August 8, 2013#

Practise Practise

Heres a little homework for you. I started doing this about 10 years ago. I call it turn turn turn. I know what it’s like to just get so stuck shooting. So the rule is when you cant move / They move. Sometimes the most effective movement is not to change the pose but just get them to turn before you move on to the next shot so simple. Lean back – engage shoulder – chin forward (chin always follows camera) as always: For curvier clients Lean back and forward and crop on the back line with asymmetry. Then you really start to direct movement and you’ll be amazed at what you find. A different shape to the body and perfect angle for their face.

Sue Bryce turn turn


  1. Thanks for sharing Sue, this is a great tip for those small areas..

  2. What a great piece of advice. Thank you.

  3. These are gorgeous shots–especially the last shot. I will have to remember this advice at my next shoot. Thanks.

  4. Brilliant! The simplest ideas usually are, love the way your mind works.

  5. Sue,

    Can you explain what you mean by ‘For curvier clients Lean back and forward and crop on the back line with asymmetry.’



  6. Phenomenal advice! You are such a master…and my inspiration! It would be so cool to spend a week with you and just follow you around…not in a reality TV sort of way..but kind-of on the same lines? It would be some much more interesting than all of the other stuff that’s out there. Have you ever thought about visiting Dallas Texas? I hope you can someday. I promise I will be there will bells on! ;-)

  7. Amaaaazing! Thank you sooooo much. Fantastic advice!

  8. Wicked excited.

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