April 5, 2013#

Flash drives Bro

QUESTION: Sue do you have personalised CD products?

As you know the way I overcame the question: Can I just have a CD was the answer: Everything you purchase you get printed AND digitally. When you are delivering a product digitally, why not make that experience as beautiful as the product you created? I never wanted to burn my products to CD – to me a CD doesn’t represent the value of the product. After I presented The Folio portion of #28days I realised. If I can’t stop you from selling a digital product only. I can at least teach you to both Maximise this sale and raise the perceived value and therefore the cost. NB Yes I give the images digitally the same size as the ones they purchased (no watermark – they have paid for these images) and they keep the drive with my branding. All packaged no need to do anything else. TIP: add some advertising in there a PDF to recommend a friend, a reward voucher for their next shoot and anything else you can think of.

This is the product I choose feel – free to use the same I love them


I love the little tin and the personalised logo. But the best part was the little message on the other side. I chose to write “Beauty is the light that shines out from inside you” so I took a photo for you.

Sue Bryce Flashdrives


  1. Been doing this for 2 years loading videos onto USB for clients and use the same company. Great service .

  2. Thanks for sharing Sue… LOVED your WPPI presentation. Look forward to the day to meet you in person. You are a major LIGHT in the world. You change lives. Thank you. – Kim

  3. I love your gift box and USB. Awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  4. this is perfect…

  5. Hi Sue,
    These packaged and personalised USBs look lovely – thanks for this information, we will check them out, Mary ;o)

  6. What a gorgeous way to give someone their files. Beautiful tin.

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