December 24, 2011#

Inspiration – Merry Xmas – 22 years of Glamour

22 years ago Glamour looked like this . . . and now it looks like this. . . (yes that 80′s shot is me he he)

GLAMOUR – Its all I’ve ever done, all I’ve ever wanted to do and now I feel like it can come back and be new and empowering and exciting, both for your clients and your brand.  It doesn’t concern me if you are not interested in shooting beauty or glamour, maybe you found me because you read that I built a really great boutique business and my start up story is both inspiring and easy to achieve if you have the drive, or the heart, or the balls. . . . ha or maybe you heard that I have the cooolest ever-est marketing plan and want to create strong goals for your business or maybe you just need to bring some gorgeous feminine posing into your current brand.  I think the best thing you can bring your clients this coming year is Service, Connection and lots of attracting that female consumer (because she is the one that is booking you) whatever your reason for coming here, I welcome you.  Also I thank you for your feedback, support and friendship.   I hear a LOT of people say, “people will listen to you but they won’t do anything with it”  and yet I searched the word inspiration on my email account and got 1132 emails from this year with that word.  So inspiring Sue so inspirational Sue.  But I want more, I want you to succeed . .  I want you to be better . .  I want you to be happy and more successful. (Whatever success means to you)

People also ask me why do you give away so much, and I believe that every time I teach a photographer to lift their game and shoot a little better, sign those contracts, honour your pricelist. I lift the entire game of the Professional Portrait industry, as a collective. We are a body of professionals and our industry must stick together with both standards and education.

While you holiday, remember I’ll be here editing and uploading content to the new site.  I don’t say that to make you feel sorry for me, it’s a choice you see.  I’m just so excited I can’t contain it any longer.  I have so many huge fun and exciting announcements and groovy things to share with you in January, I will keep blogging tid bits throughout the holiday so stop by and hola.  Holidays season is always a time to regenerate, reset your business and personal goals and be amongst the people you love.

Stay well and happy and I thank you with all my heart for coming to my blog.  I hope to BLOW you away next year, may you experience growth success and everything you dream of for 2012.  I know my DREAMS are already written down and now they are not dreams but goals.  I will push my self thru every barrier I have this year.  I will challenge my self to be better and to create in my world what I can see in my mind, both personally and in business.  I will develop and progress even further as a photographer as an artist and as a human being,  and I will try everyday to bring as much joy into my work and life as I can. I hope you join me for the ride

“I walk ahead of myself . . . in the constant expectancy of miracles.” Anais Nin

Love Sue Bryce




  1. I’m so excited to see what you have in store. Great 80s glamour shot, I’ll have to dig mine out now =)

  2. Happy Holidays Sue!!! I must say I have had SO MANY ideas stirring in my head for the past year or so and it seems like few if any have been executed…. that is until now!!! YOU have totally set my wheels in motion and jumped started my creative juices and I can not wait to get started on applying them to my studio and shooting style. Thank you for inspiring, motivating and sharing all you fabulousness :) I can not wait for you new site to launch!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this post for all of us! Happy Holidays to you too!

  4. Happy holidays, looking forward to more inspiration from you in the coming year!

  5. Compliments of the season Sue – many thanks for the wonderful tips, articles, tutorials and demonstrations you put up here, they are very appreciated. Have a fab Christmas. Here’s wishing you success in every endeavour you undertake in 2012. Ciao.

  6. Happy holidays and THANK YOU for sharing what you do with us. Your blog has been one of the highlights of 2011 for me, it IS so inspiring.

    I’ve curious though … in your natural light shots in your Sydney studio, does the window have face north, which in the U.S, would be south?

  7. We’re slowly building our business (along side growing our kids) and the last year has seen some big changes with more in planning. A lot of those changes that have made such a difference to our lives have been, in part, thanks to you, your inspiring work and words and your willingness to share your knowledge. Thank you for being you :) Merry Christmas and I hope all those dreams come true and your goals are quickly within reach.

  8. Happy Holidays, darling! I hope you’ve been having fun, whether editing, uploading, or just relaxing.
    I look forward to all the goodies you have in store for us, you are amazing, love. xoxo

  9. Sue, I am definitely one of the ones that say you inspire me … but more than that, you challenged me and motivated me and I’m delighted to say that I have grown, developed, boosted my business, lifted my own bar and inspired others in turn. What you bring to the industry is invaluable, what you bring to me & my journey and my business .. priceless! Thank you with all my heart for your honesty, genuineness & generosity with your time & talents. May you be truly blessed this Christmas time and throughout the coming year. Can’t wait for 2012!
    ~ Cindy xo

  10. love you lady… have an amazing christmas and new year. cant wait to see what 2012 brings. xx

  11. Sue, you have helped me so much this year – thankyou. I hope you have a wonderful holiday time and I swear this has been the longest two weeks ever!! Can’t wait for your site!

  12. Love you back, Sue

  13. FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  14. love it Sue, evocative…. and don’t you just look more gorgeous as time passes, I think it’s the twinkle in your eye

  15. THANK YOU! Yes, you’ve inspired me to the moon and back. Have a very happy holiday and I can’t wait to see what you have for the New Year.

  16. Wow! 1132 emails?! How do you wade through all of them?! Love the 80′s shot of you, very nostalgic!

  17. Hi Sue, this is my first comment ever on your blog, but I have been blog-stalking you for months! Just watched your interview on Alex Beadon’s blog and you are so inspiring! I am in photography school in Washington State, United States and the distance you have come since those old “Glamour Shot days” show me that anything is possible. And that we only become more creative with time. You are an inspiration! It is one of my greatest dreams to someday have a portrait session with you but thousands of miles is a long way to walk/swim!

  18. Thank you for your inspiration Sue. Cheers to glamour and big curls! May my studio be full of both in 2012 : )

  19. Intense Bold Glamour is what I’ve wanted to do for a few years but I didn’t think it could be done on its own until I discovered your site. Now I’m bursting with ideas to incorporate that as the focus of my marketing for 2012. Im excited to see what other motivations you have for us. Not to copy you but to create my own fabulous!

  20. Honesty, inspiration, humor – I get it all when I come here! Thank you for sharing and can’t wait to see what you roll out in January!

  21. Counting the hours days and minutes until the new site is ready Sue! Keep the skates on…coffee coffee and more coffee…plug on! Thanks for all you have given to us this year.,..you make us all look forward to an exciting 2012!

    Merry Christmas and may you succeed in all your own hopes and dreams for next year. xx

    Love the video…so helpful. I am SUCH a ‘tell me twice, show me once’ kinda girl.

  22. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on! I love your philosophy and the wonderful quotes! Thank you for sharing them.

  23. In my opinion after 22 years it’s time to have new photographs of Sue.You deserve to have your own glamour shot.It may be difficult to find someone like you but it’s good to give it a try.Happy new year ;)

  24. Sue, I am SO glad I saw you that one time on TWiT Photo, and again on reDefine! Tamara Lackey is one of my heros, and you have joined that crowd, making it a crowd of 2. I love Tamara’s personality and her work is truly great. You have a similar joyous, pragmatic presence; and your photography style is what I really want to shoot (I’m really not that good with young children like Tamara shoots yet). Well, your genre, with my own style. Looking at your photographs and videos and blog posts, I feel I can learn so much from you. What you do; how you bring out the inner beauty, strength, vulnerability of your clients is what I aspire to. I saw a rumor of a creativeLive appearance? I really hope that is true!

    Have a great 2012!

  25. Well you sure inspire me, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Sue! Looking forward to your continued and totally deserved success in new steps in 2012!

    x, M

  26. That is such a classic 80′s glam shot Sue! I just wanted to say hi and thank you for all the great info on this blog. When we met at HOTD last year you gave me some great ideas and I’m finally giving my photography business the direction it deserves. Thanks again and all the best for 2012!

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