January 25, 2013#

30 days of filming PROJECT

Hailey made this amazing little showreel by shooting something beautiful everyday for 30 days. She grew significantly as a film maker and created a showreel for her brand at the same time. Watching her live now on creativeLIVE shooting motion and fusion. Do this project so you can take your filming and marketing to the next level. Join us for 30 days of filming.

30 days of grateful – ‘summer’ from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

This is the challenge – join us from February the 1st for 30 days of shooting. Pick your favourite (licensed song)

Cut together your best shots – You can shoot on any camera even an iphone (try 8mm app). You can edit on any software including imovie or movie maker.

Try to keep it around 2 minutes (no gone with the wind long edits he he)

Upload your video to Vimeo or youtube and tweet the link to @sue_bryce @ycbsisfun with the hash tag #30daysoffilm

We will call out for your entries March 15th. The top five will feature on this blog and Haileys blog too.




  1. So excited – started practicing right after watching you both yesterday! Thank you for being so daring and wonderful! I hope to meet you both in person one day and laugh until we cry!!!!!!!

  2. i have to sign up for this publicly…otherwise in everyday rush i will give up and not do it :)
    This moving time for me…there will be a lot of boxes and happy faces.
    Thank you Hailey, Sue and CreativeLive!

  3. I am super excited about this project…

  4. What a great idea! I’m so glad I saw this today and didn’t miss the start date! I can’t wait to do this! Thanks to both of you for being such a creative inspiration :)

  5. I am enjoying this amazing class. I hoped to be in the live audience, but am enjoying watching it from the comfort of my home office. You two are so inspiring! Love this class and all you do. I’m a huge fan!

  6. I canNOT wait to get started on this! I’ve been shooting video footage for two friends of mine, who are dancers, but I turn the editing over to them. I have NO editing experience….but Hailey has given me such inspiration to take my filming to the next level. Sooo excited, I can hardly stand it!

  7. All I have is an ipad but I so so want to do it. Very excited by it! I think it’s a way of seeing. Of noticing the angles and small things that most people don’t see and something I love to do. Can’t wait! Not sure if I can make the deadline though!

  8. Hey Sue and Hailey,
    Love the class so far. Ver inspiring. Filming is always something i was terrified of!! Not now!!! :} Love the showreel, but there is no sound. My computer is fine, lotsa sound, just not with the video.
    Hope I can do the challenge.

  9. Hahaha, Okayyyy, I got it!! That is how much I don’t know!! Although it could be cos I am fried from staying up all night watching!! Must sleep and return brain function! Have fun the rest of the class!

  10. Started practicing today (ashamed to admit the first time I’ve used the video function on our Mark II). Loads of fun thanks to both of you for inspiring me to stretch my creativity and see the world in a whole new way!

  11. Love this idea! I’m going to do this!

  12. I am so excited to try this. I have not been so inspired to try something new in a long time. Thank you for the kick in the butt.

  13. I am so excited to do this! What a great idea.

  14. Loved your workshop, and am hoping to enter. Fell and damaged my camera so it is being fixed hoping to get it back so I can start right away with this challenge. Have learned so much and again many thanks for sharing how its all done.

  15. iPhone & Android
    8mm Vintage Camera app
    Viddy (instagram for video) can add filters like instagram.
    Vine (instagram for video) made by Twitter.

    i always have my phone on me, so i may record on my phone as well as a camera.

    i’m excited about this project,
    just have one week to figure out what inspires me..
    ..i have some ideas, but how to film everything?

  16. Thank you very much for all workshop at creativeLive! I was so exited that I already done one film today :D But I have to do better for 30 days! I am waiting for it!Jeeee!

  17. So excited to work on this! You both are such incredible inspirations!

    Here are a couple of videos I found on YouTube for DIY Fig Rig and Steadicams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccPmepkOR9Q&list=PLxBPakI5W0r1j7ivTcO8rYrfDT5qX8M-N

  18. I am so excited, this is going to be fun! I plan on doing this one as a personal one to test the waters a bit, and then next month I plan to do one more business focused. I’ve already taken my footage for day 1 though. So fun!

  19. Can I also ask…. can you suggest where to get licensed music? Is myspace the best place?

  20. Excited to try and put something together. I’m going to jump in head first and try to make this fit my business/brand which is fashion. May prove difficult with only my compact camera for video but I’ll try anyway. Good luck everyone.

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