September 15, 2013#

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creativeLIVE is hosting PHOTOWEEK their biggest event of the year. Starting tomorrow at 9am PST Its an online expo with over 50 Photo Instructors. They asked me to do a Power Keynote on Monday at 2.45pm I said Oh HELL YES. I have been a Portrait Photographer for over half my life I have spent most of that time learning struggling growing evolving learning struggling changing but I never quit. Oh I got so close, but I realised I could always regenerate because the truth is I never wanted to be anything else. So I learned, I learned that sometimes you’re close to the answer you need and the career you always dreamed of but until you really identify that dream you can’t step towards it. I learned to value my self and my work to start earning money. I learned to stop comparing myself to others and just be good enough for my clients. I discovered there’s nothing I cannot create when I put my mind to it and anything is possible when your heart is willing.

Do you know your purpose your goal your true path? Have you set that out and are you powering towards it. Have you identified that sometimes the biggest hurdle in your way is actually you. Join me Monday at 2.45pm and lets work it out together #itstimetodothework

Also check out Two of my favourite people and incredible Wedding Photographers and top notch educators Susan Stripling 9am Monday and Cliff Mautner 9am Tuesday in the house Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday at 2.45pm check out my amazing friends Tiffany and Marc Angeles and how they went from corporate jobs to a fully booked at home commercial real estate business. These two people will not only blow you away with their start up story but their ability to build a lucrative and fast turn around business model and business from nothing to incredible is so motivating. I have big respect for all of these people and I know you will love what they teach. Enjoy this week I know I am lucky enough to be in Seattle with all of these great people and audience see you online


  1. Sue,

    I was “listening to you” incognito while I was at my day job through headphones as I worked on a spreadsheet, then after I got the kids to bed watched the rebroadcast. I was crying by the end. There was so much in your presentation for me to mull over, think and digest. I’m so thankful you gave this talk. The words flowed from you and I was captivated! In the past, I had not watched a workshop by you because I thought she is on a Godly level compared to my “noviceness,” she’s not talking to me. But after hearing your talk I can’t believe how much I limit myself on a daily basis and I am stopping today. I have finally taken steps to live this dream of mine and like you said take steps towards it and it will come to you, (like the money for the trip to NY to photoplus expo). Anyway, this got long when what I wanted to say was THANK YOU and I am buying the course for whenever I need a peptalk, from my personal coach…Sue Bryce.

    Lots of hugs, a new fan…Karina

  2. Longevity and geography are a testomy to quality! My dear friend, you are strength and determination. You have talent and skill i admire and your spirit is great and true xx

  3. Wow this is simply betiuaful Karina!!! Stunning coloring!Karina thanks so much for your comment on my blog and letting me know that one of my images got copied! I wrote you an email, hope you got it! :) Hugs,Iris

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