November 12, 2012#

Bringing this story to you will be the greatest gift of my life

Since the day I met you Jill Brzezenski-Conley a day hasn’t passed that I don’t talk about you. Now editing your shoot and watching your Paris documentary come together. I am filled with Love & Gratitude that you are part of my life.

You are an Angel.

Getting to a final edit. So excited.


  1. Beautiful.
    This is draped in tenderness!
    As an artist I am drawn to people. Everyone has a story – and no two stories the same.
    What a gift it is to be asked to capture one’s story.
    My blessings to Jill and her family.

  2. I am SO excited to see Jill’s story unfold through your lens. Everyone who has been touched by her since her appearance on CreativeLive is filled with the same gratitude you have–she is a special person and we are all privileged to have had her cross through and into our lives. Much love, and I hope you have many more stories to tell us Jill.

  3. chills. can’t wait to see all the glorious imagery you have no doubt created. jill is so deserving. xo

  4. You both are angels who have touched my life. I can’t wait to see the finished documentary. God bless you both.

  5. Simply Stunning Sue – Thanks so much for sharing. ♥

  6. Sue you are great – but I can unterstand your thoughts and the way Jill is “living her life” is the the greatest thing ever. ♥

  7. Love it!!!

  8. More than just a portrait of Jill, this image is art. Everything about this image evokes a response in me, from the colour palette and post processing to the expression on Jill’s face. My response is…a profound sense of peace. I can’t really explain it. I can see this image hanging in collections far and wide, whether people know Jill’s story, or not – whether people know your story, or not. You have both created something extraordinarily beautiful . Your connection to create such perfection is obvious. Congratulations.

  9. I can only imagine how meeting Jill has changed your world. I know that finding out about her, (through you) has changed me.

    … I can’t wait to see more about her as it comes out!
    My best to you both!

  10. A beautiful angel. The spirit of love, peace, beauty and grace show in this portrait; Jill’s personality captured. This story truly has touched and blessed so many of us, I can not imagine how intense that feeling must be when one is lucky enough to be in the folds of it. Thank you for being there to tell Jill’s story in a way that will ALWAYS be remembered and treasured. Love to all.

  11. I loved seeing your FB images of this shoot and this image is equally breath-taking. What a gift you’ve given her. And Jill, you are such a lovely young woman. Prayers to you and yours. xo

  12. I did not know Jill’s story, but your portrait was so hauntingly emotional and beautiful that I had to look up who she was. Nobody could tell who Jill is better than you can, Sue. You obviously touch each other and through your images, you touch us all.

  13. Sometimes God places people in our lives for a reason. I am a 12 year stage 3 Breast cancer survivor myself. I was only 37 years old when I was diagnosed with this scary disease and I can say forsure that Breast cancer has made me a better person. I have met so many wonderful people in my life that I probably wouldn’t have met if not for my journey with Breast Cancer. I believe that God has a plan for Jill, and you are right Sue, she is an Angel and god has probably put her in your life for a reason and you will probably be forever changed because of this angel. I can’t wait to see how you and this amazing young women are going change the lives of others with her inspiring story. I am sure with your talent, it’s going to be just Beautiful..

  14. Wonderful work… wish I had enough years left to create work like yours… Sue

  15. Love these pictures, Love this style ( Photograph + Painting = Fantasy Portraits ? I didn’t see it often …I just though maybe it’ll be the next “classic portrait ” style – please,forgive me :) I’m not photographer-if i said something wrong about photography work, style…oh,’cause you said “I started playing and couldn’t stop” – then it make me wonder,curious :)
    Like i said i love these pictures, but i love more If i could have Jill’smile with this style ( :( difficult- not the right mood and the right style? – so, how can I get a heavy-little-stone above my heart? ..the look of her off my mind?- You capture the beauty out and inside ..
    ..Whatever it is..just forget it, just my little opinion ..
    :) Take care :)

  16. beyond stunning. your work and seeing her strength! wow! what a treat to find today! thank you!

  17. Can´t wait!!

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