being you.
    Ever inspired,

  111. Oh Man! I also watched the live reveal…I was totally hooked all 3 days and in tears when I saw your reaction. Lara has taken some awesome shots and you really are truly beautiful.
    I gave a talk to some women last week about photography and couldn’t help but quote you and your ‘exist in photographs for your children’ campaign, it resonated with so many of them who had been hiding behind the camera including myself. I am motivated to correct this and so were they. Thank you. x

  112. Sue, I’ve only watched your most recent creative live workshop with Lara Jade, but I instantly fell in love with your work and Lara’s. I’ve been scowering you tube looking for more clips from your workshops. You are an inspiration! I admire how you faced your fear and bared your soul for us. You are so beautiful and thank you so much for all the inspiration and guidance you give us! I honestly want to give you a huge hug! xxxx

  113. Probably the best post you have ever written. Our stories are so similar, it is uncanny, except that I am 5 years older than you, so I have been torturing myself longer. I have been making other women look beautiful for over 20 years. They trust me. And if I lose another 10-30 lbs….maybe I’ll trust someone to photograph the me I remember. It would be funny, if it weren’t so true.

  114. Sue The pictures Lara took of you are stunning!! You really need to wear more red cause you look fabulous in that color wow!! But another note..This blog post so true in so many ways for so many of us.Thanks writing this.And this is from another girl that hates being in front of the camera.Avoids this at all costs.Thank you ,thank you.

  115. Wow….STUNNING!! I’m in tears……..

  116. You have been an inspiration to me, since I first saw you on CreativeLive. It was wonderful to see you experience what you give to others. I believe it’s how genuine you are. Sharing this is just another example of that. I am trying to make my business work, and it’s been difficult. Each time I watch you, I learn something new. I have been doing mostly families and children, but I have used some of your posing techniques, marketing templates, etc. I have been photographed, but not a full photo shoot like this. I would like to do it. Just turned 57 and still going after my dream. Thank you for helping move it along and keep going.

  117. thank you for sharing this with us. I saw your shown with Kelly Brown on CreativeLive recently and was impressed over and above your photo skills by your market savvy and clear incisive ideas. I have recently started a career as a wedding photographer at 45 (long story) and you gave me the clarity to go and market my work. Hope you can go on believing in yourself like we do believe in you.

  118. You look amazing, Sue! Laura did an incredible job and you are a gorgeous woman.

  119. Dear Sue-
    Just wanted to thank you again for sharing your wonderful talent and knowledge. I’ve seen ALL of your Creative Live classes. The first time I saw you and your work, I was spellbound. I couldn’t stop watching. My legs went to sleep from sitting all day in front of my monitor!! LOL I was particularly moved by your last class with Lara Jade. I felt your sincere emotion when you saw the images that Lara took of you. I hope you know what a BEAUTIFUL woman you are, both inside and out. Never doubt that. You always inspire me. I would like to follow my dreams as you have done. My worst two habits are procrastination and “I’m not good enough”. You covered both of these traits very well. I just need to kick myself in the butt and believe that I’m not Too Old to work and produce creative images. God Bless you Sue. I wish you all the best in everything you do. Sincerely, Don Patrick.

  120. thank you for your raw honesty. I am one of the MANY women who can relate to your story. you are a beautiful soul Sue Bryce who gives her all to the world. you are LOVE and thank you.

  121. Dear Sue, I love to watch your workshops on CL not only the beautiful art you are creating, but also when I first time I saw You , I told to myself, wow this is how real women looks like, in the each meaning of this word. .. your gestures,looks, and words screaming from you …..a Women, a Lady…. be proud! You are an inspiration. Thank you.
    p.s. sorry for my broken English :-(

  122. Beautiful Sue! Stunning photography Lara. (My husband just walked past and said ‘is that Sue Bryce? She looks amazing!’ You are. xx

  123. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! And the pictures are beautiful too :-)

    Thanks for sharing this Sue

  124. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! And the pictures are beautiful too :-)

    Thanks for sharing this Sue

  125. Thank you for this beautiful, honest approach. You, your honesty, integrity, inspiration, talent, are embedded in my mind.

  126. Once again Sue, thank you for opening your heart and your life to all of us. I to know how hard it is to practice what you preach. This time I had tears welling up as I read your blog – so honest, so relatable. It truly is hard to learn to love who you are, now, in this moment (a journey I am currently on myself and a lesson I hope to teach my young daughter). Thank you again for allowing us to be passengers on your journey – it has been an amazing ride so far!

  127. I really needed to read this today… and you are stunning!

  128. Thank you for writing this and thank you for being the person who you are. You have touched and positively affected more lives that you’ll ever know. Thank you, thank you, thank you .

  129. Sue you’re a beautiful person no matter how you look at it, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. You give with all your heart and never cease to amaze. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  130. Sue, you never cease to amaze me! You have been gorgeous all along.

  131. beautifully stated………. Thank you ♥

  132. You.ARE.Enough. and you are beautiful!!! That is all.

  133. I came across a video of you on Youtube a few weeks ago. I was hooked instantly by the beautiful “PERSON” you are. It was obvious to me then, and even more clear now, you are doing things absolutely the right way for the right reasons. Thank you Sue for sharing your caring insights. It shows me a better and more fulfilling path to where I want to be as a photographer and human being.

  134. Dear Sue, I feel incredibly fortunate to have met you during some of those years you mention. You did for me, all the things you described when you took my photo. I remember chatting with you at a friends wedding and back then, despite how you felt about yourself, you knew what you could and would ultimately do. I then met you again several years later in Auckland after a chance phone call. The physical transformation had definitely begun. I was blown away by it but you were still the same amazing person. What you have achieved for yourself is inspiring but what you do for people these days is far beyond that. I’m not a photographer but I am a woman. A women who has found being in her own skin somewhat difficult at times to put it mildly. I have the tangible proof up on the wall, that actually, I can look ok, well better than ok. That was thanks to you and I’ll have that forever. You look incredible and you are obviously successful but for me it will always be your openness and honesty that inspires me the most. I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime, somewhere. All my very very best wishes- Kylie

  135. This blog and topic hits very close to home for me and I can’t thank you enough for being so personal with us. My mother had always been very self conscious in the body she was in and hardly ever was photographed. I’ve been a photographer for two years and was finally able to convince her to do a photo shoot with me back in March. It was so fun and she absolutely loved having glamour shots of her. I did her hair, her makeup, and we spent the day shooting at the beach. This was the last thing we ever did together. She just passed unexpectedly in July at the age of 43. At the time, I was 13 weeks pregnant and absolutely lost. Now, all I have are pictures and memories.. And the last memory I have with her happen to be the photos she posed for. With our those high resolution photos, we wouldn’t have had any poster size images to display at her celebration of life. I was so happy to be able to print them for family and friends. Your future campaign has inspired me do something similar and encourage mothers to have photos taken of themselves for their kids, grand kids, for their families. I’m 6 months pregnant now and though my son will never meet his grandmother, he will at least be able to know her through pictures. Thank you so much, Sue. I talk about you all the time to my husband and he was so excited for me when your workshop streamed live. We are stationed in Germany but the 9 hour time difference didn’t stop me lol thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep inspiring and changing lives. You’re my hero , my favorite photographer, and one of my favorite people in general.


  136. Prachtige beelden van je en … heerlijke fotografie van Lara! Sterk team!
    Schoonheid zit van binnen, maar deze fotoreeks toont dat je schoonheid van elk mens in beeld kan brengen!
    Schitterend! Je bent geweldig!

    Beautiful images of you … wonderful photography from Lara! Great team!
    Beauty comes from within, but this set of photos shows that you beauty of every person in the picture can bring!
    Superb and …. you are stunning!


  137. Sue, not only have you warmed my heart, but you’ve touched my soul. We are the same age and I too struggle with my weight. I was in an abusive marriage for a little over thirteen years and I believe the weight gain stemmed from wanting a shell around me so he wouldn’t come near me. I endured it all, physical, mental, emotional. It’s been nearly a decade since I broke free from him, but his words still haunt me. I hear a voice in my head, HIS voice, telling me how disgusting and repulsive I am, that I will never amount to anything and that no one else would ever want me. Thankfully, I proved him wrong on that last part. I met my wonderful husband six years ago. I sometime don’t know how to react to being treated well. He tells me that I’m beautiful all the time. The problem is, I don’t believe him. I believe he thinks so, but I don’t believe I am. I only have a handful of photos from the last two decades. None of which were professionally done. I’ve never felt good enough or never trusted a photographer enough to do them. I have four children and don’t really have any images of us together. The one thing I do have a lot of is fear.

  138. Sue you look absolutely stunning!! LOVE the red dress shots, so good to see you out of black :) :) I cried buckets watching your reveal, I honestly don’t think I’ve cried like that since the last funeral I attended!! I can totally identify with you, my staple wardrobe is BLACK, black jeans, black top, black cardigan, 27 but feel 47!! My daughter is now 9 and I photograph her all the time, I have two good photos of us that I am truly ‘ok’ with, one when she was just seconds old and one from when she was 2 and I was a good few stones lighter. The only other ones I have are hidden in a drawer or have been wiped from a memory card, I even deleted the shot I had of us both on her first day of school because I looked so awful. One day when I’ve lost those stones I found I will be booking you to take shots of me & my daughter. Be prepared for a trip to Bonnie Scotland :) :) Isn’t it sad that we can’t practice what we preach as photographers? I spend every day & night editing beautiful photos of families, little boys and girls with their Mummies and Daddies and my daughter doesn’t have any photos like that with her Mummy. Know I need to get this sorted soon, thanks for giving me a nudge!!

  139. Loved the creative live with yourself and Lara. Being over 50 myself and a photographer I felt for you being there on the other side of the camera. I loved your emotions and both you and Lara chatting through the whole session and I cannot wait to get into trying this out for myself. My experience of you has been as an Australian and having you respond to my email once and bursting into tears because I actually got a response from you and you probably don’t remember me, but that’s ok. I comment from time to time on your page and I am a fan of Lara’s and do the same now. I watched in tears the cl session of your reveal and felt for you the entire way. I photograph women how I would like to be photographed myself. I try to think of them and their thoughts and feelings and portray that no matter how you say, age, gender etc etc. Thankyou. I hope one day for you to see at least one of my photos and feel something as I hope to put everything into practice from yourself and Lara. This Aussie has been out photographing textures in the botanical gardens and everywhere else to try to get creative and have my 11year old daughter and a friend lined up to kick me off in the next two weeks. Thanks so much :)

  140. Thank you so much for sharing even more of your story with us. It has definitely encouraged and inspired me.

  141. I started photography only a few years ago as a hobby that my heart truned into a business. I don’t think I really photography for the money; I photograph for the memories I create. I know that some of the photos I take will be one of the most treasured things a person can have when a loved one passes. I have witnessed this too many times. One most moving photo shoots was a young bride and her mother who was stricken with liver cancer. I knew the moment I was snapping those photos how much they would mean to my bride. I was overjoyed that they allowed ME to be the person to capture those memories. She passed less than one year later.
    I found you 3 years ago on Creative Live and watched you with my jaw open. I knew you would be the one to inspire me and keep me moving forward; even when the market may have looked bleek.
    Thank you for all you have done for so many people, and especially for me. I will forever follow you as I see so much of me in you.
    Sincerely, Angela Peacock

  142. Sue, you are an amazing inspiration. Thank you for your willingness to share with all of us, so we can relate and hopefully overcome our hesitation. I hide behind my camera. Maybe now it’s time to stop hiding and start living. You’re gorgeous inside and out and you’re giving me the courage to think that I am too.

  143. Sue, I had to misses this class, but I just bought it (thanks for the discount). You are the TED talk that I need to read! I love that you are so human when you write that makes me feel that I feel what you are saying. You are a beautiful person and a gorgeous woman. You rocked that blue dress! Thanks for being generous. Love to you.

  144. I think it was really important that you did this Sue. i took your advice at the start of the 28 days course and had another photographer photograph me. Having that experience myself gave me a great starting point in shooting others because I loved it so much. I am so glad you did this because let’s face it, being in front of the camera IS hard for most of us. Your photographs are INCREDIBLE. It’s great you can see in yourself what we all see – you are so so beautiful and a GREAT teacher. Deb xoxox

  145. breathtaking in both words and imagery….you truly are a gift to us all

  146. Finally, you are there, in a photoshoot! (I can’t believe to my eyes!)

    Wonderful dresses and beautiful you, as always!

    Thanks a lot for your work, your classes at CL, and for your soul that inspires me so much everytime I see you through that screen!

    Bye from Italy!

  147. Incredible! I have a 13 year old daughter going through all of the insecurities of puberty and I am trying so hard at 43 to accept myself the way I am to set an example for her. It is really hard but I don’t want her to feel this way when she is older. Being the photographer in the family I am not in any photos. I am going to change that! Thank you so much for this post. I think I know a little about how much it took for you to post this and so many of us will benefit from it. Thank you.

  148. Sue, you are amazing! Thank you so much for this story. All the best for you!

  149. You are simply amazing! Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable to the entire world. When you cried at the live reveal, I cried right along with in. In fact I cried harder :)

  150. You are simply amazing! Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable to the entire world. When you cried at the live reveal, I cried right along with you. In fact I cried harder :)

  151. Great blog- saw your creativeLIVE and learned heaps, you really are an inspiration!

  152. Sue, you have become such an inspiration to me. And even though I know that I am only one of the many many many women that this is true for, the only one that matters to me, is me. At first, I just loved your honest sense when it came to photography and business; but I did not expect how much I would find in common with you on a personal level. I do not know you, but you have a special place in my heart and even if my photography goes nowhere, you will always be a presence in my life.

    You are BEAUTIFUL! Inside and out! Please always remember that! And I can only hope that I can continue to learn this about myself. We only live once and we have to stop trying to be perfect. We are perfectly imperfect, just the way we were made!

    Samantha Carberry

  153. For many years I would not let people take my photo . I’m not naturally photogenic and I was carrying too much weight. I was always the one taking the photos, I refused to be in them. Until one day I realised that I wanted to be present in the record of my life. I didn’t want albums of pictures of my friends and family having fun as if I hadn’t been there. I didn’t want my nieces and nephews growing up with no evidence of me in their lives. I wanted there to be evidence of my life and my experiences. So while I still groan when I don’t look to glamorous, I smile for the camera.

  154. I love your heart and soul. I love your passion for your work. I love how you have a way of wiggling your way in to our hearts.
    You really are a blessing. Go to bed knowing that every night.

  155. I am so glad you can see how beautiful you are!

    I was scrolling through my feedly feed and your pictures came up. My daughter was sitting next to me and she gasped and went “Mommy, she is BEAUTIFUL!”. At 4, she can see the beauty that is everywhere. I am so blessed to have her in my life and share with you. Thank you for being brave enough to be in front of the camera and showcase how gorgeous you are! Also, I have a lot of photography blogs in my feed….and yours has been the only one she’s commented on. Not the seniors. Not the beautifully made up models. Yours.

  156. You were BEAUTIFUL before these pictures or this experience! You ARE a beautiful woman.

  157. Sue, You look amazingly beautiful, but you always do. Part of your stunning beauty radiates through from the inside… those of us lucky enough to have actually gotten to know you, know that your external beauty is only a small portion of your inner beauty, which is HUGE! You are truly one of the most beautiful and empowering women I’ve met! I only wish I had your bravery… I could never do what you did!

  158. I’m so grateful for you! listening to Wattles now after watching one of your Creative Live Talks, thank you for sharing abundantly. I’m now taking action and determined to follow my heart for Photography and writing my story with power and not powerless. Thank you for your vulnerability and your power too. Kindest regards Jacqs

  159. OMG, Sue you are so beautiful!

    I have been following you since you started teaching on Creative Live and I dream of taking beautiful portraits of women like you do.

    Keep up the good work and inspiring a new generation of photographers.

    If you’re ever in London and fancy meeting for diner, let me know. ;) xx

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