January 25, 2012#

If I could be a Franchise I would . . .

I have been very sheltered in my career.  The first four years as a professional retouch artist and part time  pro (no studio/learning to make money) Our artroom serviced the entire NZ Pro market.  So I knew my industry.  Three years ago when I started to look beyond the NZ market I went to Australia.   A country with 6 times the population of NZ and a very high standard of Pro Photography, with a great connection to the U.S Photog market.   It was THAT moment that I realised I not only had a great and successful business model, I had a brand that differentiated me from the current market.

Although Boudoir has really re launched in the U.S market I AM NOT A BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER.  The idea began, to take my Brand globally.  Maybe I could FRANCHISE?.  I studied franchise, got a franchise lawyer, wrote everything I needed to write down and then got busy shooting and setting up my Australian brand and promptly didn’t go any further.  Coming back to franchise I will say, when I bring it up people get very excited about it and I always get asked the same question.

Can you teach someone to do what you do?

It’s one thing doing a 2 day workshop, no you can’t learn EVERYTHING in 2 days.  But when you work with a photographer for 1 – 6 months then yes you can.  I know this is true, as aside from the many Photogs I mentor I have produced 6 strong fulltime Photogs within my own brand.  I can also track their financial progress, 2 of whom did 4 $8000 portrait shoots in their first two months, each.  I have the proof and a testimonial to confirm this.  My biggest reservation regarding franchising my business model, is that you as an artist/photographer would want the creative license to add your own flavour, which would take it away from the structure of what my brand/shooting system is.

When you read reviews about the photography education market in general around the world, I’m hearing “People teaching workshops are just churning out clones of themselves” etc blah blah.  Yes.  If you pay to learn from someone you will shoot like them.  THAT IS THE POINT if you are like me, trying to teach people a new genre.  Contemporary Glamour Photography doesn’t exist in the current portrait market.  So if you learn my system, then it stands to reason you go forth and create this system into your own brand.  SO when someone looks at you and says “Oh did you do a SUE BRYCE workshop” you say yes! It’s a wonderful inclusion into my brand and is making me a lot of money. (wink)

So can you learn my shooting system, include it into your brand, put your own spin on it and not have to pay me a franchise fee? YES  I invite you to join ‘Inside the Glamour Studio’ a one year online training membership.  Not long to wait now, as a perfectionist its taking me months to pull all this content but I want you to go online and be overwhelmed with so much information to excite you teach you and get your business and income flowing in.

Can I teach you YES.  I can teach you about business and shooting YES, can I teach you about making money and posing and photoshop and marketing YES, these are tools.  Can I give you drive NO confidence NO the power to regenerate yourself and work from a place of passion NO this all must come from you. Because these are SELF power and attitude, these can only come from you and these things will dictate how successful you become.

When Simona my assistant/makeup artist asked me to start working with her I said yes immediately

Simona’s words:  After doing hair and make up for 15 years professionally,  working with many photographers and modelling for 8 yrs, I have been on both sides of the camera.I never got inspired to shoot for myself and become a photographer. Even my husband, who is also a photographer could never get me to pick up the camera.   Then I met Sue Bryce, on the third shoot I realised that I wanted to learn her style of photography .  So I started to shoot.  I have been very lucky to have been taught by such a Master.  I love Sue’s ability to pose a woman that has never been photographed before , or possibly doesn’t even like having photos taken.  She moves every inch of their body in a way that she looks like a model.   To watch it in person is magic.  Sue makes her subjects feel so comfortable that she projects that soft serene face that you often see in fashion mags and beauty campaigns.  Sue also has an amazing ability to teach, and explain how and why she works a certain way.  Most photographers that shot models just guide the model a bit but the model does all the posing.  I have never worked with anyone else that has this down to such a fine art .  After training with Sue for the past two years, I still have light bulb moments and am always learning something new.

My greatest moment came when she critiqued my latest shoot and said there was nothing to critique, that and selling my first Folio and shoot.  Simona Janek


Simona and I shooting together.  This is us discussing the manipulation of light on a client (serious stuff) this is our working faces.

As a professional Makeup Artist an ex Model and a Wife of one of Sydney’s Best Wedding Photographers Graham Monro,  Simona is a natural at shooting.   Mostly though because she has a beautiful, calm aura that radiates beauty.

Simona’s shoot, this is from a beautiful shoot she did.  She did the Hair and Makeup also.  I am so proud when one of my Photographers start turning in a high level of work.


  1. Mrs JBJ looks HOT!, great stuff ladies. its a pleasure to know you all

  2. Great idea! Beautiful work Simona, you should be very proud. I love learning from you to date so please keep me posted on being part of your training program! xo

  3. Waiting patiently to join! So excited!!

  4. Omg!!!! I can’t wait to join…I’m so excited to be learning from u Sue. A whole new world has opened up for me…did I say I was excited??!!

  5. how freaking exciting!!

    ps. Simona you are so pretty x

  6. So beautiful, its fantastic to see the transformation.

  7. Waiting….

  8. So proud of you Simona, absolutely great work! You are amazing…..xx

  9. Quit teasing us and release your site! :-)

  10. I cannot wait until your class at WPPI. I would be so honored to work with you.
    Absolute dream.

  11. What a wonderful opportunity, so grateful! Beautiful work Simona!

  12. I raised my fists and hollered “HELL YA” when you exclaimed…I AM NOT A BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER. Those two words make my hair stand up. They make me feel icky….they conjure up images of scantily clad women in horrible poses trying to be something they are not. When I launch my new offering, I will be taking a firm (and perhaps controversial) stand to educate the masses on the difference between boudoir and contemporary glamour…and I cannot wait.

  13. I cannot wait. I probably can’t afford the course right now, but after I pay off the debt I got from buying glass I’ll be able to be a part of your vision :)

  14. I can’t wait!

  15. I would LOVE to take your online class!!!!!!

  16. I am so inspired, I would love to take your on line course!

  17. I love it Sue (and love you too, as weird as that may sound). You’re a constant inspiration……

  18. Sue, I am so excited for you!! I read your site all the time and love all your work. Would love to see you in person, but things keep coming up. I have your training cards and study them. Can’t wait for your training to begin!! I so agree with your boudoir vs glamour discussion.

  19. Sign me up!!!

  20. You are truly amazing. I can’t wait to hear more about the class!!!

  21. Super excited to hear more details. Can’t wait for the launch.

  22. I’m in for your class, Sue. What do I need to do next?

  23. Add me to the list of people to keep informed of when you launch your learning course!!! This sounds so wonderful, Sue! Can’t wait!

  24. This is great… Looking at how you train someone to craft such great art really inspire me… Looking forward for your course :)

  25. when, where?

  26. Hi Sue
    All your blogs are fantastic, but a part of this one really hit. It’s the things that you can’t teach us – how true!!! But, having been photographed by you and meeting you a few times, I wouldn’t put it past you to be able to teach your ‘unteachables’.
    And YES, I am really looking forward to your online class, SBFranchise, whatever you end up calling it!!!!!
    thanks heaps

    • You know Steph these are things I could teach but they cant be learned if your NOT in the space to change the SELF. Glad yourve found Creative Live isnt it awesome

  27. Hi Sue,…

    A huge admirer just needed to leave here a comment of showing deeply respect in your work.

    Thanks for the previous work shops.

  28. Always inspired, always grateful for your generosity in sharing your knowledge Sue.
    Gorgeous, gourmet glamor!!

  29. This sounds thrilling…can’t wait to find out more~

  30. Sure – I can’t wait to sign up for you on-line course. I am deeply in love with your works!!!! xoxo

  31. i can’t believe that after 6yrs in the industry I have finally found someone who truly understands what it means to want to shoot this style of photography. I am excited to learn and be taught by the Master of this genre. Thank you for bringing this BACK!!!

  32. Thank you for sharing your unique perspective – you are a breath of fresh beauty. I would love to sign up for your 1-year class – please let me know when I can make it “official”. :)

  33. can’t wait for more information on your online course!!! And CreativeLive. Keep us posted! You are AMAAZING.

  34. Hi Sue,

    I’m sincerely looking forward to your Online 1yr course. Why? Because you embody the essence of why I love photography, of why, me as a female feminist photographer (say that three times fast) loves shooting women and creating powerful, evocative, sensual and beautiful imagery. And it’s not about sex, it’s about invoking power and creating space in which other women can revel and shine in their own power and I only hope to capture a small piece of that. And sell it back to them, leaving us both with a rewarding experience.

    I get it.

    And I’m looking forward to it.


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