May 22, 2013#

Filmic Pro is on sale for 24 hours


Filmic Pro is on SALE.. for $1.99 down from $4.99 for till Midnight. OMG Love this groovy film APP finally you can focus and expose separately. It’s Mini film making for the iphone. Check out my little iphone showreel on creativeLIVE coming up next.


  1. Thanks Sue! Just heard about this on CreativeLIVE. Downloading now!

  2. It is so great to watch you right now on Creative Live. Thank you for sharing. I will check out this app!

  3. Hi Sue, you are an amazing person! I damn like your feeling love for photography….and what I really admire is your spirit for beeing the best businesswoman and you don’t forget your passion! THAT’S SO SO AMAZING! Very lovely regards from Switzerland, Sabrina

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