July 15, 2011#

more Girls with Curves

This year creating this GIRLS WITH CURVES series has been so much fun.  My curves model Kate is the coolest chic. We’ve just photographed her again and in something sexy too.  They are in editing for the new site.  Here is a little tip. for you to practise with while we are putting that NEW website together.  I know feels like I’ve been saying that forever, but it’s not far away now.

It’s a standing recline.  (Remember No more shooting down, its so 90’s just get them to dip forward slightly.  A little dip goes a long way.

Take the weight of your subject on the back foot, this helps push the bottom half back.  Pull the front arm away from the body but only slightly, try like this just a slight bend (not hands on hips).  The back arm hugs the body to define an hour glass.  Push the chin forward and down for definition and huge eyes and connect it towards the front shoulder. Work it.  All posing is about lengthen the body, lifting up thru the back and neck and long chin forward.  It’s a work out.



  1. I love your posts with posing tips!!! These images are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. I love this, thank you! Not only is beautiful to start with, you featured her best assets! :)

  3. Loved your presentation on Creative Live and I am enjoying reading your past posts on your blog. I’ve noticed some pics are missing from some posts. Will the photos be reposted to your blog? Thanks!

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