September 13, 2012#

creativeLIVE competition 1D mark iv and Hair & Makeup Kit

Thank you so much to every person that put their name and images in for this draw. My camera kit has grown significantly in the last three years, as you know I am shooting a lot of moving footage now and the inclusion of the new 5D mark iii squeezed out the 1D (just my personal preference) As I upgrade my kit I alway turn to ebay to sell off my equipment and then some one suggested I sign it and give it away and thought. . . well why not, so I chose to do this on creativeLIVE.

creativeLIVE asked you to put a before and after up on Flickr and Simona and I have just gone through the hundreds of entries. Firstly I would like to say it is going to be great watching you all evolve into amazing Glamour Photographers and as we broke it down to favourites I would like to show you some finalists. When I train photographers I am looking for Pose – Direction – Expression – Connection and Communication and then over all capture. I really felt strongly that all of these images were strong in most of these and lacking only in small details. Well done to you all.

I chose this as my Winning Image. I like the simplicity, the connection, the expression the body movement and the overall Magazine contemporary feel. What I also really love is the perfect use of Before & After (just like mine) You ticked all my boxes Erica Velasco but mostly its because I BELIEVE this image. I hope you enjoy exploring this camera and your journey into Glamour.

Simona spent the same amount of time beside me. Us with our Laptops on our knees swapping computers and discussing our choices. These are her finalists thank you and good effort.

We sat with this image for a long time. Although I will pull you up for stiff hands (The claw The claw he he) this was for makeup and we both agree this is a beautifully executed Simona Makeup and this is our final choice. So Kate Parker we decided that you would win our startup Hair & Makeup Kit. Picked out especially by Simona and Myself, thank you so much for your effort.

The creativeLIVE resource has been a revelation to me. A way to open an international movement of Contemporary Glamour. Work hard, practise a lot. Remember the challenge to KICK MY BUTT. Thank you for supporting each other by the way. I noticed on many images you had written positive comments of support and encouragement. Please work those shoulders/Push those chins forward and towards those shoulders and MAKE ME BELIEVE IT. Above all, give the confidence and encouragement to every person you shoot so they can relax – shine and see their BEAUTIFUL. Pay it forward.


  1. These women took my breath away! This is why I want to progress into a master photographer! These are normal women and when you give their inner beauty the freedom to relax it just blossoms into a absolute gorgeous women. Yes the hair and makeup is phenomenal, but it’s the inner beauty that make them breath taking. Congrats to all the women and men!

  2. Kudos to all of you who submitted photographs for the contest! It’s SO fabulous to see you all put into practice what you learned from Sue & Simona. Congratulations Erica and Kate! What amazing prizes – Sue & Simona you blow me away with your generosity!!!

  3. Sue, all three of your CL sessions were SO incredibly inspirational to soooooooooo many of us. These entries are beautiful – and I am especially proud of all the wonderful photos my friend Kate Parker has been churning out since your class. It is so cool to see her all hard work recognized!!!

  4. OMG! I’m freaking out! Seriously I just cried, which I never do. Actually, that’s a lie =) haha. But I can’t tell you how much this means to me! I feel so blessed. I can’t tell you how many times my family has told me to give up…to go back to working full-time because as you all know, photography isn’t always a constant paying gig. This has made me feel so amazing and reminded me that you should never give up on your dreams. The last few years I have struggled…had ups and downs…and this really means so much to me that you chose my image! You’ve given me so much knowledge and encouragement…and now your camera! I know that I can really make this work…and I thank you so much for this sign. Thank you, Sue Bryce. Thank you for everything.

    Erica Velasco

    • Great job to all the finalists and contestants that put there work out there! Congratulations Erica! It is a beautiful portrait!

  5. Well done Erica. Really well deserved, although ALL the finalists shown are amazing. My own projects are taking an age to get up and running because I’m fixating on NOT having a suitable location to shoot in instead of trying to manifest it, but this has totally kicked my arse into gear. I’m grateful to you all and of course the universe that you’re all so good, and for showing me that I need to start *doing* instead of merely thinking about it.

  6. Congrats to the lovely winners. Would love some feedback on my image. I felt I really used a high degree of difficulty, as hands are always hard, and dealing with both hands is even harder, plus body, fabric, and wind blowing too… Perhaps I am not as good as I think I am? Or my confidants were not being honest with me about the image? Could really use some enlightenment. What do you think I did wrong? What could make this image better? Have only done a handful of glamour shoots. You can read all about the photo just below it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/45907791@N03/7967131626/in/photostream

    • Caroline, I think you took a beautiful portrait. I love the lighting and her hair blowing. I think the hands are still a little too stiff- I don’t believe she just put them there naturally, it still looks a little posed, but I think with a little more practice (which we all need) you will nail it. Also I’m not sure about the black top, I LOVE her skirt, but the black is a little jarring since the rest of the image is such soft tones. Overall I think it’s a very lovely image. It’s hard to know if your confidant’s were being honest depending on their experience with portrait photography and especially hand posing. I think because you are open to suggestions then you are ready and willing to grow and nothing can stop you.

  7. Congratulations to all who participated and especially the winners. I’m very excited for you :-)
    Thank you Sue & Simona for giving us and showing us your all. Perhaps we didn’t win a camera or a makeup kit, but I think we all came out winners after your show :-) Blessings. Lori

  8. Sooooooo excited to have won the hair and makeup kit (despite being a bit haunted by *the Claw*)!!! THANK YOU to Sue and Simona! Like all the other tens of thousands of people who watched you on Creative Live, I am so inspired by your work, your enthusiasm, your drive, and all the rest of it. Thank you not only for the amazing hair and makeup kit, but also, more importantly, for the gift you have given all of us.

  9. This is just fantastic Sue, you rule! Wonderful. wonderful to all the fab people who entered. I am yet to sit down and watch the Creative Live package that I have paid for. Life has been a whirl wind of work, travel and moving my family once again so , soon, very soon, I will lock myself and my iMac away to watch the whole 5 days, as I sure LOVED the first round of Creative live with you Sue!

  10. Congratulations to the winners! All the images are excellent, and the ladies are lovely.

  11. Congratulations ladies! Job well done!

  12. Congrats to the winners. These entries are all fantastic. Sue and Simona had a tough decision. The before and after results are all fabulous. I would say you are all winners in my book !

  13. Woo hoo! Thank you Sue! I was thrilled to be included in your post, and appreciate the vote of confidence.
    The contest was exciting, and the supportive little community that grew over at Flickr felt a bit like an extension of the Creative Live classroom. Can’t wait until you return to CL with Hailey in January.

    And congratulations again to Erica and Kate!

  14. Sue and Simona,

    The gift you gave to me was worth more than a camera or makeup kit could ever be – the techniques to bring forward the beauty that dwells within. The images you selected are truly lovely, I wholeheartedly agree with both of your choices and I am very happy for both Erica and Kate.

    While I and the other two hundred plus artists who entered would all have loved to win the fact is that we already did.

    Personally, I will always be grateful to you both and to the fine folks at CreativeLIVE for instructing, encouraging and challenging me to move beyond my comfort zone and for opening my eyes to a world I didn’t realize still existed, A world I want to be part of, and for giving me the tools to start crafting my own place in it.

    But more than anything else, I will always be beholden to you for the gift you helped me give to my long time best friend, and to myself, the ability to for the very first time, truly see ourselves as beautiful.

    I will be paying it forward for years to come. And the next time either of you are in my neck of the woods (Upland California near Los Angeles) stop by. There are some earth shattering handmade chocolate truffles, unbelievably good homemade Lemon Meringue Pie and a pitcher of Margaritas with your names on them :-)

    With all my love and gratitude.


    P.S. Thanks for the sign :-)

  15. Congrats to the winners!! Although I didn’t win I find it a HUGE honor just to be in your top five pic!! I seriously scared my dog because I screamed so loud! Hahaha My image is the bottom right image on Sue’s contest (silver sparkly top) Thank you for teaching me so much Sue words could not describe how you’ve helped me with my confidence in my photography!

    Chelsea Marie Photography

  16. Thanks so much for choosing our image as one of the finalists for the hair and makeup contest! It was truly a team effort; I did my own hair and makeup, and my husband (the other “Wells” in Wells & Wells Photography) photographed the images. We’ve learned so much from both Sue and Simona during not only this week of instruction but also the previous course. Congratulations to those who won as well as the other finalists. Your images are lovely!

  17. Thanks so much for choosing our image as one of the finalists for the hair and makeup contest! It was truly a team effort; I did my own hair and makeup, and my husband (the other “Wells” in Wells & Wells Photography) photographed the images. We’ve learned so much from both Sue and Simona during not only this week of instruction but also the previous course. Congratulations to those who won as well as the other finalists. Your images are lovely!

    Patricia Wells
    Wells & Wells Photography

  18. Congrats ladies!!!! :) All of you are winners and never stop! ;)

  19. Congrats! All of these are awesome!

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