September 13, 2012#

The divine Isi Gaaga at the creativeLIVE studio

Oh natural light on the black foam core Vflats one window one reflector (so easy) This light is as divine as Miss Isi Gaaga herself. Isi came to my class all the way from Lagos Nigeria. This woman in real time is as graceful and beautiful as every one of her pictures. Choosing a series to show you was hard, as I want to show you ALL 50.
f2.8 1/50s ISO 640 35MM


  1. OH MY! Her face is perfect… so symmetrical..what a beauty xx

  2. Stunning. She is a beautiful woman.


  3. I would SO love to see all 50. Incredible photos, incredibly beautiful lady.

  4. I absolutely love it. She is beautiful…

  5. Beautiful photography, beautiful model.

  6. Been following the blog every since creative live man, your work is amazing you have a way with people seriously I love your stuff I am waiting to see how you pose us guys and families.. cant wait until then ! Corey..

  7. Such an amazingly gorgeous woman! Great work as always Sue. We want more! :o )

  8. Beautiful!!

    ~Be Joyful Always

  9. These photos are some of my favourites I’ve ever seen from you :) I love that pretty scarf on her head. And her full lips — my goodness..what a gorgeous woman. Thank you for sharing. I feel all inspired to get back to shooting women now!

  10. Beautiful … Both your work and your subject. Thank you for sharing!

  11. So classic, beautiful portraits!

  12. I love her smile! :) Gorgeous

  13. yes very very nice

  14. OMG, I love them! so gorgeous! Thank you for continuing to inspire! I have my first “glamour studio” shoot at the end of this month and I can’t wait to put into practice what I learned from both of your cl classes. xo

  15. Devine … the only word to decribe Isi and your work x

  16. Isi’s face and your camera……
    A match made in heaven.

  17. Absolutely breathtaking model and photography!
    What a gift it was to have been photographed by you recently, Sue… you continually take my breath away and inspire me greatly!

  18. Nailed it…50 times!

  19. Stunning. Did you do these after CL ended? I was wondering if you were going to shoot her (was thinking, how could you not)?!
    Please show us all 50! :)

  20. Would love to see the rest of the 50! For me that is not glamour – that’s beauty in its best!!! You both are great. Have a nice weekend.

  21. Tan simple y tan bello.

  22. She is gorgeous!

    I’ve just finished watching the 2 days of hair and makeup on Creative Live with you and Simona and I just want to say thank you SO much to you both. I’ve purchased the next 3 days with you too but I think I need to take a few days to let it soak in and stop crying before I watch them :) You’re beautiful Sue and so giving and genuine, anyone who doesn’t see that isn’t worth the time of day. Now I just need to realise that for myself and help others see it in themselves.

    Thank you xx

  23. The glow of her skin against the shimmer of the fabric is beautiful.

  24. She looks so much like Lauryn Hill in these ! absolutely beautiful.

  25. LOVE the black and white!!!!

  26. She’s gorgeous! These are stunning.

  27. Gorgeous!

  28. Beautiful!

  29. I love the simplicity of the lighting and background in these shots. It really makes you focus more on the beautiful subject.

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