April 2, 2013#

A dream come true – A hand painted backdrop by Oliphant

This is my new back drop. I haven’t had a chance to talk much about it as I have been locked in a voracious schedule shooting 28days. When I found this image and saw her toe on the edge I thought oooo I must post this.

There are certain things you dream of owning when you are new in business/photography life sometimes seems like a constant uphill. But I have always had dreams. One day I will own an Oliphant backdrop hand painted just for me from NYC. I cried when I opened it. I cried. I truly honoured myself buying it. I love it.


Such a simple dream that represents so much to me. It’s not even a big investment for the use I got the first week I owned it. Just one of those things that you desire but don’t need but dream of having and now its mine. I worked hard for this and I feel unbelievable gratitude every time I look at it, yes a backdrop. Thats a goal isn’t it. TICK . . . what next.

Sue Bryce Oliphant


  1. So beautiful, old-worldly! You are so talented!

  2. Oh my, it is so lovely. I love the subtle painterly textures and tones, I agree the curl of the end of the canvas is so beautiful, her toe just on the edge, exquisite! It is an artwork to own of itself, one I may dare to dream of it..the array of textures and colours are insanely beautiful! I have been coveting a Silverlake backdrop, and will work up from there…Can’t wait to see your images using this and how you choose to render it in post! Congratulations on gifting it to yourself after working so hard for others so much in the past year! Enjoy!!! Cheers, Jennifer

  3. Congratulations Sue!! Good for you, rewarding yourself, especially after everything you’ve accomplished this year. I actually just finished watching your talk on Fear on YouTube with my mother this evening. She’s not a photographer, not even very creative but she’s always enjoyed watching you on Creative Live. You can hear a pin drop in the room when you’re on the screen in my house.
    My mother and I have started acknowledging and dealing with issues in the last month, from both of our childhoods. Even though she and I have dealt with them very differently most of what you said applied and hit home with us. That’s why I wanted her to watch it. When it ended, there was silence. And the first thing my mother said was, “I could listen to her forever.” Lol which is something because my mother doesn’t generally take kindly to people giving it to her straight about what she needs to do.
    Enjoy your beautiful backdrop and what it means. I look forward to seeing it in your future photos.


  4. Simply stunning xx

  5. Sue, that is truly S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. Like jaw dropping-ness!!

  6. When I visit a museum and gaze at a painting from 200 years ago I don’t see it as outdated.
    What you sometimes capture in a photograph and give both to you and your client is that same subject matter, that soul engraving, that timeless art.

  7. Yes!! I am so glad I am not the only one that dreams about the simple pleasures in life. I can’t wait to buy a bunch of mannequins to have in the window of my future fashion portrait studio, to entice intriguing customers off the street and through the door. Dreams are worth chasing after.

  8. Loveeee it! The “toe” makes it!

  9. When you posted this on facebook and I read it I cried. How amazing that you have purchased a dream : ).

  10. The background and the foreground all look hand painted. Timeless, gorgeous!

  11. Watched the creative live and seeing lots of emotion and highlighted areas that I didn’t know of forgot about. I love this image and the backdrop is dreamy. Thanks for posting.

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