July 17, 2013#

Asking for Permission . . . to take the next step

I am always teaching preaching & harping on about Blocks and Fear aren’t I!

This week I am taking huge steps towards starting an international marketing campaign to teach & remind our public to get photographed professionally & the incredible value you get from seeing & owning images of your self and loved ones. It’s a hole in the market and I really want to bridge it, I want to tell these stories and show people the value of what we do – the value and beauty of the connection and stories I have shared over the last 25 years being a Portrait Photographer. In taking this huge step I identified a big scary monster called fear one that I remember well from my first business journey.

Then I remembered, How many times have I told you to

Power up, follow your heart then follow through. Action trumps Fear.
A dream is just a dream until you write it down and make it a goal.
Say to yourself: I have unlimited potential.
There are 7 days in a week and someday is NOT one of them.
and so on and so on . . .

So I’m kicking that monster in the face because I know fear is just thought. I am going to take action. SO what does that leave? Permission I guess. I feel like I need someones permission? DO you feel like that. Like sometimes you think if someone just tells me I can do it then I will be able to? Of course the opposite also applies if I rely on your permission I also believe you when you tell me I can’t. I think the decider for me is this. There is no guarantee any thing you take on will be successful so there it is! Even if you give me permission it will only be to try. What I make of it will be in direct proportion to the true heart soul and nature of the energy I give it. THAT is enough for me.

I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of Miracles ~Anais Nin

I will never live an uninspired life ever again! ~Sue Bryce


  1. You’re amazing Sue and no doubt you will succeed!

  2. Wow Sue! I have been a fan for a long time but I love what I just read. ‘There are 7 days in a week and SOMEDAY is not one of them’. <3 Lindsay

  3. Thank you! Thank you for being an inspiration; thank you for taking on a HUGE project that will eventually benefit all professional photographers!

    Don’t be scared! As we say in Texas, “Take the bull by the horns!”

  4. Hi Sue
    I think you are a younger version of me but I am going through it now, so I am years behind you in the getting moving and doing. It took a major illness almost 4 years ago for me to start following my heart instead of my head. I was an accountant for 30 years and I wanted SOMEDAY I will be a professional photographer. The day came when I could barely walk or move my arms. I was wracked with pain and wanted to die but was unable to even do that. So I starting taking the steroids and chemo that would lessen the pain and I started to live my life with happiness and passion.
    I have watched you so many times through the creative live and followed you and I thank you for your honesty and putting your heart on your sleeve.
    Life is not for the timid.

  5. Sue,

    You have an amazing ability to connect with human beings on so many levels. You are surrounded by people who are your friends, loved ones and people who admire and look up to you.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t look to you for permission to live my dreams, I look to you for a reminder that they are a manifestation of hard work, commitment, dedication, discipline and a simple promise to myself to always live happily.

    You have the ability to give something amazing to the world. I am struggling to communicate with my potential new glamour clients to explain the value to them and it is tightly wrapped up in that big brain of yours.

    I learn from you. I look up to you. I grow with you. I am fond of those you hold dear. Keep on keepin’ on and above all else, follow your own advice.

    Shine on Sue Bryce! Shine on!


  6. Love your quote and can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

  7. I do love you Sue :) … and led by a powerful and almighty, wise beyond her age, mistress Sue, photographers will rule the world, bwa ha ha ha (insert some great movie score to go with that deep movie narrator voice). You go girl!

  8. ….and sometimes all of our ‘stuck-befores’ and all of our fears are only stepping stones that turn into building blocks for what we are truly meant to be and to do. Thanks for always being an inspiration Sue. You always are…both in my work, and in my life.

  9. It is interesting to know that even you feel you “need permission” sometimes in spite of all your momentum and success. I am eager to see what you do next. :)

  10. Sue,
    You have reminded me to pick up my inspirational books and spiritual books again.
    I use to read them all the time when I was in my 20’s. But then I got scared that time’s a ticking and
    put them down and started my fear based daily life.
    Thank you for reminding me that I was on the right path to begin with and I need to put down my fear and
    pick up inspirational reading.
    Permission.. that is forever what I have been seeking. Even when it comes to my pricing.
    Permission. Ahhh.. big one for me.
    ~ Mary McIlvaine

  11. : ) It’s BEAUTIFUL ..successful – no guarantee & failure – no guarantee,too : ) but i know You always find joy,fun & some “stupid,silly” things to Laugh through on your way ( : ( maybe sometimes something hurt You like a “hell”,too : ))..but it’s ok,right..we still here with You,right (ok,we always expect more of You when You have naturally Curly hair)..but it’s Cool..As You said ” THAT is enough for me ” then i Wish You Luck, Enjoy and have Fun..( & then we can have all of that,too – wow,so awesome :) )
    .. : ) Have a Great day : )

  12. Yes, I give you permission to do this. In fact, would you please? I’d really appreciate it. ;D

  13. Wonderful thoughts Sue. Each day when I begin to feel the “monster within” I come to your site, indulge myself in your articles and words which aid in kicking my willingness to succeed into overdrive and defeating the days monster. Thank you!

  14. This is going to be AMAZING. You are the best. THE BEST. Thank you for sharing that you have fears just like everyone else. Thank you for reminding everyone that “What I make of it will be in direct proportion to the true heart soul and nature of the energy I give it.” Thank you for bringing me along on this incredible journey!

  15. it’s been my experience that when someone is asking “permission” in a circle of peers yet no action is taken but the question is repeated several times that it means one thing. that person is waiting for affirmation. i know this coz i find myself doing it ALL the time. it’s as if i know all the options available. i’ve already explored all of them in my head. i know which path i want. i just want someone to tell me that it was the right choice. i keep asking until i find the one person that agrees and then i go for it. silly right? so… this probably isn’t you. but, if it is. …

    yes sue, this is an awesome idea! and you are the perfect person for it! please know that i’m not being condescending. i truly believe in you and i think it’s brilliant! everyone has done an amazing job in educating the photography community. the work that has been done to elevate this industry is astounding. educating the client…THAT is quite a monster. i don’t even know how you would approach that but having seen what you do, i’m prepared to be in awe yet again. power on woman! i’ll have the pom poms on the side with the rest of the sue lovers.

  16. Powerful message, Sue. I needed to read that today! And I needed the kick in the bottom too.

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