July 16, 2013#

2 little Doodles and A Naked Woman

I have been travelling since December and this is the first time back in Sydney, 2013 has been a crazy fun time. I had a little rummage through my storage It’s like Christmas finding all your favourite books and shoes. I came across my sketch pad and thought I would share three of my favs. The sketches I did as quick doodles and I love doing these but the First image is something I worked on for a book I wrote about Body Image 13 years ago and never published. I called her: Tallulah she represents ‘the image of Woman’ she speaks volumes about body image and the meaning of shame.

Artwork Sue Bryce 1

Artwork Sue Bryce 2

Artwork Sue Bryce 3


  1. I would love to read that book. Can you publish it now?

  2. Hi Sue, I love these, so beautiful.

  3. You have endless talent, Sue. You continue to inspire me lots.

  4. I love these sketches! I can strongly relate to the first one, it struck a deep cord when I saw it. I no longer see myself that way. I am Strong, thinner and Beautiful on the inside and out. Thank You for Sharing these with us!

  5. I wished I could doodle as well as you! Even my stick figures don’t look. :(

  6. P.S. In the past, I’ve sketched poses I want to capture at a shoot. When I get to the shoot, I can “read” my sketches. I’ve had to resort to also including a narrative description because they’re so bad.

  7. that first girl..is me. Brought me to tears to look at it. She is how I look on the outside and feel on the inside. Beautiful how a simple sketch can hit so deeply. I hope to not be her forever.

  8. They’re beautiful.

  9. .. can feel the shy-shame on Tallulah’s face – also something..something feel ..she thinks – she’s Beautiful ( :( oh,Eng isn’t my native language – hope you get what i mean :( )..her body isn’t a model’s body,right?..then she just need someone can see the Beautiful on her,right?..and give her confidence to shown-shine,right?..OMG..that’s what you said/teach,right?.. Wow..so cute..( that why i love photos,painting.. – don’t need to say much – it is what it is – still have many things to enjoy :) )
    ..Have a Great time.. :)

  10. .. :( Hope, i’m right at least ..1 point..that why i love “fun” comments – everybody smile :) ( :( but sometimes not Sure) – .. but You’re – generosity person :) ..oh,why i got there..
    ..Enjoy & have Fun.. :)

  11. these a so precious and poetic. thank you for sharing your incredible talent. we miss you here in Seattle!

  12. WOW! Amazing drawing skills!

  13. I love these, Sue. It’s funny. I was just having a fit today over how sad it is that the wedding industry (in particular most wedding blogs about “real” weddings) only seem to feature the exact same type of bride. White, Skinny, and by the looks of their wedding, not struggling for money. Then, I scroll through my Instagram and Pinterest and I’m bombarded with ideas/photos/opinions over what “real beauty” is and it’s more of the same. Well, I am not white or skinny or rich and while I definitely need to shape up and go to the gym for my health, if I’m supposed to look like what I see on any blog or measure my photography work by who I get to photograph then I’m in a heap of trouble. It’s enough to drive one crazy. So keep on inspiring, Sue. Keep on being real. Oh and sorry I used your blog as a sounding board. Unexpected catharsis.

    PS I’d love to read that book.
    Xs and Os

  14. Ooooo I love these :)

  15. Seeing your work in the pencil and paper medium, I am touched by the truth and beauty they express about woman. These voluptuous, sensual sketches reinforces my respect for how multidimensional your talents are. Biz, art, and the desire to change & grow. You are woman! xo

  16. These are breathtaking.

  17. beautiful sketches. What a shame that any of us is made to feel shame about ourselves and our bodies.

  18. Oh so lovely. They are all three gorgeous in their own right. You talented you.

  19. I would so LOVE to read the book. I’ve heard you say some amazing things about your own journey and about body image. Would also love to hear more about your “Wheat Belly” journey you mentioned the other day. Well…I think you are gorgeous at every part of the journey. You so inspire me on so many levels :)

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