June 24, 2013#

The adventures of Jill Brzezinski – Conley

Check out what Jill is doing! She designed a natural dog treat for her puppy Honeybear who helped her through her cancer treatment. Now she has started a business. With profits going to the Good Foundation.

We tested them on our little friend Armani and he loved them. Can you tell? ha ha. I would like to formally apologise to Armani’s parents as I was Baby sitting at the time.
Armani Sue Bryce

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Here is the website where you can order for your own pup HERE


  1. HAHAHA!!! What a great testimonial. Certainly in keeping with the “show don’t tell” philosophy. ;-)

  2. Already shared this with my pet loving friends. What a cutie little pup…And I have to say…LOVE the chair too.

  3. I want to hijack that chair and the pup!! So cute!!

  4. Oh brilliant – that second photo nearly made me fall off my chair. Armani is an awesome model. Animals are the very best healers – I am so glad Jill has Honeybear to help her and give her inspiration – the dog treats business and the giving back are just so damn good for her.

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