July 18, 2013#

Junebug in California

As you know I have turned down all talks and workshops for the next year so I can shoot shoot shoot. But for friends I would walk on broken glass so when Christy & Blair said come teach Photographers how to pose Womens bodies I said ummm OKAY. The wonderful girls at Junebug are hosting an incredible workshop and for me its about posing Brides of all shapes and sizes. I have spent my life making bodies have curves in all the right places and I love teaching this. Click here to find out more Junebug Workshops

Join Myself / Junebug / Callaway Gable / Roberto Valenzuela on this Hands on shoot with us workshop in LA I look forward to meeting you.



  1. : ) Sound Great..do it more – don’t lazy to talk & teach : ) .. maybe all “your teach” will also give to the some next generation ( ounch – are You fall down off your bed?..hehe..)- not kidding : ) .. ” they’ll never get bored with You – when You talk about Your’s passion – the way Your eyes light up when You talk about the thing You love & the way You fill with light” ( not mine – steal from Pinterest – Approved).. : )
    : ) Enjoy your day : )

  2. Wish I had that spare money to go out to the workshop. Sounds like a fabulous workshop!!!

  3. Oh, how I WISH I could afford this wonderful workshop! I saw Roberto (and so many other awesome people!) speak at the WPPI On The Road LA not too long ago, and he was amazing. I took so much from those two days, and I know I could gain a wealth of information from this workshop.. and learning from you, Sue?! Would be AH-mazing! Makes me sad I can’t swing this with everything going on, but I’ll keep on learning and doing what I can! I WILL succeed! :]

  4. Question, who took this picture!

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