March 4, 2012#

The gorgeous girls at creativeLIVE. WOW

“I don’t want to photograph anybody famous, I want to photograph Sandra from Canada and Amanda from Florida…I want to photograph any woman in the world who’s ever looked in the mirror and not felt good about herself at any time in her life. I want to photograph her every year through the changes of her teenage life, through her 20s, through her 30s, through her 40s, through her 50s, and as she flowers into her most beautiful-ness. I want to photograph her every year of her life to watch and celebrate the changes of who she is and what she is, so she can experience how she looks to other people”


  1. Simply GORGEOUS! And their reactions were priceless! You are truly a sculptor who uses pixels instead of a chisel!

  2. Yep! You did a fabulous job on these woman! The entire world were absolutely speechless when you unveiled their photos. I’ve been watching your workshop all weekend on creative live but I’ll miss tomorrow’s session because I’ve got to go to work. Sue, you are absolutely mesmerising to watch. I’ve seen dozens of videos on creative live such as Jasmine Star and Tamara Lackey but not once have I actually seen a photographer who actually takes their work seriously! The way you teach, the clarity in your speech, the “flow” on your subjects and the power of your messages over the 2 days I’ve watched so far is just truly amazing. Well done.

  3. Sue, these are wonderful! You NEVER disappoint.

  4. GORGEOUS LADIES! and of course, as always, gorgeous work!!

  5. These ladies are just simply stunning

  6. You are PHENOMENAL in your work and ability to teach! After attending several workshops on-location and online classes of photography instruction, NEVER have I taken away from it what I learned from you! I have been glued to the “Creative Live” stream all weekend. I hate weddings and groups too, but thought that was about the only way to make money around here so I pushed myself to do them. Portraiture/Fashion/Glamour/Working one-on-one/Makeup-Hair Stylists/Making a woman feel beautiful with a real-personal experience are my niches in photography. However, the money wasn’t there because I now see that I wasn’t correctly marketing. Thanks to your testimony a passionate-fire has been re-ignited!!!! My photography nor my life will ever be the same!! I have cried tears of joy! Thank you….thank you….thank you {now to get my plan organized – can’t wait} :)

  7. Sue, you walk with the Angels and elevate all you shoot to similiar heights. Enjoy watching your passion.

  8. I balled, literally balled, when you spoke about wanting to photograph a woman every year through her life. This too, is my purpose. I want to be a mirror to show women how beautiful they are and how their lives and their life experience has made them only more beautiful in my eyes.

    Unbelievably, I cried even more and even harder when you did the reveal for Amanda, Mapuana, TY and Sandra. Wow! Just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and experience. So appreciate your generosity.

  9. Sue, this weekend has been absolutely fabulous. You make things simple and easy to understand. I can’t wait to rewatch and put all of this information to good use.
    Thanks for everything!

  10. I’d be in dire need to be photographed. In the midst of dealing with sudden illness that lingers and lingers. Thank you for sharing what you know. Posing needs to be thought in all photography schools. I certainly didn’t learn that in my portraiture class.

  11. I had a mentor to once say, “If you wait on inspiration it will never find you!” “If you write. Inspiration will definitely show up. Sooner or later.” Sue Bryce you are all that! Tact, Candor, Valor, and a Leader of us all. I appreciate you! You have helped me tremendously. The CreativeLive is purchased!

    Grace and peace.

  12. The ladies look amazing. Well done all x

  13. The gift ou have given these women and men, is that not only do they see themselves as beautiful but I think now feel empowered both to do that for themselves, *and* for others, That is truly paying it forward.

    Fabulous job and if you are thinking about a make up / photo prep session with CL, please press forward!!

  14. Wow is right! Beautiful. True art. Love what I have learned from you. Love how real you are and true to your style. Love how special these woman feel when they see how they look. Love how you will always look at them and see that in each and everyone of them. Love it all. You are a true inspiration.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work, and hopefully being able to make woman feel and look as amazing as you do.

  15. I was in tears watching their reactions and all the while saying WOW!

  16. Your works is amazing… But your attention and the way I saw their reaction is truly inspiring . Keep up the great work Sue :)

  17. The girls look absolutely amazing! I’ve enjoyed your seminar so much, Sue. You’re candid and genuine and beautiful. :-)

  18. i said it before.
    i will say it again.

  19. I loved watching their reactions. My one wish is to one day have my clients feel the same way. Looking forward to watching today!

  20. Dear Sue,

    REALLY enjoyed your course, and you as a presenter, as a person. You were fabulous, funny and so down to earth. Thank you for providing a lot of straight answers to very basic questions. Questions that are so obvious, that sometimes to difficult to notice. Love your sense of humor and smile.
    Keep up the good work.

  21. simply gorgeous.

  22. Dear Sue,

    When I heard you say on CreativeLive what you have quoted in this post, I started crying!
    I so wish I had been photographed through my life like this so far. What a gift any woman
    should give herself, what gift for her family to have this kind of gorgeous documentation.

    Thank you Sue, So happy I know who you are now!! xo.

  23. Sue, I watched your entire workshop on Creative Live….I have not been this excited or motivated since I started my business. Thank you so much for all the wonderful instruction, presentations and inspiration!! You are a gift I have given myself by staying glued to the computer for the entire class!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  24. Hi, Sue. I just want to say “THANK YOU!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your time, your images and your heart!

    I am a single mom and work a full time job outside of my photography. Due to the demands of my job, and being mom, dad, provider, nurturer, etc…to my 3 gorgeous daughters, I have been in a slump with my photography for quite a while now. I wanted to come up with something fresh and something that every other photographer in my area is not doing.

    As I watched you on the Creative Live workshop, I had an “a-ha” moment. I want to do what you do! I want to make women…especially young women that are just coming into their own, feel that they are beautiful. As a “fluffy” woman myself, I appreciate that you take the time to make women look gorgeous no matter what size they are. I am so glad that I was able to scrounge up the money to purchase the download of the seminar (so we eat mac and cheese for a few weeks!! Lol…). I will be spending a great deal of time in the next couple of weeks, watching them over and over again.

    Thank you again for inspiring me to get off my arse and start shooting beautiful women!!!! Love you!

  25. These images …….. NO!, These ladies are beautiful. Now that I have seen beauty, I can never not see it again.

  26. It was a wonderful experience watching your CL presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with the rest of us. Love, love how you bring forth the beauty in your images. Everyone should feel like a supermodel at least once (if non annually).

  27. Simple Beautiful. Sue you are a true down to heart humble individual. It was wonderful being about to see your personality and your love for making women beautiful. I have learned so much in such a short time and I can not wait to apply some of your concepts. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving so much of yourself through CreativeLive.

  28. Sue, I’ve only recently become aware of your existence. I’m a hobby photographer. I love glamour photography but do not shoot glamour. Your sheer honesty and transparency into your beautiful heart has gripped me. I’m so much a new fan of yours now. Your post “I am” is very telling about who you are, REALLY ARE. I will come often and learn all that I can.

    Thank you for dreaming big so that you now can share with the rest of us dreamers.

    Warm regards,

  29. Sue, These are just so beautiful and the reaction you received from these women said it all. Thank you again for your love to share with us how to become better photographers and definitely for making me think about what I need to do for own business :)..

    All the best.


  30. Amazing workshop at Creative Live,it was life changing experience! Thank you,


  31. That was one of my favorite quotes of yours from this weekend! It was an amazing class. Thank you!!

  32. Sue, these are absolutely beautiful. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you decided to do Creative Live! I’ve watched as much as I could throughout the weekend, but can’t wait to watch the rest on download. You have made me completely rethink the way I am approaching photography and what I would like to truly focus on as a business.
    Amazing job, amazing class, and thank you!!!

  33. Thanks for yet another living proof that Law of attraction really works :)
    I loved watching you at Creative Live!

  34. I don’t what else to say other than you are a true inspiration. You teach as if you are only talking to one person in the room. I’ve attended workshops in person and paid a couple thousand dollars and learned a tenth of what I learned from you! Thank you so much! Your work is beautiful, your approach to this business is brilliant!

  35. Hello Sue Bryce, Wow! What a weekend for us all. For me personally, an amazing transformational {digital} time with you. I cried when you cried, when you told the world how you were gripped by fear while starting out in your garage. Which in fact looked lovely all in white. I’ve been there too in the beginning when i first started my studio 12 years ago.

    I learned so much from your posing techniques, from your genuine personality, from your directness, your no-nonsense approach to business and employees, from the way you beautifully and wonderfully hacked Photoshop into a 2 minute retouch tool, your precise delineation of the four different demographics that you market to, your simplified approach to bundling your collections {very Asian by the way, to group in threes, Folio boxes, Wall Portraits, and a Folio box with a Wall Portrait.}, love the way you simplified the pesky question of digital files, and the educating the client process {wow have i been missing out on that one,! from the first phone call, to the design session and the photosession, “what product would you like me to create for you today?”} Simply Brilliant. I can see why you work so many hours, seems like your mind is constantly creating and thinking how you can improve all that is around you. Took about 7 pages of bizz notes alone, not to mention about 7 more pages of notes during the weekend.

    Your Attitude of Gratitude, made me really think about how much I’ve been taking for granted and for so long. It really hit me like a ton of bricks. I definitely need to make more than a few changes in regards to having an abundance of gratitude. Sue, you have bestowed me with a precious gift of knowledge, introspection, and an abundance of ideas that can be put to use immediately to grow as a person and to grow my business. Thank you Sue for being a passionate, wonderful, giving human being. All my love, M-

  36. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with the world out there. I’ve been watching bits and pieces last weekend, and immediately decided to buy. I will enjoy your master class in small parts now, because there’s so much information in it, and it makes so much sense. I still laugh at your quote ‘who shoots guy’s anyway?’. I’m a guy myself, and I love to shoot women. Your teaching will help me make them look more beautiful. Amazing, Sue, waaaw, great, gorgeous, … ;-)

  37. Hi Sue,

    I don’t shoot photos for a living. I’ll get back to that in a second.

    My wife is a professional photographer and she logged onto Creative Live this past weekend to view your seminar, and had it going in the background throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    She told me a little about who she was listening to (You.) and how you had built your business from the ground up, the income level you were bringing in, and I thought to myself: ‘Yeah, right.’ I’ve spent a lot of time reading personal development material, and as you can imagine many such claims pop up, followed by similar claims of how easy it is, how the only thing you need to do is think positively, and how they barely have to work at all now.

    I thought you were likely to be more of the same, and I waited with much skepticism to hear some of your seminar.

    As I said I’m not a photographer.

    Even though I don’t take portraiture there was something striking about your seminar– something striking about you as a person and the way you present yourself. I realized later that what it was that captivated me to sit down on Sunday and watch with rapt attention was your honesty. You are a real person, you talked about your life, the struggles you went through and how you came to be where you are but there was no exaggerated claims, hook lines or cliff-hangers that told me to buy your upcoming book if I wanted to know the rest. These are qualities sadly lacking in much of the personal development industry and in seminars and tutorials by professionals in general, no matter which field they’re in.

    I learned more this weekend about business than I have over the course of several years. Your advice can be applied to any business and any individual, and I look forward to putting in the hard work, honesty and value that I see in your work towards my own business.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You’ve made a difference.

  38. You are amazing Sue!! I have learnt so much from you in the CL courses – from posing, marketing, business and it totally changed my life. Now I know where I am going for the rest of my life!! Thanks so much indeed!!! I am also so looking forward to be photographed by you! :)

  39. Great work Sue, I purchased your Creative Live course as I was shooting weddings on both Friday and Saturday. Can’t wait to watch it!

  40. Just wanted to say thanks. Loved the course, even after you made me cry.

  41. I cried a lot with their reactions and I felt beautiful as well

  42. fantastic show, i got so much from it and it was nice listening to your voice all weekend : )

  43. Really am learning a lot from your CreativeLive weekend. I did not have the opportunity to watch it all live, so, I bought it. I found it interesting that you stumbled upon Lynda.com, to teach yourself video editing. I did the same thing a few years ago…learning Adobe Premier Pro.
    Great workshop with CreativeLive.

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