March 6, 2013#


Its so hard picking music for your studio presentations. I love Roy Ashen from Triplescoop. He’s been hugely supportive of all cL workshops giving away so many prizes. If you need music for your videos and slideshows Roy has made us a Glamour collection check it out. The best part is Roy is actually a musician so he can pick great beats.


and . . . . on “28 Days With Sue Bryce” this Friday on creativeLIVE you can win a copy of this music collection. You’ll also hear Triple Scoop Music artist Mindy Gledhill performing LIVE on the broadcast!

You know the amazing Chick that plays the songs on my videos


louis pang cover


  1. I literally cannot wait for 28 days, thanks for all that you share Sue x

  2. Ashen is in my favorites at Triple Scoop. I am definitely going to check out Mindy’s music there as well. Love the videos that you and Haley have created for your website.

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