April 25, 2013#

The Workbook is out. 28 Days w Sue Bryce

The Workbook is out. Enjoy working through it & using it as a reference. I just wanted to create a quick guide so you can replenish, refresh and practise whenever you like.

A reminder to create marketing for all four shopping demographics and where you saw what to pull back that video that you need for tomorrow. Do the work, actively participate in your business success do not let blocks/imagined fear/small thinking or apathy creep in and tell you they are the truth. They are not the truth just an old programmed voice, tell it to be quiet and go reconnect and get really excited.








  1. You’re forever amazing, Sue and I appreciate you! Your message comes at the perfect time.
    Consider yourself hugged. I hope to see and work with you again.
    Warmly, Carolyn Clarke

  2. thank you. from the bottom of my heart – thank you!!!

  3. great read, only issue is that the images in this post are all broken and I can’t see them.

  4. Well done Sue.

    Where and when can I purchase the Workbook please?

  5. Hi, I cannot see the images :-(
    I’d also like to know where I can buy it?

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