September 3, 2012#

A little girl with great big plans.

A mini Film by Hailey Bartholomew www.youcantbeserious.com.au I’m bringing Hailey to creativeLIVE in January Showreels & Showing off. YAH
Check Hailey’s Showreel her beautiful work on Vimeo and her 365grateful page (It’s a life changer)

I wanted to share this story. Inspired by an old Britney Spears song would you believe. ‘I’m not a girl, but still not a Woman’ to connect to the teenage/Seniors School market. Im so exhausted after my creativeLIVE week I will have to return at a later date to tell more story. I will simply say this. Hailey Bartholomew D.O.P Film Maker & Great Mum and all around super human being, you amaze me. Mindy Gledhill your music is out of this world gorgeous. Triple Scoop Music thank you for bringing great artists to the accessible realm for photographers. Anna, your light is so bright, your love of running and the pure joy you exude is infectious, good luck training for the next Olympics. Thank you for letting me be your Photographer.

Let our girls be girls. Let them become Women slowly. Women of substance. Help teach your children acceptance by being gentle with your self first. Love Sue. x

Little Girl with Great Big Plans from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.


  1. This is the song I used for my “about me” video on my website….sometimes I still just feel like a little girl with great big plans, I hope I don’t ever grow out of that! lol. Love this video….so fun!

  2. This made my heart happy :)

  3. They are simply beautiful images and video. I have only just gotten to know your work from all the hype on FB from your creative live workshop last week….and might I say……AMAZING! You are certainly one I will be watching and finding inspiration from..thank you!

  4. So gorgeous Sue, that just put a huge smile on my face.

  5. Again, and yet never ending, I am moved to the boundaries of myself by your work, your passion and everything you do.
    It is through the deft touch of genuine humanity that you impact so many.

    Thank you,
    Thank you for being you, and in that, showing that we are all at our best when are simply us.

    PS. Seriously almost impossible for people not to crush on you. Virtually everyone I know be they a photographer or not, crushes on you for your words and spirit. :)

  6. Too much Sue too much – SO beautiful!!!! You ignite people to do all they were born to do. I cant tell you how much you have changed the way I look at my photography. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart x

  7. I chime in with you on that lovely wish that girls be girls, slowly growing into women of substance.
    And, Sue, you are a good example of how we all benefit from women of substance.

  8. This is so so beautiful! What a gorgeous collaboration – thank you for sharing! What an incredibly beautiful girl and so lucky to have this amazing time in her life captured in such a stellar way. The moment feels so special – LOVE. Such inspiration! (Love the sun flare… sigh…)

  9. I’m sorry, I should have mentioned that I just watched and purchased your creativeLIVE workshop. You are a terrific teacher and human being. It was a pleasure to experience. Thank you.

  10. Absolutely beautiful Sue and Hailey! With a daughter that age, I think you’ve nailed it! This is perfect.

  11. If Mindy Gledhill was to make a music video to this song, this video would be it.. Awesome work Sue and Hailey. So F’n talented you both are…

  12. What is the name of this song? I know its Mindy Gledhill, but cant find the song — I LOVE it. :D

    • Mindy Gledhill WholeWideWorld Triple Scoop

  13. Wow. Pure joy!

  14. Just love it. I found that song a while ago on triple scoop and have been putting together something for my daughter, so this is just wonderful to see what you and Hayley have come up with!

  15. Awesome video and tem work… Quintessentially Sue: sweet, luminous, cheerful, inspiring, charming, clever, creative, unique, warm harted and shared.
    I love you girl!

  16. Love the Video !!! Captures the essence of life as a child as it should be fun!!!!!

  17. Fantastic!!!

  18. You are freakin’ amazing!!!!!

  19. Love it! :-)

  20. So beautiful! Saw it on CL and loved it! x

  21. I only have one word. Yes. Just… yes (with a happy sigh). Actually, I have another word. Ah-mazeballs… emphasis on the ah-maze part!!!

  22. WOW! Just gorgeous, after seeing you again here, on CL and being at The Event (we missed you!) I am definitely incorporating video into my photography marketing, this is just soooo powerful Sue and beautiful. Hope you’re well Thank you! xx

  23. Totally gorgeous. Thank you Sue

  24. Wow this is incredible work! Thankyou Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew for the opportunity to feature in this magnificent video. Sue you have inspired me to continue working towards my ‘great big plans’ and this wonderful experience I am so thankful for.

  25. Wonderfull!!
    I love your work. It’s so funky and so 2012.

  26. This is *awesome* and lovely and inspiring. So glad I got to ‘know’ you better on CL. Thank you for being so raw and honest and sharing. Hugs from Brooklyn Michigan.

  27. Beautiful, Sue, you are an inspiration!

  28. Fabuleux !! obrigada ! mercy ! thank you !!!

  29. Saw this video on Creative Live, loved it then, love it now. So beautiful and really tell the story.

  30. Beautifully shot, great music and a star performer .

  31. Awww.. So nice for a mother to see her girl having fun! Priceless for years to come

  32. I cried when you showed this on cL. I’m crying now. Thank you. As a photographer, I thank you for inspiring me. As the mother of daughters, I thank you even more for understanding that in-between time.

  33. Beautiful video, Sue! The backlight kills me through those shots, and you really captured the joy of being 17.

  34. Ohmygosh! Stop it, you’re hurting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, okay… go ahead…. that will stay in my mind forEVER! How utterly amazing!!!!!!!

  35. I don’t just FB “like” this video Sue I LOVE! so so full of life!!

  36. I saw this on Creative live and thought it was amazing. Beautiful girls, beautiful music, beautiful video :-)

  37. Gorgeous work~ as a Mom of two daughters, I LOVE the last paragraph of what you’ve written. Beautiful Sue.

  38. Stunning! I absolutely love the video work and the editing is amazing!

  39. Beautifully written Sue. I absolutely loved watching you on CreativeLive. Thank you for sharing your passion for the world to see. You are so inspiring!

  40. Loved it when I saw it live last week, love it now that I purchased your collection. I downloaded the music from amazon and made my own little fusion-slideshow with pics of my daughter. I am fully inspired – Thank you!

  41. Oh my goodness I love this Sue! You always make me smile when I see what you have posted. You are so extraordinarily creative and one day, I want to grow up and be just like you!!!

  42. Oh wow – that is just too cute. So so wonderful….. makes me want to a little girl again. Or perhaps I am. Still. Inside somewhere in this 39 year old body. ;) Happiness.

  43. BEAUTIFUL! Your work has such wonderful feeling, emotion, and depth. LOve it! Thank you for sharing your talents <3

  44. What fantastic photographs and fun video! I enjoyed your August workshop more than one time, so I looking forward to your January workshop on CL with Hailey. Thanks for your inspiration.

  45. Awesoomee!

    Cheers from Panama

  46. So amazing Sue! As well as all you taught us on creative live!
    I’m so thankful and grateful!
    and oh…..I am sooooo taking your challenge to become better than you….;)

  47. Just magic!

  48. Words can’t describe how well this was done its beautiful in everyway and so is Anna!!!

  49. Absolutely love the video Sue – such a powerful way of marketing!

  50. I love you Sue – just sayin’


  51. I can’t tell you how much this video makes my heart sing.

  52. Absolutely inspiring as always, Sue–
    Keep up the great love in your work!

  53. Yes, women of substance start out as girls. Dream changer. I can’t wait to try some more video and am going to invite myself to tag along behind some of my favorite local photogs and talk stories to tell.
    I assume this was a whole day of filming on a canon 5dm2?

  54. Sorry, make that #365Grateful
    Also, if anyone (including you) wants to add instagram images you tag as #365gratitude or make up your own like #365SueisGrateful (http://web.stagram.com/tag/365grateful/) I’d advise adding a instagram plugin to your wordpress site to show a gallery of your daily pics. Here’s a list of 10 free instagram presentation plugins: http://wpmu.org/10-instagram-plugins-for-wordpress/
    If you need help, I’d be happy to install the plugin for you. I’m going to add one to mine soon. ;-)
    I started a I’m grateful and I wish daily email with pics that I send to my daughter at college.

  55. Loved this. Love.

  56. I have been watching the creative live episodes with you over and over. While I sit and work, edit you are in the background speaking words of wisdom. You inspire me to be the best I can wish for… and I am soooo excited to know that you are bringind Hailey to creative live in January to speak about Video. I may just have to try and get on the show so I can learn first hand!!! :)

  57. This made me tear up. How young and beautiful and happy she seems. Wouldn’t it be great if this could be captured during all the decades of our lives as women? If we could truly be that? Lovely work Sue.

  58. This is the song I use for my website too! And you have nailed the visual I had in my head…I still feel like a little girl with great big plans! You should consider the film industry, you know, in your spare time. LOL

  59. Sue, you are my INSPIRATION !!! everyday when I take pictures, i remember things you said .
    And I’m one of millions…I know!

  60. I love, love, LOVE IT! I can see why you were so excited on creativeLive to announce the video. It’s fabulous. The funny part is that when you were talking about a video for Seniors, I thought you meant Senior Citizens!

  61. Absolutely beautiful Sue and Haley! With a daughter that age, I think you’ve nailed it! Thanks for share.

  62. Love love love this video!!
    O and my daughter wants to know where that white dress is from :o)

  63. This is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. Fabulous work. I reading all your archives and enjoying myself immensely!

  64. This video makes me smile a lot! Great work!

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